Случайное обыгрывание ролей Life above the Tank (Steampunk/Dieselpunk RP OPEN)

catos971 posted on Nov 14, 2016 at 10:49AM
In the near future, humans have developed a synthetic fuel that replicates itself each time it is hit with an electrical charge. The world, in its greed, produced this fuel in such mass that the earth could not store all of it and still support human life. So they created the Tank, a huge machine the size of a planet. It stored this fuel and was given an artificial atmosphere for people to manage it and maintain its functionality. These workers lived in cities miles above the surface of the Tank (imagine Cloud city from Starwars only more steampunk) and traveled from city to city in massive ships (look at the image, I can't think of a good description). As the Earth grew it overpopulated and eventually became a wasteland and devoid of all life. The only survivors of the human race existed on the Tank, some went mad, others attempted to make due, either on their ships or in the cities that were quickly becoming cesspools of crime and filth. So now we make due, either pirates or protectors. Living our life, above the Tank.

-Rules and things I couldn't be bothered putting in the description-

No controlling other characters (Duh).

No killing other characters without permission (Duh… again).

If someone has already made a ship (which I will named the Deucalion if you wanna join) wait till there's at least three people on that ship before you make your own.

Cursing is fine but don’t go to excessive.

This isn't a romance RP find another one if your looking for something like that, this ain't your RP.

Sexual references are fine for jokes but try not to offend anyone.

Try not to make your posts to short.

After the destruction of earth, Pirates became a serious problem and medical supplies ran out quickly. Some more sane people decided to cannibalize parts from the cities and create different new bionic limbs or sometimes exo-suits or limbs to assist with heavy lifting or combat. So feel free to put a character with exo/bionic limbs in!

-Character sheet-




Rank: (Rank on ships like captain, engineer, gunner, etc)


Abilities: (Bionic limbs that sorta thing)

Weapons: (sword, Pistol, ship weapons (if you own a ship) and others)

Eye color:

Hair color:

Hair length and style:

Skin color:








 In the near future, humans have developed a synthetic fuel that replicates itself each time it is hit

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