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grey_skies posted on Nov 09, 2016 at 10:55PM
For years, the Folivora has been a group of exceptionally gifted individuals across Chantalin. The members have spent their lives searching and connecting with others like them. Before, the Folivora consisted of very few members, but now the numbers are rapidly increasing, and the government has begun to receive threats from the Folivora. The Folivora is growing and the members look just like everyone else, making the government unable to tell who is part of the group and who is an innocent. As threats increase, the government has started to realize what the Folivora want; they want to recreate Chantalin into a country with only people like them. Attacks from the Folivora on the government are increasing with each day, and the government is racing to save Chantalin.


Folivora: A group of individuals living in Chantalin who have their own power. Powers are discovered at age 16, if existent, so no Folivora member can be younger than 16. Their goal is to gain enough members to wipe out the population of Chantalin and recreate a country of only exceptionally gifted individuals like themselves

Government Members: Not many are needed, but at least a handful is essential to the story. Government officials receive and respond to threats, as well as fight and interact with the Folivora when needed. Interaction between government and Folivora is not often, very spread out so everyone doesn't die right away. Most interaction will be between official and official, or Folivora member and Folivora member.


1. No controlling other characters and no killing other characters without permission.

2. Cursing and violence is allowed, without being too excessive. Romance is allowed if there is a place for it, but try to refrain from it.

3. Keep outside drama off of RP.

4. Notify members of the RP if you're not able to be on for extended amounts of time.

5. Have fun and be creative!





Race: (Folivora, Government Official, Mortal if desired)




(If Folivora)




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Больше года grey_skies said…
((Oh by the way, powers can be anything, some examples would be telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, fire control, etc. Also, limited to one power per Folivora member!))
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Kk, will make a character in the near future! Ps comment on Valhalla ))
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((Understood, i will create 1 person with Powers, but is not apart of Folivora (yet... maybe))

Name: Jackie 'Jack' Ramm

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Folivora (but not apart of that group just yet)

Appearance: Look at the picture, she's wearing cargo-pants(black) and steel-capped boots(also black) her skin is as pale as the picture, her hair too, and her eyes and tie are that blue too, just assume that picture is 100% correct.


(If Folivora)

Power: (If this is too OP, gimme a PM)
Equal Exchange
Jackie can re-create anything she touches, from anything. (Skin contact required, and living things are exempted)

HOWEVER this power isn't called 'equal exchange' for nothing. to re-create the object, Jackie requires the same amount of matter. and the more complex the object (such as Guns, Vehicles or Phones) or the larger the Object (such as Boats, Buildings, Planes) the longer she'll need to re-create them.

also: Whatever she re-creates will ALWAYS be a perfect copy of the original (provided she has the required matter) this means, if she touches a 5 dollar bill, given 5 more stacks of normal paper, she can touch the 5 stacks, and perfectly re-create that 5 dollar bill. since this is a solid object with no complex insides or mechanisms, she can easily make this dollar bill in less than 3 seconds.

another example is, if she touches a car, she can turn something with more matter, into that car. the Left Over matter will be dropped to the ground around her in it's base form. such as pure Metal, with it's impurities scattered around it.

another example: give her a Gold Bar, and give her an Iron Bar, because an Iron Bar is more dense than a Gold Bar, she may be able to re-create 2 gold bars.

Another problem with her power: SHE CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES HALF-ASS A RE-CREATION. Either you give her the full required matter, or nothing will happen, there is no
"It's 75% done, I'll go get the remaining stuff later"
you need to have 100% of the required matter THERE AND THEN.

She has tonnes of knowledge on how various things works. this means she can quickly and easily disassemble/assemble multiple things. (No, her power doesn't allow her to disassemble stuff. so if you want a specific component without all the rest, she needs to touch that component on it's own)

She's an Apprentice Electrician too. so she knows how Electricity works... if that's a skill i guess.

because of her Power, she can instantly memorize books (this doesn't work for digital books though)


You get used to learning things so slowly... the world seems to take forever for a single human to learn it all... but y'know... it's frightening when knowledge just suddenly bursts into your head at the slightest touch of anything, before Jackie was 16, she learnt things so slowly, taking it all one day at a time, but after her 16th birthday, she went to school, and during class she touched her book. she suddenly memorized the entire book, front cover to index. she had no idea what was happening nor why.

she fainted...

later when she returned home, the knowledge of her clothing, schoolbag, and even the whole house when she arrived home, struck her mind, she was frightened.

the next 2 years was of her coping with the sudden influx of knowledge, rushing through her head... but in time, in her sleep, she sorted out her mind, and over time got used to her 'power'...

how she found out about it's recreational side was an accident. during class she was extremely tired, and wanted to sleep, whilst lying on her desk she thought of her bed at home... her warm blanket, and her soft fluffy pillow.

at that moment, she suddenly fell on the floor in her classroom, but her landing was soft, she had turned her desk into a Pillow. (with the unused matter scattered around her of course).

the rest is the usual of her school life, and using her Power to her own gain. memorizing books and creating whatever she wanted.
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 ((Understood, i will create 1 person with Powers, but is not apart of Folivora (yet... maybe)) [b]
Phantelephant commented…
i JUST MADE MY CHARACTER AN ELECTRICIAN AND COMPLETELY forgot that your character was an apprentice electrician omg should i change that? Больше года
Больше года grey_skies said…
((sounds great Hades! Can't wait to see it!))

((Not too OP at all Banette!))

Name: Madeline Cosner

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Folivora

Appearance: Long blonde hair and hazel eyes with orange around pupils to symbolize her power. Very pale, few freckles around nose. Often wearing jeans, black boots, and a tight-fitting sweater.

Personality: shy and sweet, but ruthless when fighting. Highly intelligent, and very manipulative.

Power: Fire control

Skills: logical thinker, highly manipulative- can talk herself out of anything without anyone suspecting anything.

Backstory: Madeline was living a normal teenage life, but after her sweet 16, she noticed her eyes start slowly turning orange around her pupils. She was confused and touched her face, only to find her hands burning hot. She pulled her hand away quickly, and noticed small sparks of fire on her fingertips. For the past year, she has been learning to control it, especially in front of her father, who works in the government.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Name: Jack "Washi" Cooper

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Folivora

Appearance: Picture

Personality: Fun, Quirky, Adventurous, Brotherly to best describe him

Other: He is a high rank in the Folivora, and has some sway in council decisions.

