Случайное обыгрывание ролей LUNARIA - CITY OF Герои [[OPEN]]

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Lunaria - City of Heroes

Lunaria, a town in 2103, had a disastrous accident. The chemical plant famous for creating a hybrid gaseous element known as "Red Plutonium" exploded, killing a great mass of citizens in the area. The gas dissipated and has been cleansed from the atmosphere to prevent future damage and death. However some human life did the opposite from decaying to exposure of the chemical. It evolved. Some of the survivors who were clearly in the kill zone started a process that would change them and the city forever. They developed powers and abilities that where deemed impossible. Some used these powers to benefit their fellow man, while others chose to exploit them for personal gain. This is their story.


1. No Godmodding. even with superpowers, do not make them untouchable, do not power play (choose actions for another players character), etc, etc. If you have questions about this or about which powers are too much, just ask and I'll confer with you.
2. Romance is ok, Graphic Romance is not.
3. Light swearing is permitted, meaning using more intense curses or using them with too much frequency will not be tolerated.
4. You can kill characters or NPCs you introduce to the role play if you would like, but need permission from another player to kill off NPCs or characters of their design.
5. Have Fun!









Super Hero/Villian name:


Fighting Apparel:

Gear and Technology:

Backstory: (put something at least, doesn't have to be full detail, and you can ask that our characters don't know it)



TITANIUS - Flint Osmond [Hades_Shadow]
IRON KID - Owen Jobs [Wolfpaw6]
FLAMING MISTRESS - Celestia White [heart-of_love]

JARVIS - Celi Adawong [-Universe_COLA-]



THE BARON - Mars [BanetteGhosneir]
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Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Name: Flint Osmond

Age: 23

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 185 lbs

Appearance: Platinum Blonde hair, Grey eyes, light tanned skin, muscular from work not working out.

Apparel: usually a cut off T-Shirt, jeans, steel toe boots, and a bandana headband. When working he puts a mechanics jumpsuit on, but only keeps it zipped up to his belt.

Personality: Kind, Personable, can be seen as intimidating, but is really more of a Teddy bear than a grizzly.

Super Hero name: Titanius

Powers: Ferrokinesis (can control and remold metal with a touch), Foresight (gets occasional visions of what will happen in 5-10 seconds)

Fighting Apparel: custom Steel colored Bulletproof suit with a Ballistics liner. similar to a Captain America suit.

Gear and Technology: Chrome 1970's Mercury Cyclone, Chrome 1966 Honda RC166 250-6, Police scanners, digital radio earpiece, gps trackers, mechanic goggles that can switch between infraredand night vision. Two Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 pistols, Two Ka-Bar knives, Two double edged tactical swords.

Backstory: works as a private engineer, specializing in exotic car and diesel repair. He has his own mobile van to do repairs on the side of the road, and gets paid well for his work. He was repairing a armored diesel on the power plant lot at the moment of the explosion.
Wolfpaw6 commented…
pretty cool Больше года
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
Name Owen Jobs

Age : 15

Apparel:usually a leather jacket,jeans,black and red sneakers and a baseball cap given to him as a boy.

Personallity: loves to play,friendly, and shows no mercy for those who oppose him

Superhero name: boy of iron or iron iron kid for short

superpowers: similar to iron man and he can control vehicles with his mind.

Fighting Apparel: has a wristwatch voice activated to activate his suit, chest laser, hand laser and pistols that can transform into any weapon.

Gear and Tech: Flashlights on the shoulders of his suit his suit can go deeper than the Marina trench and the suit can deploy other versions of itself to other people with Owens command.

Backstory:abandoned as a child Owen had to survive the meanest foster homes imaginable kidnapped by the North Koreans he was trained as a sleeper agent he had broken the disc containing his activation.
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 Name Owen Jobs Age : 15 Apparel:usually a leather jacket,jeans,black and red sneakers and a bas
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
*pulls out phone and calls Flint*
Больше года heart-of_love said…
Name: Celestia White

Age: 22

Height: 5'7

Weight: 120 lbs

Appearance: long Red hair, freckles, pale skin, hazel eyes.

