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Crumbled ruins covered in moss loomed shade over the familiar settlement you call home. giant stone structures that poke the sky's edge, with broken shattered stories and unknowns within, all around cracked and divided concrete for as far as the eye can see, these places all together were once called a 'city' by the humans.

Humans went extinct hundreds of years ago, stories passed down through generations of parent to child have changed and warped and mixed till none are sure what is true or false. some said humans could fly through the sky, some said no, they went under the oceans, other denied both, and stated humans dug under the earth, but none can prove, nor disprove what others say.

there are some however, that try to find out what they can, these are called 'Researchers' or 'Scientists'.... that is also up for debate.

either way, what humans were like, who they were, what they have accomplished, how they went extinct, these are questions of which everyone seeks an answer to...

what about you? are you curious?


Humans have gone Extinct, and the whatever race left behind is curious about humanity.

the race that is here doesn't have an official name, some call them 'new humanity' some call them 'ash' some call them 'kin', it's up to you what you call your own race.
This new race looks similar to humans, but they have very distinct differences, up to you on what differences that is.

It's essentially a mossy post-apocalypse, some places may still have power (like Hospitals from Generators and etc.) and also be warned about going into the Sky Fingers (Skyscrapers) they're unstable and broken. they may fall down.

the Subway and train system is largely collapsed in, so you can't go pretty far into them. worth a look though.
some bridges are broken, so you'll need to go around, or cross on the make-shift bridges.

Cars and ect. will ALL need repairs, none are in condition to function.

[===][Character Sheet][===]







Toomhba Brakaka - Mechanic - Banette
Narrmja Jarrakar - Sea Explorer - Banette
Rukk Harajakkar - Explorer, Scientist, Researcher - Banette
Ool - City Keeper - Banette

Usagi Motly - Explorer B - xxAkyraxx
Tori Motly - Explorer B - xxAkyraxx
Zora Motly - Explorer B - xxAkyraxx

Bhrun Wrhen Wulf - Travelers Leader - Universe-COLA
Shtua Li Lon - Traveler - Universe-COLA
Iam Burd/Scout - Alot of things - Universe-COLA
 Crumbled ruins covered in moss loomed shade over the familiar settlement Ты call home. giant stone s
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Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Toomhba Brakaka (Tomb-ha-ba Bra-ka-ka)

Age: 29

Settlement Mechanic and 'R&D' (Research & development)

Toomhba in the settlement is the one people bring broken down old radios, morse-code machines and other mechanical things that have broken down or stopped working, she is also the one you bring new, unseen tech for her to disassemble and figure out how it worked.

note that this only works for mechanical things, anything that uses those flat "circuit-boards" she can't figure out, due to 'programming'.

She has seen Vehicles before, and is always looking for parts to fix one up. (and It's fuel)


Much like the others of her kind, she was born hairless, a bald, hairless child with a rat-looking tail and skinned ears, but as she grew hair begun to grow where it should.

whilst growing up in the settlement, there weren't many mechanics around, and even then, not many of them bothered with new 'unknown' technology, so alongside her fairly bad reading lessons, she took whatever chance she could to disassemble and learn about mechanical objects.

later on, one of the settlement mechanics decided to train her properly.

she lives pretty close to the edge of the settlement, this allows easy access to and from her home and workshop, so people can deliver even large mechanical objects.

She is called 'Toom' or 'Braka' by the settlement folk, some also just call her 'The Mechanic' or 'Mech'

she shares a similar appearance to dogs or more so with brown forest wolves.

Due to her relations to Canines, her sense of Smell and hearing is unrivaled, being able to smell what people ate last week, aswell as the metals in anything she works with. her hearing allows her to hear where weak points are, and hollow areas. she is quite skilled.
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 [b]Name:[/b] Toomhba Brakaka (Tomb-ha-ba Bra-ka-ka) [b]Age:[/b] 29 [b]Profession:[/b] Settlem
Больше года xxAkyraxx said…
((Can this "new generation" so to speak have special abilities and such. Not sure of what exactly they are if not human))
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((Not really, but depending apon what animal they've inherited they may have something unique of their own,

for example,
a Jellyfish like person would have maybe bits of hair that have a sting to them,
bear people would be larger than regular people and much stronger,
Horse folk would be faster,
rabbit folk can jump higher,

If you still don't understand I'll use Toomhba as an example, Toomhba is a Canine-folk, a dog person, so her hearing and sense of smell is so great she could smell everything that happened a week ago. (Look it up, dogs can do that) but do be aware that all of the new humans are still warm blooded.

If you don't know what advantage a certain type of person will have, just tell me what kind of Animal they inherited, I can tell you what is unique about them

as for 'they are if not human' well, Yes and No.

They're humans, but they have Animal traits and genetics, crossovers between Animals and Humans. catgirls, dogmen, boar-folk, ect. so, Fish-men would have human feet, but inbetween the toes would be webbed to allow better swimming, not to mention Gills on their necks to allow breathing underwater, aswell as a human mouth and lungs to allow breathing above land.))
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Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Narrmja Jarrakar (Nar-rm-ja Jar-a-car)

Age: 27

Narrmja or just 'Narr' is an Explorer, she knows the land extremely, and the waters more so.