Power: Teleportation, he gets fatigued faster by teleporting to places that is not in his line of sight.

Skills: Trained in Kaju Kempo, and has had some training with a Jian sword. Minor Hacking, Forging, and lock picking skills from his youth. Very convincing liar.

Backstory: He was orphaned as a young kid, mother died of childbirth, and as the story goes his father committed suicide afterwands. He trained in martial arts to protect himself on the street, and on the day he found out about his powers, he went seeking the Folivora. He now is their Retrieval expert, whether it is priceless artifacts or new recruits, he is sent to bring them into the fold.
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 Name: Jack "Washi" Cooper Age: 22 Gender: Male Race: Folivora Appearance: Picture Per
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
(Here's a Folivora captured by the government, they kinda of use her against her will, this can be used to branch out to more Government characters)

Name: Emf (this is what she scientists call her)

Age: ?? (Forensics say about 22 maybe 23)

Gender: Female

Race: Folivora (Captured by Government and used for her power)

Appearance: Look at the picture. that's all she has, clothes included. She's an experimented on prisoner.

she is greatly malnourished, so she cannot run for long, and has almost no strength.

(If Folivora)

Power: (If this is too OP, gimme a PM)
[the following is the first Interview one of our officers at the Chantalin Special Forces Facility had with her about her powers. Subfile: EMF-EMPP001]

Subject name: EMF, Electromagnetic Female (File case EMF-EMP)
Interviewer: Officer ███████
Date: ██/██/████
Time: ██:██
Location: CSF Facility No.███

"Can you tell us about your power? it's name is EMP... correct?"
That name, is what the white-coats call it... yes...
"Well, what does it do?"
I.... I-I....
"It's allright, you can talk. We're not going to harm you."
(speaking to Recording machine)"... Subject is quiet and visibly frightened, various bruises and wounds are apparent apon her person, subject is malnourished and seems cold, Subject has white hair, blood-red eyes and a slender female figure, measurements are ██████████ █████████ and █████████."

the Metal hexapod apparently following the subject here twitches in response to Officer ███████'s words.

H-how do yo-
"We know quite some about yourself already, what we don't know is your actual name, and your powers. This interview is for your powers, if you please."

the Subject here nods

I-It stops powers within 2 meters of me... passively. I can cause a Pulse, increasing it's range to 20 meters, anyone c-caught in the Pulse cannot use powers for 10 minutes... i need 20 minutes again to do another p-pulse... my Pulse cannot stop Powers t-that c-change someone... like a w-werewolf, but the P-passive f-field can... it turns them n-normal when they're near.

"So, your EMP is two kinds of EMP. an Electromagnetic Pulse, and an Electromagnetic Passive?"

The Subject nods

"If it's an EMP, does it stop Electricity?"

the subject nods

"(to the recording device)So that's why you're sitting 3 meters from the recording devices..."
"please, continue"

M-my power stops d-devices, in b-both the pulse and the p-p-passive... except for t-this"

the subject here points to the Hexapod (See file EMF-EMP-02)

"Ok... I think that's enough for today. in a moment after i leave the room, you'll be escorted back to your room"

[Summary of Interview]
Emf has essentially 2 modes to her power. a Passive, and an Active.

the [Passive] is in a sphere with a radius of 2 meters (meaning from end to end, it's 4 meters with her at the centre). the Passive is the more powerful of the two, It stops ALL POWERS and anything using electricity.

from experimentation, this means even if a subject's pinkie finger is within the field, their powers are useless.
it also cancels powers apon entering the field. this was tested with another subject's fireball was thrown at her, it immediately dissipated apon entering the field of effect.

another thing to note is that it stops powers that cause genetic mutation. such as Vampirism, Werewolves, slime people, ect. These people are returned to normal humans. Some processes are painful, like Vampires with their fangs becoming blunt back into their skulls. Slime people become physical with normal anatomy. this effect is reverted apon leaving the field of effect, returning their powers; and it's effects; back to them.

The [Active] is much weaker. again in a Sphere with a radius of 20m (from end to end, 40m) the sphere does the same as the Passive, however: Powers are only disabled for 10 minutes. and powers used within the area of effect AFTER the pulse, still remain. the Pulse does not undo genetic mutations.

unlike the Passive, the Pulse has a 'cooldown' of 20 minutes.
both modes disable machinery with the exception of entity EMF-EMP-02

If you're confused, please send a PM to me for more info.

[Interview over]

(I'll do this later, for now I'm tired, I'll make a Government fella later too)
Born from a family of Folivoras, her mother had found it strange, that for the 9 months she was pregnant, that she had no control over her powers. they wouldn't function... it was evem more strange at her scans that her womb was giving birth to not only a child, but a machine too.

at the time, the machine was blunt, so her, and it's, birth went smoothly. however, the doctors soon afterwards reported the family to the authorities. the parents and child were captured.

the Parents were observed carefully in special environments, the mother and father were kept seperate, but were allowed to meet once every week. to keep their morale up. the Child was allowed to meet one parent per week. at all other times, she was experimented and tested on.

fast forward 20 years or so, new laws were in place, stating that Folivora had some human rights. however the facility Emf was kept at, did not comply. Special Forces raided the facility, Emf's mother and father were killed by scientists, not wanting to surrender.

from the Facility, there were 221 living in the facility... the casualties was 220, all suicide and friendly fire, the Special Forces tried to detain people without using lethal force, however scientists would not comply, and killed not only themselves, but guards and other staff that were trying to surrender.

a single survivor from the facility, Emf.
a scientist stated
"She is our greatest mystery... and our greatest gift from god"
before he slit his own throat infront of her cell door.

Special Forces broke into her cell, and detained Emf.

currently, Emf is being held at CSFF...
but for what reason?
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 (Here's a Folivora captured by the government, they kinda of use her against her will, this can be us
Больше года grey_skies said…
Name: Mark Cosner

Age: 44

Gender: Male

Race: Mortal, government official

Appearance: Short dark brown hair, always in a suit. Hazel eyes

Personality: very family-oriented. determined to solve every challenge given to him, especially the Folivora.