Apparel: jeans, t-shirt, sneakers

Personality: when you first met her she is calm, reserved, and shy, but once she get's comfortable around you she becomes outgoing and loud. She tends to keep idea's to herself and will stay quiet until he emotions get the better of her.

Super hero name: The Flaming Mistress

Powers: Pyrokinesis - the power to control and manipulate fire

Fighting Apparel: black cat suit

Gear and Technology: Flint lock bracelet that makes fire for her to manipulate. laser lipstick ,Binoculars, Hairbrush (it's actually a grappling hook.)

Backstory: Celestia was visiting the chemical plant for a routine checkup with the workers to see how they liked their job, she was in the boiler room when the explosion happened.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( so how does Owen know flint? Were you thinking along the lines of acquaintances with no idea the other has powers? Or well aware of each other's abilities? Owen and Celestia are approved ))
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Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Mars

Age: 29

Height: 180cm (5'9")

Weight: 87kg (189.598lbs)

Appearance: Look at the Picture

Apparel: Picture

Super Hero/Villain Name:
The Baron

Red Plutonium
The Baron's body constantly emits Red Plutonium rays and gas, causing strange phenomenon to occur all around her body within 10m, the phenomenon can be as noticeable as a sudden melting in material nearby, to no noticeable change like an increase in temperature by 1°C, the total spectrum of change is currently unknown, but it has been noted that this passive effect even effects other superheroes and villains, causing them to temporarily lose, gain or change powers within the area around the Baron.

it is currently noted that the Baron has no control over this passive power.

Gear and Technology:
The Baron uses a modernized link (you can see it above her satchel there) it has 7 barrels, 6 hold hollow point bullets, the center 1 holds a link.

The Baron carries around 2 satchels, one holds a bottle of alcohol, bandages and other medical supplies, the other's contents is unknown except for where she stores her ammunition.

Backstory: (put something at least, doesn't have to be full detail, and you can ask that our characters don't know it)

Mars first introduced herself to the world when super villains and heros begun popping up, The Baron was known as Mars, despite this not being her actual name (Records can confirm) as for who she was before, from her own story it appears Mars was one of the original 'Red Plutonium' Scientists and Engineers, being caught right in the eye of the storm you'd assume she'd be the first to fry, but no, she was the first to fall, and the last to wake up.

As for if the Baron is a Villain or a Hero, it seems a bit of Both, the Baron grants regular civilians temporary powers using her Passive (note, this doesn't work all too often, many times the civilian dies due to exposure) her motive;

What else would a scientist of Red Plutonium want? what else could they possible be curious about? why it's simple of course!

To fully understand the effects of Red Plutonium, to where it's ability to grant powers stops.

but we said before 'a bit of both'

there have been times where The Baron has teamed up with Heroes to defeat Villains and monsters, though it is still theorised this was also part of her Red Plutonium Experimentation.


If you whunna know about her eye, or any other details, ask her yourself, or give me a PM
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 [b]Name:[/b] Mars [b]Age:[/b] 29 [b]Height:[/b] 180cm ([i]5'9"[/i]) [b]Weight:[/b] 87kg ([i]
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
Name: Celi Adawong

Age: 20

Height: 5'8 1/2

Weight: 172 lbs

Appearance: (Image)

-Celi is usually found wearing jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts or hooded shirts when she's in the mood. She has a variety of clothing styles that she uses, so there isn't really a particular apparel that she has.

Super Hero/Villian name: "Jarvis" Which is actually a inside joke on her end that she thinks is hilarious.

Powers: Technokinesis
- Celi has the capability to create, shape and manipulate technology and technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices that can be termed as "technology". Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or and a psychic ability that allows mental interface with computer data.
She can control the flow of intricate machinery to a certain degree and can allow them to assemble or disengage their programming at will, and is able to operate most technology just by touching or looking. Her ability is a variation of electricity manipulation, which is why she is capable of controlling specific electrons and instructing which items to engage or disengage.

