Случайное обыгрывание ролей Prisoners without names

BanetteGhosneir posted on Mar 05, 2017 at 01:48PM
Welcome to the Gurrit maximum security containment facility.

home to the world's most dangerous criminals... or whatever is left of it.

the GMSC facility, or, Gamma as we call it, has 5 wings, or 'levels' if you will, these Levels determine the required security of the prisoner.

we'll start from the bottom, the easiest level of criminal.
though, this is still above normal standards for other facilities.

E - Entgre, These criminals for our facility are on the ground floor, detained in slightly specialised cells for each individual, although this is the weakest kind of criminal we keep, they're still a large threat to normal facilities and soldiers.

D - Durruru, large-scale criminals, owning either large organisations or threatening sections of a city, although easily detained, these criminals are threats to E-class guards, these prisoners have visitors once every month. no gifts.

C - Cartel, C-class as these prisoners are called, anyone C-class and below has no name, only a letter and a number. These prisoners threaten single cities or possibly two, although in the grand scale these are medium level prisoners, they're still threats. these prisoners are kept in the link.

B - Baruka, continental criminals, people who are wanted across entire landscapes, endangering multiple cities are kept here, in also specialised cells. each cell can be as thick as whole houses. visitors are allowed up the space elevator to the link thrice every year, no gifts allowed.

and finally

A - Altea, The most horrible, heinous and dangerous criminals are kept here. in orbit, the link, the space elevator's top level is kept exclusively for 'global' level dangers, criminals who have once threatened... or succeeded, in harming the whole planet. The cells of these prisoners are kept guarded, surveillanced and are as large as whole battleships. These prisoners always have a life sentence, and will never see the sun again. In the history of the Gamma Facility, there have only been 12 Altea class Prisoners, ALL of which are far beyond 'human'

the Gamma facility is based on an aqua-city in the pacific ocean, this is to ensure even if the prisoners escaped, they'd have a long way to go before they can get to civilians. the only people living in the buildings at the base, are E-class prisoners, their families and friends, and Gamma Facility staff.

please, hate your stay.

[====][Gist of it][====]

Essentially, you're either staff or a prisoner at the Gamma Facility, escape or stop their escape. or just stay in your cell, it's up to you.

[====][Character Sheet][====]

*Codes are your level, and the cell number. for example.
C-3345 or D-23734 or E-192847

[b][Code]*[/b] (If you're a C-class or lower prisoner, the guards will not use your name, only your code)



[b][Imprisonment/Occupation][/b] (The reason you're imprisoned/The job you do here.)





4: Qysa



C-334 ; ONI


 Welcome to the Gurrit maximum security containment facility. Главная to the world's most dangerous cr
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Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
[Code] A-4

[Name] Qysa

[Age] ??

Global Criminal Altea-four, Qysa, has the highest level of security and containment for the deaths of over 8 billion people... and link

This prisoner has been deemed Altea class, and is to be kept within the Exosphere in orbit, with the following conditions;

1*: To be surrounded by a cube of pure steel, 22km thick.

2: for 1* to be surrounded by another cube of lead, 22km thick

3: no personnel, with the exception of A-class, is to be within 100km of the Prisoner.

4: Needles, 1A through to 7A are to be kept impaled within the Prisoner at all times

5: the Prisoner is to be chained at all times

6: the Prisoner is to be gagged and one eye blindfolded

7: the Prisoner is to have multiple 1-inch. Gattling Guns at all time, to be fully reloaded and restocked at individual times, aimed and ready to unload within 0.0032 seconds.

8: authorization to access the Prisoner must be given directly from Gamma Facility head, this included maintenance by Engineers, and research by scientists.


Have you ever felt pure power, rushing through your body, your mind, your very being, it trickles and tingles the mind as to what true, PURE power can do, but half the F*CKING planet?!?

It's bad enough to be labeled a criminal for a mistake, it's even worse to be impaled over and over again with increasingly larger needles that hold my muscles in place. It's EVEN MORE WORSE, to not get fed or a drop of water at all.... but y'know the worst part of all of this?.....................................­...­...­..

Despite the guns, despite the lack of food or water, despite the impalement, despite being kept in a no-oxygen environment in fucking space, surrounded by forever of metal... I'm still not dead.... that's not the worst part...

the worst part is that I'm BORED....

and when i get out of here, who cared if I'm somehow still alive, who cares that they might lock me up again... I'm going for round two, and the next time...


Let's see how big of a boom I can make then.


"Subject appear extremely resilient, nothing so far has caused brain activity to cease, not even the needle in her head. Subject is to be contained until further study, of when we can eliminate the subject."

GOOD LUCK, I'VE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS, AND I'LL BE HERE FOR YOUR GREATEST GRANDKIDS, and when I get out, I'll tell the whole world why half of it's molten nothing in space... and then, I'll give a demonstration,



Despite how powerful Qysa seems, she can't just blow up the world, she obviously requires something... it's just a matter of what?
 [b][Code][/b] A-4 [b][Name][/b] Qysa [b][Age][/b] ?? [b][Imprisonment][/b] Global Criminal
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
[Code]* C-334

[Name] ONI (Onrig Gamse)

[Age] ??

Before the sudden collapse of half the world, Prisoner C-334 sacrificed an entire city, population of around 124,000 to demons, turning himself into a demon.

Imprisonment conditions are as follows

1: C-334 is to have 1 Delta sealing charm on their face at all times. to replace the charm, 12 charm users must use Epsilon Charms to sustain him, whilst a 13th user replaces the Delta charm.

2: C-334's room is to be filled with Epsilon charms, and a small shrine inside to have atleast 2 Epsilon charms, or 1 Delta charm.

3: C-334 is allowed to have a Shamisen or other string-based instrument, but no wind instrument.

4: No demonic based item is to be within 200m of C-334.

5: C-334 is allowed to be visited by other inmates, however all visitors must be accompanied by a Charm User.


(I'll do this later)

 [b][Code]*[/b] C-334 [b][Name][/b] ONI (Onrig Gamse) [b][Age][/b] ?? [b][Imprisonment/Occup