Other: Madelines father, he doesn't suspect her as part of the Folivora and often talks to her about his findings. He was part of the group that captured Emf and was there for her interview, often tries to interrogate her.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Washi's Sword ))
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 (( Washi's Sword ))
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Ramm 'Tox' Ichen

Age: 27 (Biologically), 87 (Chronologically)

Gender: Male

Race: Government Official (Experimented)

Appearance: Picture: He also wears black baggy-pants with several pockets filled with vials of various chemicals. Steel-capped boots too.

Ramm's blood is Toxic, acidic and poisonous, he keeps a large container of the only antidote on his back.
note: This extends to his breath too, but his breath doesn't move that far, if he has to do close observation on someone, or requires to look at an open wound, he will apply the Gas Mask, and wear proper safety gloves on his hands.

He is blind in his left eye. (He can see, but not further than a 1 meter with it)

Ramm is an expert scientist on Folivora, and a Doctor.

The most far back ever known of Ramm was when he was working on his doctorate. He did illegal human experimentation on himself in an attempt to see if Folivora could extend their powers to normal humans.

sad to say, his results were... inconclusive, Dr.Ichen suffered too much from his own experiments, falling into a Coma. During his coma, several doctors attempted to cut him open to see the results of his experiments, to see what had happened.

Needless to say, there are now, several doctors without limbs. or Dead.

Dr.Ichen, apon awakening, created an antidote for his own blood, in that very facility.
his large knowledge of Folivora's biological and mental capabilities led him to be employed by the government...

well, i say 'employed' but, it's more of 'Work for us, or be put in jail'
and Dr.Ichen found being allowed to continue his 'research' more enjoyable than being held in a small cell.
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 [b]Name:[/b] Ramm 'Tox' Ichen [b]Age:[/b] 27 (Biologically), 87 (Chronologically) [b]Gender:[/b
Больше года Phantelephant said…

Name: Braun

Age: ????

Gender: Male

Race: Folivora

Appearance: He is an incredibly heavily built man, big-boned and large in stature though he carries himself as if he wish to be small, with hunched shoulders and a lowered head. He has a head full of big black curly locks and scruffy sideburns.

Personality: He is quite aloof and carries a sort of disdain for society. Social interaction makes him incredibly uncomfortable, and he rarely leaves his home unless he absolutely has to. He has an unconditional love for the company of animals however which may have much to do with his abilities. Often finds himself taking in strays and acting as the town's vet and sometimes an impromptu doctor for those who can't risk being admitted to a hospital. He's not interested in the affairs of the other Folivora members and mostly wishes to be left alone in his endeavors.


(If Folivora)

Power: De-evolution. He seems to be quite in touch with his primal side and can change at whim into a more violent, hairier, and by all means stronger version of himself. This of course is incredibly dangerous and may cause him to lose sight of all reason while transformed, resulting in stronger fight or flight reactions in stressful situations. His teeth are naturally sharper than the usual omnivorous human and this does not change when he is restored to his normal self. During transformation, he has heightened senses as well as quicker reflexes.

Skills: He plays the cello very well and has some experience in the medical field. though no proper education was given to him and all of his knowledge is mostly pertaining to animal anatomy with barely any information on human health. This could serve a problem, however if you're bleeding out with a chestful of bullets and you're being hounded by authorities you can't really be picky about your doctor, can you?

Backstory: ((I typed a few things.. deleted them and then retyped them. I'm going to need time to work on this ))
Больше года grey_skies said…
((ha ha, that's alright elephant. i love your character so far!!!))
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Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( when shall we start? ))
Больше года grey_skies said…
((if we don't have another character up by tomorrow morning then we can start!!))
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((I'm in the process of putting a up rn, that change anything?))
Больше года grey_skies said…
((then we'll start once yours is up!!))
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( 👍🏻 I miss you Firebird! ))
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
Name: Roe Sellars

Age: 16 (will start the rp on her 16th birthday)

Gender: Female

Race: Folivora

Appearance: Roe has layered, shoulder-length hair. It's a very dark brown, that has an almost reddish glow when the light hits it. Her eyes are large round and a green-brown hazel. She's about 5'7'', with an average built. ((The picture wouldn't upload but you can see it if you go to my profile))

Personality: She fondly refers to herself as a "free spirit", or sometimes a "thrill-seeker". However, a lot of times Roe could more accurately be described as puerile or feckless (big words, but the only ones I know that fit). She's usually apathetic to any type of serious situation, either that or she turns it into another juvenile kick.

Power(doesn't know yet): Mimicry- Roe can take on the exact appearance (including voice) of anyone she's ever touched. However she does not gain their knowledge or abilities when transformed, and she has to have had contact with the person, so posing as someone is more difficult than it would seem.

Skills: agile and athletic, very determined, very, very, street smart and more intelligent than she'll care to admit

Backstory: Roe is the only child of a well-off and not at all close-knit family. Her parents, not neglectful but inattentive, parenting style gave her freedoms to do just short of anything she wanted. This complete freedom and lack of discipline led her to become a bit of a thrill-seeker, and careless in most useful aspects of life. People view her as reckless, some finding it cool and some childish, and as she reaches her 16th birthday she is headed down a path to a future that seems to hold little promise.
BanetteGhosneir commented…
Question: Since her power doesn't allow her to Copy abilities, will it copy Emf's Hexapod? Больше года
Firebird06721 commented…
My initial idea could be that her ability would make a copy that looked identical, but wouldn't be functional. I'm open to other interpretations though Больше года
Firebird06721 commented…
Thinking haha Больше года
Больше года Phantelephant said…
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
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Больше года Phantelephant said…
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
Больше года grey_skies said…
((lol okay here's the apparently long awaited beginning))

Madeline sat in her room, staring at the wall. Her fingers itches with flame wanting to explode. She let small sparks form on her finger tips, but quickly extinguished them when she heard a knock on her door.

"Hey kid," Mark, Madelines dad said as he opened her door. Madeline turned to face him, forcing a bright smile on her face. She assumed he had another update on the Folivora that he would fill her in with. She would pretend to be shocked every time, while he was blissfully ignorant she was a part of them. Mark walked over and sat next to Madeline on her bed.