Fighting Apparel:
When it comes to her fighting apparel, Celi tended to making everything herself. So, using her power, she constructed a suit of technology and lightweight titanium plates for mobility that cling to the legs of the plain greyish pants that lead down into specially designed combat boots. The upper half of her attire consists of three layers. The outer layer is made of a fabric called poly elastane (used for spandex), while the second layer and thickest layer is made of kelvar that is knitted in with the inner third layer elastic fabrics that allow both comfort and and a flexibility. This may all be topped off with a lab coat at times just because she thinks that it looks cool on her.
Additional attachments include but not limitied to:
-A fitting protective helmet that is able to construct from a piece of technology from around the collar of her clothing and may have a variety of concept designs
-A solid black link just because.
-A satchel with stuff in it XD like cheese sticks and marble bombs

Gear and Technology:
When it comes to gear and technology, you could expect her to try to pack a laboratory into one bag. However, since she knows that trying to carry everything would end up being nothing but too much extra weight, she comes equipped with an arsenal that may vary depending on a given situation. She uses a brand of technology that is branded as Celi Co., her very own brand of technology in which she tries improves upon whenever she is able or needs to.

But her arsenal consists of:
[-] AI Helment Sassi: The AI Helment acts as a digital radio and mp3 player, a gps. and is able to switch between night vision, infrared, and x-ray vision. Though it is still an incomplete system, its another piece of technology that is attached to her battle attire and is able to come from a device attached around the neck of her clothes.

[-] The Pack: A group of 5 metallic canines that are able to be called to her side at whim by her data helmet, though they are still in the stage of being prototypes and are, to her disliking, all still mostly unstable except one. Since this is so, she keeps them at a low energy setting. Due to the fact that some very dangerous elements were used to construct them, she keeps them stored away so they won't go boom. These metallic canines are extremely agile and are capable of self-destructing.

[-] The MP AR MK 2: The MP AR MK 2 is a modified rectangular multipurpose assault rifle, another one of her creations. This rifle was upgraded into its Mark 2 version that is capable of firing off high volumes of concentrated pressurized air more than capable of leaving a nasty scar on the surface of metal objects. It has a built in scope with built in camera features and a borderline holographic hit marker. The amount of pressure that the rifle holds is able to be fluctuated, however it may stop functioning if its overheat point is reached over if it is damaged. This weapon is usually stored a pop-out holster that is attached on the back of the shoulder of her fighting apparel.

[-] E-Boom Boom Marbles: Basically small marble like bombs that...explode in a firecracker faction, but larger and more powerful.

[-]La Bi-Wheel Z13: This is all black motorcycle, a customized vehicle that she had built from spare parts and had been working on since long before she had gotten her powers. This was the only thing that she had never used her power to fix or assemble surprisingly, and instead, after many failures, did it by hand. It's max speed is 230 mph. She has yet to install any weaponry though.

Backstory: (I'm coming up with it.)
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 [i]Name[/i]: [u]Celi Adawong[/u] [i]Age[/i]: [u]20[/u] [i]Height[/i]: [u]5'8 1/2[/u] [i]Weig
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Mars and Celi are accepted ))
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
((Gonna make a villian too xP I've found it fun to construct some evil.))
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( I am as well, also I love how three heroes work with Metal/Technology, could make for good team ups! ))
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Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
((That is, if their personalities can cooperate X3))

Name: ??? (I'll leave this unknown for now if that's alright)

Age: 32

Height: 6 ft 8

Weight: 300 lbs

Appearance: Under the helmet and and armor, Onslaught has pale, dried skin due to his overall abilities with. He has a few dried strands of ashen hair sticking off of his head, and his facial expression always seems to be in a permanent scowl of intimidation. His body holds only raw muscle, not only due to his ability but also his skeletal mass.

Apparel: Pic

Personality: Despite being as aggressive and borderline ruthless as he became after the accident, Onslaught has a factor deep within his conscious that allows him to show a hint of mercy. Other than that, if someone is willing to stand in the way of his goal then he will only attempt get them out of his way with brute force. But when he become pestered, then he will seek to break those who oppose him.

Super Hero/Villain name: Onslaught

Powers: Thermal Energy Manipulation: Heat
[-] Onslaught has a much more efficient form of energy manipulation is his case. He is able to create, shape, and uncontrollably manipulate temperature, a form of kinetic energy between particles at the atomic or molecular level. The greater the movement of these particles, the greater the thermal energy and reversed. Heat itself is internal thermal energy that flows from one body of matter to another, it is not the same as the energy contained in a system—that is, the internal thermal energy of the system. Rather than being "energy-in-residence," heat is "energy-in-transit." And since kinetic energy can lead to body heat, the more he is able to move the more heat he is able to produce. This also allows him to absorb sources of heat to boost his own power.
[-] He is able to make use of his power for thermokinetic combat.
[-] Another ability that his power is able to allow him is thermal invisibility, which allows him when he is in environments with specific temperatures, which is the downside to this ability since he constantly lets off strong variations of heat that alter the temperature around his body to at least 90 degrees when his armor is removed.
-Being that he uses the heat portion of thermal energy, is body has adapted and burned all since of fat from his body, only leaving muscle and granting him strength enhancements.

Fighting Apparel: Picture

Gear and Technology:
- Onslaught wears a few pieces of equipment that are made up of a fusion of cobalt, nickel, iron, molybdenum, and titanium that are able to condense and restrain the larger amounts of heat from admitting from his body and enhances his control over it.

Onslaught was a former body builder who stayed in excellent health while scraping together what he could to pay for the medical attention that had been denied for his younger sibling, who had been suffering from a strange illness, but was working towards recovery before the explosion of the chemical plant. The effect of this disaster put his brother into a state of critical condition, which brought him around to doing what he does now. He believes that he requires numerous pieces of highly advanced technology along with minds that know how to operate it. But to do this he needs money. And with his new found power...there was nothing that he would let stop him from getting it.
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 ((That is, if their personalities can cooperate X3)) [i]Name[/i]: [u]??? (I'll leave this unknown
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
*drives around* *hits the brakes* SCREECH! whoa what was that?
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
*gets out of car* *taps watch and suit engulfs him* flashlights on! the heck just walked into that alleyway
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Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( hold on wolf paw, we need to set up the scene before just jumping in. You said you called flint, how do you know him? ))
Больше года brodxe said…
Name: Lee North

Age: 22

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 190lbs

Appearance: Face is like the picture, he has a very well toned body.

Apparel: Usually just a plain grey hoodie with a yellow t-shirt and black jogger sweatpants with black slip on sneakers.

Personality: Very lazy, Introvert, Humorous, Reckless, Carefree, Solemn

Super Hero/Villian name: Aether

Powers: Photokinesis or Light Manipulation, Hand-To-Hand Combat

Fighting Apparel: Black Aviator sunglasses and I mean... does taking off the sweater count? He doesn't have the money or the skills to make actual fighting clothes.

Gear and Technology: A flashlight, Lighter and a Pack of Cigarettes

Backstory: Went to University to become an energy engineer. He installed solar panels and researched how to harness light for energy. While installing solar pannels to the roof of the chemical plant, it exploded giving him the power of light manipulation.

Just as a side note I should point out that he has been struggling with whether he is good or bad. The powers changed him. Something inside him wants him to unleash his power, causing as much carnage and mayhem as possible. He fights this voice everyday, a war zone in his head. He just wants to keep to him self, helping people without anyone knowing.