"You will not believe what happened today," Mark started.

"What?" Madeline asked with mock-interest.

"We captured a Folivora," Mark announced. It took all Madeline had in her to keep herself from flinching or making a face of disgust or any sign she wasn't excited like her dad.

"We're calling her Emf, we're not sure what she does yet, but we'll figure it out soon, isn't this just great?" Mark looked at his daughter expectantly.

"That's great Dad!" Madeline exclaimed, forcing herself to sound as excited as possible. She couldn't believe it, the government got one of them. Soon her dad wouldn't find her out. Heat pulsed through Madelines fingers as her heart began to race. Her mouth felt dry.

"i forgot, I have to find Jack, Tox, and Braun. We're all working on this project in school and we need to work on it. May i go to Town Hall? They'll probably be there, if not, i'll call you." Madeline looked at her dad, hoping he would agree. He simply nodded and Madeline was out of her house within seconds. She ran the entire way to Town Hall not stopping until she was in the direct center of Town Hall.

Madeline spotted Braun first talking with some other kids their age. Madeline jogged up to him, before grabbing his shoulder and spinning him towards her.

"Hey," she said, out of breath. "Do you know where Tox and Jack are?" She took a breath. "I have urgent news to tell you guys."
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
(Why would she want Tox? He's part of the government :P, and does that mean the Government is hiding data from her father? cause there's an interview with EMF explaining her abilities, or is the father hiding the data from his daughter cause secret government reasons :P)

the blinding white and cold room Emf was kept in was strange to her... the doors were steel, but not electromagnetically locked like the other cells... and her cell was kept far away... and even stranger, there was glass... but not one way, Emf could easily see the man standing on the other side of the glass... a tall man, with a strange green tank on his back.

And to the man, the subject was a shriveled skeleton of a woman, the Hexapod hiding her chest from view, she seemed visibly afraid, cowering against the wall. Tox had a smile on his face as he observed the Hexapod, it wasn't connected to her physically... and yet it responded as if it WAS the woman... interesting.

a dollar note turns into a 5 dollar note, and is handed over from a mostly colourless girl, to a man of age. a chocolate bar is handed back, the girl took the bar and walked off, opening it and beginning to eat it, despite her ability she doesn't like to abuse it too much, besides something has to be exchanged for it, and the world had only so many rocks. Jackie was always fascinated by trees, a tiny seed converts energy, water and soil into so much more resources, and with that, potentially infinite matter... but no, that wasn't her style.
the Girl headed towards the town square, it was market day, and some things needed to be bought.
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Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Also which Jack? Just noticed there is two of us, if I need to change my characters name I can, simple fix. ))
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
(My Jackie isn't apart of the terrorist group yet, so he's meaning your Jack.)
Больше года grey_skies said…
((oh hey lol i didn't see the "government official" part, so yeah no Tox))

((also yeah her dads not telling her because government))

((since there are two, i was just gonna refer to Jack as Jack and Jackie as Jackie if that's alright))
BanetteGhosneir commented…
Yep, fine with me) Больше года
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( I can switch Jack's name to avoid confusion, let me just find a good fit! ))
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Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Changed to Washi ))
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Больше года Phantelephant said…
(( I should have added this to the profile but I was unsure at the time but for the record, Braun is an older man probably in his thirties or so.. his precise age unknown, so he would be no student however i can very much imagine him having a soft spot and being perhaps the helpful uncle-y type to young neighbors and assist them with their homework. I also might add a new character as i've noticed there aren't a lot of mortals.))
BanetteGhosneir commented…
infact, there's only 1 mortal (unless the Government are mortals, of which case there are 2) Больше года
Больше года grey_skies said…
((oh okay thanks for letting us know elephant! i had envisioned that all Folivora, regardless of age, would interact like friends or family. Also, the government do count as mortals, but we don't necessarily need mortals, that was really just an option if you wanted to put up a mortal. You could always put up a character younger than 16 who we find out does have powers of you wanted to do that, or you can just put up a mortal, your call))
Phantelephant commented…
sounds like Ты really want me to make a character in that age range. i do have to be honest i suck at portraying teenagers but i'll totally do it if you'd like еще characters like that Больше года
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Jack was camped up on top of a rooftop, looking on the town square. He was making sure that it was as deserted as possible before the Folivora gathered together. He took risks and responsibilities into his own hand of the different members he had recruited. Once the coast was clear, he teleported next to Madeline and Braun. "So what news?"
Больше года grey_skies said…
Madeline turned around in surprise at a voice suddenly next to her. She found herself face to face with Jack. Madeline stomped her foot on the ground.

"Jack! You know i hate when you do that!" Madeline faked anger before returning serious. "So my dad was filling me in this morning on information about the governments case on the Folivora, guys, they have one of us. I don't know who, but they found one of us, and they're trapped."
Больше года Phantelephant said…
Braun opened his mouth at the girl but tripped back and convulsed as Jack materialized much too close for comfort. He snarled and pulled his coat tightly around himself in a huff. "Incarceration? For what crime? What purpose?" He snorted. "You shouldn't be meddling so close to your father's work, Madeline," He admonished her with one brow arched, the corner of his thin lips twitched.
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Больше года Phantelephant said…
Name: Daniel Stone

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Mortal.

Appearance: (pic)

Personality: He's a hardass or at least gives off that impression at first glance. He's usually incapable of making intimate or close connections but stays loyal enough on the surface to keep out of trouble. Quick to take command in situations and works hard rarely with question. Has a curiously deadpan sense of humor and often overworks himself in his attempt to avoid co-dependency. He views the Folivora with great suspicion and keeps his distance though he doesn't quite share the ferocity or fears the other mortals seem to hold for the Folivora.

Other: blep

(If Folivora)

Skills: He's spent a good portion of his adult life working in manual labor with experience in maintenance and electrical work as well a ton of background in custodial jobs.