"Light can do a lot of things. It can illuminate. It can welcome. It can warm. As it turns out, it can also make laser beams that slice through protosteel" -Lee North
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 Name: Lee North Age: 22 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 190lbs Appearance: Face is like the pictur
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( I think we have enough characters where we can officially start ))

Flint was in his garage, covered in grease as he pulled a piston out of an engine block. He then proceeded to replace it with a new piston when his phone went off. He cleaned his hands and grabbed his cell to see it was Owen,me responded with his usual "Hello, This is Osmond's mechanics, Flint speaking."
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
hey man uh something black and misty just flew by my car the engine's out.
Больше года brodxe said…
Lee woke up on the couch of his small cramped apartment. He let out a yawn and stood up stretching. He walked groggily over to the fridge only to find old salad dressing and a moody block of cheese. He grabbed his wallet and left his apartment heading towards the grocery store just down the street. Halfway to the store he noticed a robot looking object in the distance with lights in looking in an alley. He was really confused by this and decided to go investigate. As he got closer he could see it was a man... No a boy in a suit of iron. He stayed across the street not wanting to get into any trouble. He put up his hood of his sweater and lit up a cigarette taking long hits.
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Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
*turns around* hey you! come here! *inside his head* wait no that will scare him
Больше года brodxe said…
(( Is it daytime or night? ))

Lee just stared casually and took another puff.
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Wolfpaw6 commented…
((night)) Больше года
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
*walks toward him and turns off suit* hey whats your name
Больше года brodxe said…
"Names Lee... You look a little young to have a suit like that. How old are you"
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
*sticks out hand* 15 my names Owen nice to meet you.
Больше года brodxe said…
Lee keep staring and smoking the cigarette, ignoring the hand shake. "Yeah whatever kid, what were you looking for. I saw you searching around in the alley with your lights on."
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
shadow people
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
*walks back into alleyway* taps watch* were are you I saw you *gets hit in the back* OOF can't breathe *computer* sir that hit drained the energy out we can't take another hit like that sir? SIR! *Blacks out*
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Flint sighed as he hung up the phone, it seemed Owen would call him for jobs and then get distracted by something. He got in his mobile van, which was beat up, but it housed a mobile garage setup, tools, parts, and most importantly, a battle suit of his and his Custom Motorcycle. He started Tracing where Owen called from and started driving in that direction
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
*gets up* ugh *stumbles into street and falls*
Больше года brodxe said…
Lee finishes his smoke and throws it on the ground. He has a completely blank expression on his face. "Poor kid..." He puts his hands in his pockets and walks away towards the grocery store.
Больше года heart-of_love said…
(so..so confused XD)
Celestia was relaxed, leaning against the counter in the grocery store, having two- wait- three jobs could sometimes cause a normal person to be stressed. Celestia was not, however, a normal person. After the 'accident' her life had changed drastically, going from watching crime on TV to being involved. She brushed her red ponytail over her shoulder and stood up as the bell on the door chimed, showing another late night visitor.
Больше года brodxe said…
Lee enterned the store and gave a slight nod to the cashier as he walked by. He grabbed a basket then went to grab basic things like eggs,bread, milk etc. After filling his basket he went up to the cashier and placed his items.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Flint looked for Owen, finally finishing up a trace on the phone he pulls up next to his car. "Hey, maybe you should, y'know, wait until your 16 to start driving." He said to the kid, "but hey, more work for me I guess"
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Больше года heart-of_love said…
Celestia smiled and started to ring him up. "late night shopping huh?" she spoke lightly, being a bundle of nerves. she was never very good at talking with people.
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
another experiment was about to take place, the park during the night was sometimes occupied by couples and folk wanting a romantic evening, those brave enough to be out around night... or foolish enough, seeking trouble.

Mars crossed the grassy field of the park, in the distance a group of 12 people, all seeming to be students... drunk beyond compare.... Mars stepped within 10 meters of the closest student... his skin begun to turn red, he tried to scream, but all that came out was throthing blood.

Mars then came within range of the next one... they melted, their eyes in agony, but their drunk friend knew not what was happening...

this continued, until every last one of the students, has been affected by the Red Plutonium... 9 dead, 2 turned into animals, 1 had suddenly disappeared...