Backstory: Danny was born and raise by a single father whose lack of emotional ability resulted in them never quite seeing eye to eye. It wasn't so much a hate or resentment between the two rather a lack of empathy and understanding. Affection was unheard of in his childhood and due to his father being a truck driver he rarely got to see much of him anyway meaning Dan was left to his own devices for the majority of his childhood. He was a fuck-up and thoroughly embraced that part of himself as a teenager, failing high school with laziness alone and taking solace in drugs and other fellow fuck-ups. His life was disrupted however when his father suffered from a work related injury, a terrible accident resulting in an overturned trailer and his father's legs being crushed to uselessness. His dad stayed at home and had Danny take care of him while he was on disability, resulting in him missing for most of the semester, all the while his father filled his head with hate filled rants on the "abominations" the Folivora and their Godless powers.

Eventually Dan dropped out of high school and went to Trade School so he could escape as quickly as possible. It was the most effort he ever put into himself... and it wasn't long before he was moving out, and cutting ties with his father and his past.

He's jumped from job to job, between multiple contracts, and apartment to apartment, at one point even living out of his car until he could afford enough schooling and training to become a Journeyman in his career. After much pulling of strings from a friend he met along his travels, he managed to score, much to his own surprise, a position as part of a maintenance crew in a government facility. He has been kept in the dark on the details of the goings on that facility and is unaware of just how deeply tied to the Folivora his role soon will be...

((Let me know if this is not okay... I figure it would be cool to have some completely oblivious human dude get in the crossfire of the current goings-on))
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 Name: Daniel Stone Age: 28 Gender: Male Race: Mortal. Appearance: (pic) Personality: H
Больше года grey_skies said…
Madeline rolled her eyes at Braun, but took his words into heavy consideration before answering.

"He's my dad, Braun, and he doesn't know about me. Either way, i'm finding out what they know so we can further prepare. Trust me, I'll be fine don't worry," Madeline announced firmly. She sounded more confident than she felt, thankfully. The thought of her dad knowing about her and possibly experimenting on her made her stomach turn. She hated being scared of her dad, but she had no other choice but to be terrified of him and his work.

Madeline snapped back to reality, and offered Braun a smile, trying to convince him that she really thought she'd be okay.
Больше года Phantelephant said…
"Prepare for what?!" He frowned. "You are a just...." He stopped himself short and shook his head. "You should really just keep your head low while you're going through this, you know. Keep your head low and don't get involved with... with-with politics!" He hesitantly reached out to touch her shoulder.
Больше года grey_skies said…
Madeline frowned. "Braun, we are preparing for not being taken over by the government. The government wants us all dead, we have to be prepared to fight back, a way to be prepared is knowing what they do, and that's what i'm doing," Madeline pointed out. "Plus, i can't just sit by and not notice what's going on around me. My dad comes home every day and tells me everything, if i tell him to stop, then he'll know for sure. Braun, this is a very delicate and intricate matter, but trust me, i know how to be careful." Madeline kept her gaze soft on Braun. She noticed him reach for her, and she let him. They were good friends, being part of an "outcast" group fighting for their lives. They were close like family, they all were. In fact, she was more comfortable around other Folivora than she was around her father. She placed her hands on both his shoulders, pushing very gently to emphasize her point. She kept her eyes soft and big, hoping her innocent look would convince him and get through to him. She fluttered her eyelashes before speaking to really sell her point. "You have to trust me on this, Braun," Madeline had a small pleading sound to her voice, looking deep into his eyes, hoping that would be enough.
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Men entered the blind-white cell, the shriveled girl in the corner whinced as they came closer, the machine shielding her moving to try and hide her further, to no avail.. but the men hadn't laid a hand on her... unlike the previous lab's staff, these ones stood and waited... but for what?

next, the man with the green tank that was behind the window entered the room... the men were to guard him... keep him safe from her? or keep her safe from him?.

"Not too rough now Dr.Ichen, we've seen what you've done to yourself, don't do the same to her"
"i know, i know"

the man they called Dr.Ichen was putting on gloves, that covered his whole fingers, unlike the pair he wore before, and he was placing a gas mask over his face... why? Emf knew she wasn't smelling bad, and she wasn't sick with something contagious...

the man kneeled down infront of her, the Hexapod moving to try and hide her face, but the man grabbed the top of the Hexapod, and pulled it off from her.

"Don't worry lil' Miss, i'm not gunna hurt ya'... honestly I'd like to see what makes this lil' fella tick"
the man motioned towards the Hexapod, followed by one of the guards growling.

"Sadly for me, these fellas won't let me... seems in the 60 years I've been out, they've made some new laws for the treatment of Folivora, anway. I'm here to test out something for myself, not for you. right now we're within the 2 meters of your passive, my dear friend, you'll be my test subject for this, as for you"

the Doctor pointed towards the other guard.

"just in case, take the tank off my back, and be quick to administer it to your friend should this fail."

the 2nd guard did as he was told, taking the tank, and using a syringe to remove some of the green liquid inside, carefully placing the tank on the ground.

the 1st guard rolled up his sleeve, and moved it near Emf, she tried to squeeze into the corner more to get away from it, but the wall just wouldn't budge.. the guard didn't get any closer, just close enough to be within the Passive field.

the Doctor then proceeded to remove one of his gloves, and hover his hand of the exposed arm of the guard, then the Doctor, with his nails, sliced a small hole in his hand, letting his sizzling green blood drop onto the flesh of the guard....


the guard immediately let out a blood curdling scream and dropped back in pain the moment the liquid touched his flesh, thrashing about in agony, the Doctor without hesitation, covered up his cut, and held the man down as the 2nd guard was about to administer the antidote, however the thrashing guard knocked the syringe out of his hand, it had not shattered, but the guard quickly scrambled to get it

2 seconds left...

the guard got the syringe, and was about to return...

Emf attempted a pulse out of fright, her Hexapod light up a little, as a pulse emanated from Emf's body.... but the man still screamed, nothing had changed.

the guard administered the antidote... the 1st guard stopped thrashing and fell unconscious from the pain.

1 second spare... just made it in time.
the Doctor stood up, and turned to face Emf.
"Seems I'm still not a Folivora... despite all my efforts, i only became a weapon... though this does confirm I'm heading in the right direction... can't fix myself right now though. i thank you for your co-operation Emf, the Passive and the Pulse didn't seem to work... meaning I'm not yet a Folivora, i hope for your continued co-operation."

the Hexapod quickly scrambled to cover the girls body from sight... but not her head, she stared curiously, and frightenedly, at the Doctor.

Dr.Ichen laughed.
"Seems you've not had much social interaction... I'll have a talk with someone, see if i can't help you, afterall, I believe in equal exchange, co-operation for luxuries if you will."

the Doctor turned towards the remaining guard, as he picked up his strange green tank
"Could you be so kind as to take your friend to the infirmary, he may require more medical... and psychological, attention."

the guard nodded, placing his friend over his shoulder, and leaving the room.

the Doctor turned back to Emf.
"This is quite classified, but I'll tell you anyway... There's another Folivora coming in, I'll try and have you two placed together, either in your cells, or in testing. Some food will be brought later, you'll need it."

Emf opened her mouth to speak... but nothing came out

"hmm? what's wrong?"

"who.... who a-are y-y-y-you?"

the Doctor looked at her in silence for a moment....
The Doctor removed his mask.
"I'm Ramm Ichen, though I'm referred to as Dr.Ichen or Tox, you can call me whatever you like, my beloved subject"

his green eyes showed some emotion towards Emf.... not love, not happiness... not fear, hate, sadness... what emotion did it display? what emotion was it?......................

The Doctor turned around, and left the cell, the door closing behind him.

Jackie stopped... in the middle of the market, a group of three, two of 'em looked like a couple right now... she didn't want any of that, since many people were looking at them, the woman had her hands on the mans shoulders, and she was looking deep into his eyes, if ya' whunna do that lovey-dovey shit, do it in privacy, otherwise ya'll gon' get stared at.

Jackie tried to ignore them, despite every other commoner staring, and moved on to shopping, she needed to buy more tools for her work, ones she hadn't touched and were able to re-create.
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((^^ I REALLY HONESTLY did not mean to make him electrician on purpose I was just trying to think up trade jobs and manual labor work. I can change it to Custodial but I do hope my character is okay. ^^^)) Braun stepped away from her. " You are getting far too deep into this at your age... Madeline and you'll get great hairs before you're twenty." If she survives that long. He frowned and chased the thought away. "You shouldn't even be here. Out like this speaking freely of us in the open. You're going to be outed, your father would certainly have me executed, or possibly dissected in front of an audience of medical professors and you! Ah, much worse fate than that... Would be utterly grounded from dinner."
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did Ты only just Notice Jackie was an electrician? :3 (i made her one cause I'm an Electrician in RL) Больше года
Phantelephant commented…
Haha that's funny yeah I reread the Профиль and was like "oh shit. That's going to look bad." I'll change it to Custodial. I only did it because my father is/was/is(?) an electrician. Больше года
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Aama

Age: 24 (In this world) 32 (Combined age of her home world, and the Mirror world)

Gender: Female

Race: Folivora

Appearance: Picture, also a close representation of the Mirror realm

Aama's eyes twinkle like glass.

Mirror Realm
Summary - Aama, using any reflective surface, can transport herself between the real world and her Mirror Realm.

more info:
-She needs to be within 2 meters of a Reflective surface to transport.

-Transport is instantaneous

-She can bring objects with her; but not living organisms

-She requires physical contact with objects to transport them

-The denser the object, the bigger* the reflective surface needs to be

-When inside the mirror realm, she can be seen in the real world through reflective surfaces (like windows, water puddles or glass)

-If seen through a reflective surface into her mirror realm, people can talk to her by breathing on the glass and writing, it will appear on her side, and won't be flipped.

-She cannot be brought out of her Mirror Realm, but someone can use a reflective surface (such as a mirror) to follow her in the real world, till she comes out.

-She still requires to eat, sleep and drink inside the Mirror Realm

-When she falls asleep in the Mirror Realm, she'll be kicked out from the nearest reflective surface, into the realm world.

Aama is great at running, she's a massive coward.

(I'll do this later, for now, she's in a convoy towards the Chantalin Police Facility(Where Tox and Emf is))

*This is relative to Surface Area, so it counts both sides of the reflective surface
 [b]Name:[/b] Aama [b]Age:[/b] 24 (In this world) 32 (Combined age of her Главная world, and the Mirro
Больше года grey_skies said…
Madeline rolled her eyes at Braun frustratedly. Why wouldn't he just trust her?

"Braun, calm down. First, if my dad even does find me out, neither of you would be, or any other Folivora, just me. And, he won't kill me, i don't know what will happen if i'm outed, but i'm being careful, so don't worry about me." as madeline talked, she tried to convince herself the same thing. Was she sure her dad wouldn't kill her? What would happen to her? Interrogation? Maybe torture? She visibly shuddered at the thought, hoping no one would notice.

Mark heard about the last visit with Emf and the Doctor going well, as Emf appeared to be cooperative. Mark couldn't stop thinking about it as he walked into the Town Hall. He immediately spotted Madeline, deep in conversation with two boys about her age.

"Madeline!" He yelled. She snapped her head in his direction, held her pointer finger, indicating she would be a minute, before turning back to her friends. Within a few seconds, Madeline had turned and was walking towards him with a smile on her face like always.

"That didn't look like schoolwork Madeline," Mark started.

"Oh well i had to find them, but poor Braun was having an awful day so we were talking about that, trying to make him feel better," Madeline said, her dad believing her lie.

"That was very great of you Madeline. So i know how you were interested in that Folivora we found?" Mark questioned his daughter. Madeline looked up with a look of pure excitement in her eyes, despite the turning of her stomach. "I knew you were excited. So our Doctor tried out an experiment, and she's been very cooperative, this could really get far you know," Mark looked at his daughter for a response.

"Wow! A REAL Folivora! I cant believe it!" Madeline mocked excitement and wonder. "Dad, if she's being cooperative, can i see her?"

Mark looked at his daughter, first with surprise, then with pride.