Mars, angered that none of the 12 had gotten any powers, moved on through the park, down the main street...
the search continued.
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
*waking up* *computer* sir there have been 3 life forms in the area should conduct an electric discharge? *Owen* What no! have you lost your mind!
Больше года brodxe said…
Lee kept an emotionless expression on his face as he watched the cashier scan all the items. When all the items were scanned he took out his wallet. "How much is it."
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Flint sees Owen going crazy in his suit, "Kid, calm down and pop the hood for me"
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
tap.... my watch the keys are in my pocket *coughing*
BanetteGhosneir commented…
Wolf's posts are becoming еще and еще confusing Больше года
Hades_Shadow commented…
I agree, would Ты please use pronunciation and Описание to be able to clear up what Ты are saying? Больше года
Wolfpaw6 commented…
sorry bout that I'm on a plane coming back to D.C. and this kid I'm sitting with keeps grabbing my phone so sorry Больше года
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Not gonna lie, when I read Banette's Комментарий I laughed for some reason XD I don't know why Больше года
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Flint looks at Owen with disapproval, "just open the car if they are in your pocket"
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
"Hey Sassi, initiate playlist the typical playlist procedure will you love? It's been a rather tedious faff of time while having to wait for so long."

-Playlist mode initiating shortly. Please await the thirty second interlude to begin and end.- The female voice of a artificial intelligence spoke, it's manner of speaking robotic yes but almost as balanced as possible.


Override sequence activated....override sequence complete. Playlist mode activation successful.

"Excellent!" Celi stood on top of her motorcycle and stretched a for a brief few seconds, the fabric of her suit flexing and stretching fluently along with her movements while she did so. "Give me somethiiiiing euphoric. And please, no Adele this time!"

My apologies. From my the calculations within my data base I collected on the various forms of vocal and instrumental sounds I calculated that it would be best to ensure that music among your ethnicity's origin would be suitable.

"Oi, just because I'm from London doesn't mean I listen to everyone from my country you racist! That's like me assuming that all of you MACHINES have the same wiring and memory units!" Celi exclaimed.

In all technicality, that would in fact be partially true being that each one is a far more upgraded version that the other. For example, take the likes of a central processing unit from that of a PC to that of a mobile cellular dev--

"Oh don't you dare get intellectually sassy with me, I CREATED YOU! Don't make me deactivate you!" Celi said before coming to a pause as a screen of data started scattering across the screen of the helmet that encased her head. "What the...." Her eyes followed a string of variables until they lead to the coordinates of the location. "Sassi, give me readings on the presented coordinates of the Springfield Park, pronto."

Springfield Park, Southwest Lunaria, Area Code 879. High indications of what seems to be potent chemical radiation have been detected in the vicinity of the location.

"Hm..alright then. We're going to go make a check in there to investigate. Set the global positioning system for these coordinates and we're gonna get to it. Something doesn't seem right. Oh, and while you're at it, play Sugar skulls by Envy On the Coast." She added as she sat down on in the seat of her motorcycle.
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Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
pedestrian after pedestrian after weak non-powered criminal, the chance for obtaining a power is random, the number is never constant, that's the problem with such an unknown energy/gas, Red Plutonium, more curious than Zero-point energy.

but, whomever Mars effect, left a trail, a tail able to be tracked, and not just by machine, the random phenomenon that occurs around Red Plutonium is easily able to be followed by the naked eye...

Mars has had enough, another civilian dead, turned into a marsh-mellow smeared and plastered into a nearby light pole... 34 people killed, with no new data on the Red Plutonium's effects... she had gotten tired, ducking into a nearby alleyway... time to go back, rethink strategy... and variables.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Flint hears the police scanner going off in the van, after he quietly curses , he uses his ability to touch the car and not only unlock the door, but fix the problem in the engine. He jumps in and starts the car, "Owen, it may have just been a flooded engine, no worries but I have to go, I'll send you an invoice later" he said as he jogged back to his van after turning off the car again.

He hopped in his own fan, drove it into a nearly deserted back lot of a grocery store, and then activates the speed change protocol on the van. It helps him put on his super suit after he removed his jumpsuit and other clothes. All the windows tinted 100% for temporary privacy, once he is done he hops on the motorcycle and opens the backdoors and zooms out of the van on his bike. Luckily his van had not signs connected to his business, but did have a legal state permit to be parked overnight. He heads to where the report claimed there was screaming and other strange effects.
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: ???