"Ill have to talk with Ichen, but i'm sure that can be arranged soon," Mark told her. Madeline faked giddy excitement that she would be able to see the poor tortured soul. Hopefully Madeline would get her to trust her.
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Brain is a good bit older, grey, remember? Больше года
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Braun Больше года
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
The event with the guard remained classified, lower personnel not directly involved with testing weren't informed of the guard's condition, though he should be fine now, Tox confirmed the guards in a stable condition, though he has 1st degree chemical burn, and plenty of inside lacerations, poor bugger would be lucky if he could use that arm anymore.

After writing a full report on his own findings, Tox placed the file into his 2nd file drawer, the 1st was testing for the government and Folivora profiles... the 2nd was his own personal research, just then, someone came in. Tox turned to look who it was....
the Door hadn't opened... his mind was playing tricks on him again.

"a͟ww,҉ d̀oń'҉t as̡s̵u҉mè I'͟m i̢n yo͟ur head͟ j́ust̕ of͝f̡ ̷the ba̧t ͜R̨am͘m̸"
that voice again...

"Am ̀I re͏al͢ly T̡H͟A̵T mu͘c̴h̛ ͝of͞ ̀a ̢pes͢t͝"

"Yes, you're a giant pest."

"b̀ut̀ wh͝y?" she asked in a teasing, but innocent voice

"because i have no idea if I'm actually going crazy, or if you're a Folivora playing tricks on me"

"hu̢m..͟.͏ ̀i ͡wond҉e͡r ͘wh͞içh̶ ͘i̴t̡ ço͏u̕l͏d͢ ̴b͝eeee.́.̶.͡. ̨heh͏eh͘e͏e"

Tox sighed "What do you want... Eve?"

the voice gasped
"Y͝ou ͘r͘e̛m̢em̨b͝ered́ ̨ḿy̸ ͡n҉ame!͝ ̡oh ͡T̴HAN̸K̵ y͝o̷ú Ramḿ!҉"

"what. do. you. want?"

the voice giggled
"You,͢ ͝of c̡o̵ưr͜s̕e.̷.. ͏but̶ ͞I̴'͢m͟ o̢u̷t ̶o̴f tim͝e ņo͟w"

the voice suddenly stopped talking, as a guard knocked on Tox's door.
"SIR! the convoy should be here in 15 minutes, give or take for traffic"
a guard called form the other side of the door. Tox stood up, and opened the door.

"Good, i need a distraction... what about my request?"
"They've accepted it, as long as Emf is being supervised while talking to someone... you sure that was an ok thing?"
"yup... send an email to all officers, even those not involved in the testing facility, ask if they have anyone that'd like to talk to a Folivora, Emf seems to need some social interaction"
the Guard saluted, and ran off to do as he was told...

Tox stood in the hall irritated.
"Bloody hell Eve..."



completely black, no reflective surfaces at ALL
these buggers sure are being careful, though they'll slip up, they always do.
"OOOOI! Driver, where the hell am i goin'? what's happenin'?"

no response


"Thank you! please come again!"

sure sure...
Jackie left the store... and 3 cars caught her eye... 2 were normal CPF cars, but the one in the middle was a ute with a big black box chained down and covered up with a black sheet... they were transporting something? but that was at the back of her mind, she should move away from here... the CPF weren't all too fond of Folivora.
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Больше года grey_skies said…
Madelines dad has dropped her off at home, saying he would go ask about her talking to the captured Folivora. Madeline sat on the living room couch in the quiet, letting small sparks of fire spark on her fingers. She watched as the fires danced on her fingers with enjoyment and a little bit of wonder.

Mark knocked softly on the door to Tox's office before coming in.

"Sorry for interrupting your work here, but i had a question about Emf. She's being cooperative, right? Can my daughter, uh, Madeline, can she talk with her? Madelines been dying to see a real Folivora, and this might be our only chance. What do you say?" Mark looked at Tox expectantly, hoping he would answer yes.
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Ichen gave Mark a quick glance, before turning his head to his computer... a schedule...
"humm.... That depends on Emf right now... give me a moment"
Tox typed a few commands into his computer, a Camera view of Emf popped up. She was sitting quietly, with the Hexapod infront of her, like a small table... she seemed calm enough.

"Emf is calm, doesn't appear to be distressed, We can arrange for her to talk with your daughter, though do tell your daughter to be careful, We'll keep them supervised."

Tox stood up from his desk, setting his computer to 'sleep' mode. he picked up his Tank, placed it on his back, and walked towards the Door.

"though, Mr.Cosner, I'd like for your daughter to know something: Don't talk about subjects that would seem to be inappropriate, such as Emf's shyness, and her malnourishment. We'll set up a room on Floor 3, room 2A, please bring your daughter, oh! and don't bring any electronics."

Tox exited his room, and headed toward Emf's cell.... It would soon be time for Emf to eat aswell... perhaps Emf could eat whilst she was talking to miss Cosner.


"He's scary... but nicer than the last facility staff.. oh what should i do?... should i try to escape?"

the Hexapod tilted itself, as to display confusion

"But... I'd cause trouble then... w-wouldn't i?"

the Hexapod returned to being standing straight up to form a flat surface, like a table.

"oooh... but that poor guard... i hope he's ok"

"Who ya talkin' to in there, my beloved subject?"

Emf jumped at the sound of the doctor's voice, the Hexapod quickly scrambling to hide her, though the top half of her head was still visible, allowing her to see the Doctor through the glass.

"n-n-no one!"

the Doctor chuckled, still quite shy.

"Well, you can stop talking to 'no one', We've got a very enthused fan for you to talk to"


"Mind you, not the machine, a person... someone who adores you, You'll also have dinner whilst talking to them, any preferences?"

Emf pulled the Hexapod over her head, exposing her feet.

"I'll take that as a No, we'll have you moved to the room where you'll be chatting to now. please be ready"

The Doctor moved out from the room behind the glass, and entered her cell, putting on the same gloves as last time, that covered his whole hand, but this time, he had not put on the mask. 2 Guards followed him, the same one as last time, but the other was a different guard... what happened to him?

"Would you like to try and walk on your legs?... though i doubt you could..."

Emf, using the Hexapod as support, tried to stand, being successful, though she did seem quite shaky.

"You'll be alright?"

Emf nodded.

"Alright, just in case though, These two'll catch you if you need it, So, let's go, just follow me"

Tox moved out of the room, and waited in the hallway, Emf slowly made her way into the hallway, Tox then begun to move toward the room... however, he slowed his pace severely, to allow Emf to keep up.

Больше года grey_skies said…
Mark smiled, glad that Madeline would finally be able to meet a Folivora. he pulled out his phone, calling Madeline to come down. He could barely contain his excitement over the phone, and Madeline sounded the same. He hung up and headed towards the room where Tox was taking Emf

Madeline grabbed her coat and rushed out of her house. She was in front of the government building in minutes. She walked silently to the elevator, fire tingling in her hands. She felt like she was under a microscope, like she would be found out here. She kept her head down as she got in the elevator. Madeline was let out on floor three and searched the hallways for room 2A. She found her father and another official standing outside the door. Madeline pasted an enthusiastic smile on her face as she approached them, despite the utter fear in her stomach. Her dad started talking even before she reached them.

"Madeline, this is Ichen, Im sure he'll want to talk to you before you go in, good luck, have fun and be kind. Listen to Ichen, and i'll be out here gen you're done," Mark finished. Madeline looked at Ichen, faking a look of excitement in her eyes.

"What do i need to know?" Madeline asked, looking towards Ichen.
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Tox greeted the girl, first with eyes of inspection, then with a smile.

"Well, good to meet you miss Cosner, you'll need to know that the subject is quite... distraught, around people, and there are some subjects we'd like for you to avoid talking about. First, is her shyness, She's been through an unknown amount of stress from the last facility she was in, resulting an a bit of a social disconnect. second, she is severely malnourished, We're working on fixing it, but please refrain on commenting about that. Another thing, you'll need to leave any electronics out here, otherwise they'll be destroyed by the subject, so your phone, and anything else like a pager, electronic watch, etcetera. her name is Emf, and if you need anything, talk to the guard in there."

Tox motioned to the door labeled 'Room 2A', whilst he entered a door called 'Room 2A-O', which was an observation room.

inside Room 2A, Emf sat at the end of a white table, the white room was completely empty, besides the guard, a table, and 2 chairs, 1 occupied by Emf, who was quietly nibbling on the food infront of her.

she had been given quite a balanced diet, it had the right balance between meats and vegetables, and she had a glass of water.
on the side of the table, where Madeline would sit, there was a glass of water aswell. Tox stood and watched from behind the glass carefully.
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gunna sleep now, it's midnight. g'night. Больше года
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have fun sleeping, night Больше года
Больше года grey_skies said…
Madeline was furious they would be listening to her. How was she supposed to get Emf to trust her if she couldn't tell her she was a Folivora too? Madeline sat down silently, taking in Emfs presence. Ichen was right, she was completely malnourished. Madeline felt a small prick of pain inside her seeing Wmf in this state. She hadn't talked to Emf before, but they were in this together, like family. She had to get Emf out of here. Madeline took a sip of water, trying to extinguish the fire pulsing inside her. She could NOT explode here, who knows what they would do if they found out, especially like this. Madeline watched in curiosity as Emf picked at her food.

"Uh, hi," Madeline started. She looked over her shoulder at the guard, he seemed uninterested and Ichen and her dad were in a room behind her, more focused on Emf than her. This would be the best chance she could get.

"Listen Emf," Madeline whispered so only Emf could hear her. She silently prayed that there were no microphones in the room. "You have to trust me on this, i'm here to help you. I'm like you, too, powerful. It's fire for me, and I'd show you but they're watching. You have to trust me with this, i'm here to help you and try to get you've out of here and with the rest of us. There's more like us, Emf, and we'll help you if you let us, but you have to trust me first. if you want me to prove it, i'll show you my fire but they might capture me too and then we'll be out of luck," Madeline finished. She turned around, the guard didn't seem to hear her. There were no sirens, Ichen and her father weren't running in here, maybe she was okay. She continued hoping that there were no microphones. Madeline couldn't tell if Emf trusted her yet, so she placed her hand on the table, trying to look casual. No fire erupted, but she let some heat escape her hand from the fire within. In seconds, she lifted her hand, and the table had a burn mark on it that wasn't there before. Madeline covered it with her glass of water after she was sure Emf had saw what she had done.

"So what do you say?" Madeline asked her.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( wow, this moved quick, I'll comment in a moment. ))
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Emf had no idea how to reply, nor to react... with her already low social interaction it would've been hard to talk to someone, but now being thrusted with a hard decision was even worse, the Hexapod moved to cover Emf's face from view.

"Is something wrong my dear?"

Emf jumped a little when she heard the Doctor's voice, her Hexapod pulsed, the lights at the top of the room shattered, and machines outside of the room, and within the pulse range all shut down. and not just that, the heat from within Madeline... was gone.

the guard in the room quickly lit a match, luckily neither of the girls had been harmed.

"Sir, both girls are ok"

"oh n-n-no! I'm s-so s-s-s-sorry!"
Emf tried to call out from behind her Hexapod

"It's fine, Guard, please escort Miss Cosner out of the room, We'll need to clean the glass before we can get Emf out"


"It's quite alright Emf"

Emf looked to Madeline
"I'm s-sorry for this... sorry f-for this... b-but n-no... It's a b-b-bad idea,... I'm ok here... please l-live your l-life without w-worry"
Emf tried to word it, as if Madeline had asked if Folivora were scary or if they were dangerous outside.

the Guard did as he was told, and held the door open for Madeline to leave.


"Su̡şpic͟i͏o͠u̡s..͟. ͞húh͞?͡"

Eve was back... torturing Tox's mind. he wanted to yell for her to leave... but at the same time, if she was another Folivora, he'd be very interested... then again, she is the only proof he has, that he may be drifting toward insanity. so he ignored her.

"W̴ęll̛,́ į k̶n͢òw͟ ́y̛o̵u̸ w̢on͠'t ͢talk wh͞i̴lst ̧we̷'͘r̵e ̧a̛r̡ound̀ ͝péople.̨.̛. but͘ ͟m̡ayb͡e̴, oǹe ͞da̶y̴, ̴Y̸o̴u'͏l̴l͘ talk͢ to ̸me̵ a҉ro͡und ͟ot̡he͞r̕s͡, ͘~̴ehèheheh"
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