Age: ???

Height: 185 cm ( 6'6" )

Weight: 88 kg (194 lbs)

Appearance: Look at the Picture, that coat goes all the way to her boots. underneath she is wearing loose black pants, and black steel capped boots.

Apparel: Picture.
her Cubes look like [link]

Super Hero/Villain Name:

Qube has a few powers, but all of them revolve around her primary ability, Cube.

Qube creates a Cube in space, the smallest this has been on record is a 0.1³ mm
the largest, 15³ m.

Inside the cube, Qube has several abilities.

• [Intangent], Qube is able to pass through solid material, however not organic material.
• [Stasis, Qube can cause all things inside the Cube, besides herself, to not be affected by anything, at all, however, Qube cannot affect things that are in stasis either, all laws of reality in Stasis are stopped, Qube can move around, but cannot move or alter other entities inside Stasis.
• [Displacement], if Qube has 2 cubes out at one time, the insides of both Cubes can be switched, however, both cubes must be the same size.

there are several limitations to these Cubes. for 1, for any of the 3 effects to active, Qube must be inside the Cube, and for Stasis and Displacement to work, the Cubes must be stationary. (Intangent can be used whilst the Cube is in motion). Qube can also only have 2 Cubes out at one time, and to place/remove a Cube, she must have vision, but once a Cube is placed, it can stay there forever, and she needs not to be near nor to see it to move it.

Gear and Technology:
Qube uses only her power

Qube's history, past, and identity is unknown.
she has never left any blood, hair, fingerprints or trace of DNA, and her particular hair style and colour brings about many matches, none of which are correct.

Qube spends most of her time at the local observatory, however at night she's wandering around outside, finding spots where street lights do not obstruct the stars.

as for if Qube is a Hero or Villain, mostly a Hero. Qube does whatever interests her most, sometimes this can be assisting Heros or civilians, but so far Qube has not caused any chaos or disorder.


Here is an example of [link] and [link].

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 [b]Name:[/b] ??? [b]Age:[/b] ??? [b]Height:[/b] 185 cm ([i] 6'6" [/i]) [b]Weight:[/b] 88 kg
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
The sound of a two-wheeled automobile's tires screeching across the ground was heard for a only brief moment, a moment the five seconds it took for Celi's motorcycle to curve around a corner just before one of the traffic lights turned red. Not that she was worried about that anyways, she just didn't feel like having the time to hack into the damn things and rearranging bits and pieces of data from the cameras just to keep herself in the clear. Not only that, but Sassi seemed hell bent on giving her some of the most bizarre "shortcuts" that she could take to reach her destination fast enough. Some of the quickest routes were decent around forty-five to fifty percent of the time. The other half were tight spaces where she would have to maneuver herself faster than she expected, small to high jumps depending on what part of the city she would be in at that moment, traffic zones, etc.
"Sassi. what's the status on those readings?"

It appears that the compounds within the gaseous chemical has the capability of being fatal to both animal and homosapien life forms.

"Give me a probability, what are the numbers looking like?" Celi shifted the gear of her motorcycle and took a sharp turn onto a more narrow road while in the middle of speaking.

Chances of survival are at fifteen percent.

"Bloody hell!" Celi exclaimed. "That most definitely cannot be looking well. I doubt that it would be an oil spill by any chance." She joked. "But the faster we get there, the faster we'll be able to find out."
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If she keeps re-doing those chances of survival, it'll be another Болталка number. the Red Plutonium always is random. never predictable. Больше года
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Which is good, because the Далее scan that Celi's AI could do because it would have different results than before Больше года
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Celestia rung up the last item and tapped on the register. "23.15 is your total." she remarked, starting to bag the items, giving him time to count the money...like everyone else seemed to do. above her head the tv turned to the news, telling of more people found killed..but the cause unknown.
Больше года brodxe said…
Lee took out a 20 dollar bill and 5 dollar bill, put it on the counter, grabbed the bags of groceries and walked out the door giving the cashier no time to give back change. On the way back he decided to tak a short cut down an alley but he saw something.. Was it a someone? Whatever it was, it had a strange red glow. Lee quickly exited the alley and walked down the street to his apartment.
Больше года heart-of_love said…
Celestial stared at the door in shock as it closed, surprised by the mans actions. With a sigh she placed the money in the register and leaned back on the counter, listening to the news above her. "- there's no pattern in the recent murders, the police advise people to stay off the streets. "
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Mars continued to move on, duck and weave, alley after alley... she continued towards the outer parts of the city, more secluded... she entered the subway, a train would be faster.

although she may pass more civilians, the chances of them obtaining a power, would be interesting.
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Name: Kevin Baxley

Age: 26

Height: 6 ft 2

Weight: 193 lbs

Appearance: Kevin has short shadowy black hair and reptilian yellow-green eyes that are hard to mistake as contacts of any sort. Physically, he's tall and lean and wears a permanent nonchalant expression. The surface of his skin seems to be without pigment and smooth in texture, not a single wrinkle to be found.

[-] His average apparel is a plain and simple white short-sleeved dress shirt and a pair of black khaki pants.
[-] A white dress shirt with thin vertical stripes and a pair of fitting khaki pants and footwear with a slightly pointed toe. He rarely wears anything other than that unless he's in disguise and doesn't want to be bothered.

Personality:...."Spectacularly bland"

Super Hero/Villian name: Corrode

Powers: "Category Unknown"
The power that Kevin possesses is one that is actually rather strange. So strange that his tongue altered its appearance into a mass of purple, orange, red, velvet, and pink. As one would say, "The tongue and mind are humanity's most dangerous weapons."
[-] The power that he was cursed with was something that he is able to produce from his saliva. Within his saliva, numerous different compounds clustered and caused his saliva to become more acidic and also carry a few components that can make him an extremely dangerous adversary. From the glands on his tongue he is able to produce a substance that can inflict a psychedelic drug trip like effect to anyone it comes in contact to, and can gradually destroy and damage over time. But that isn't the only effect that it is capable of producing. It is also able to burn and melt through solid objects as if they were made of plastic.
[-] Poison is another effect that it is capable of inflicting, but the difference from the others is that it takes a bit of time to kick in. But once it does, it can pack a serious punch.
[-] This power has also caused a growth in the length and span of his tongue, which allows him to spit many times harder than the average human being. This also came with an extension of his mouth in general, meaning that he is able to extend his jaws a bit more. However, this all comes at a cost that he was forced to pay. He is no longer capable of tasting anything at all.

Fighting Apparel:
[-] He doesn't really have a specific fighting apparel. He just wears a suit and tie
[-] A button up vest with a white, black, grey, or dark purple, or dark blue long-sleeved dress shirt.
[-] He usually wears some variety of a flu-mask over his mouth until he takes it off.

Gear and Technology:
- A few pairs of handcuffs that he keeps stashed away
- A pistol that nearly always halfway full...or empty.
- 4 inch long jagged blades that are able to extend from the toe of his shoes when need be.

Backstory: "Put something at least" (xD)
Kevin isn't a villain nor is he a hero. He could be considered more as an anti-villain than a anti-hero. All he knows is that he is the same person he was before hand, only with something new to call boring and a few things to work out for himself. He can no longer work, being that it's like he has a mouth full of chemical waste, and he can't taste food anymore. Or anything for that matter. And that's something that made him realize that life had found a new way to suck for him, and that it was someone else's fault.
 [i]Name:[/i] [u]Kevin Baxley[/u] [i]Age[/i]: [u]26[/u] [i]Height[/i]: [u]6 ft 2[/u] [i]Weigh
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Titanius followed the trail of confirmed activities, his instruments picking up radioactive energy. "That's not good" he muttered to himself before hearing another motorcycle tearing to his location, Great! The last thing I wanted was company he thought to himself before finding the trail heading down into the subterranean metro system. He parked his bike and locked it by twisting the bike rack into an immovable figure around the bike. He then headed down into the metro.