Narrmja is one of the many that brings in old broken human technology from the Ocean, since she is able to lift extremely heavy objects.

Narrmja is the one who discovered a sort of 'underwater boat' (Submarine) at the bottom of the sea, it was too heavy for her to lift back to the surface though, and she didn't want to break it apart to take piece by piece in case it would be repairable.
Narrmja is related to Narwhals.

Large, gargantuan creatures of the sea, thick and dense with muscle and fat. though she herself doesn't appear fat, her muscles are indeed dense and strong, bolstering a 2-pack when born, and with age it increased into a 6-pack. the older she grew the stronger she grew. she is approximately 2.8m tall.

not to mention the Horn apon her head, which was what indicated her relations to Narwhals, she says she sort of can 'see, hear, taste and smell' using the Tusk, though apparently only water, not food.
her lung capacity is also large, being able to hold her breath for up to 30 minutes.

she used to help around on Land alot, moving and pushing objects too heavy for the average folk, but due to her size she would sometimes need to leave alot of work to Folk who can fit in crumbled and ruined places. this also impeded her work in the Subway, so she started to work at exploring the Oceans.

She has a unique little amulet, it begins to glow like a torch when getting to deep depths under water, this allows her to see aswell as using her Tusk to 'see, hear, taste and smell'

Due to her large size she actually doesn't have a designated home to sleep in. she spends many nights sleeping under the stars, though this is fine, since her body is quite hot from the dense muscles.

Her feet and hands are Webbed, she also has fins on her ankles.
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 [b]Name:[/b] Narrmja Jarrakar (Nar-rm-ja Jar-a-car) [b]Age:[/b] 27 [b]Profession:[/b] Narrmja
Больше года xxAkyraxx said…
((Ohh i completely understand okay thank you!))

Name: Nora Le foüx

Age: 18

Profession: explorer- member of Unit B

Biography: Nora is one of 3 triplets in her big family. She adopted most of her genetics from her mother just like her older brother and so has long floppy bunny ears the same color as her hair and the ability to jump amazingly high, she's considered one of the highest jumpers in the settlement. She also jumps at an incredible speed of about 70kmph

She's very swift and quiet and agile which makes her perfect for exploring old buildings in ruins that may be dangerous for those who can jump away as fast as she can or go on exploring missions into unknown forrest territory. Whatever she finds she usually brings to Toomhba. Her family is also a bit interesting.

Her mother is fused with the genes of a bunny but her father is mixed with the fox, the bunny's natural enemy in legend. They some how fell in love despite their generations of history amongst the families and still love one another today. Her other two sisters however developed traits of the fox like her father but they all get along very well.

Extra: The mother is currently pregnant with a boy.
Personality: Nora is a bit timid and shy and quiet but sweet and kind hearted

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 ((Ohh i completely understand okay thank you!)) Name: Nora Le foüx Age: 18 Profession: exp
Больше года xxAkyraxx said…
Name: Zora Le foüx

Age: 18

Profession: explorer/ strategizer-member of Unit B

Biography: also 1/3 of the triplets in her family. She along with her sister Tori took after her father more and has distinct traits of a fox. She's the smart and responsible one of the 3 always thinking of plans and strategies and being the one to worry.

She never does things half-assed, always calculated and purposeful. Her father and other sister has the genes of the Vulpes vulpes, or, red fox. This gives her the ability to hear low-frequency sounds. Physically she has fox like ears covered in caramel brown fur along with the rest of her hair.

Extra: She has small twin daggers she carries around for safety and is trained in close combat.

Personality: Smart, the responsible one, worry-wart, calculated, not at all laid back

((again hope this is okay, going to explain 'Unit B' in the 3rd character))
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 Name: Zora Le foüx Age: 18 Profession: explorer/ strategizer-member of Unit B Biography:
Больше года xxAkyraxx said…
Name: Vena Le foüx

Age: 18

Profession: Explorer, member of Unit B- explosions specialist

Biography: Tori is what you'd call hot-headed. She, along with her other 2 sisters, is a member of "Unit B". In the settlement some explorers formed teams of up to 10 people and there are 5 major Units (A,B,C,D,E).

Each person in each Unit has a specific role when carrying out missions and Tori is good at sniffing out bombs/explosives and making them as well. Along with her sister she also has the ability to hear low-frequency sounds and this aids her when creating explosives or bombs as well as going on missions into the unknown. She too has small fox ears like her sister and father but noticeably darker more reddish hair than her sister Zora. All three sisters and their father also all noticeably have purple eyes because they've all developed the trait of having night vision. All their sense tend to be heightened at night time like the fox.

Extra: shes a bit of a trickster, something common to the ancient ways of the fox

Personality: impatient, hotheaded, good person capable of great evil, angry (for reasons to be discovered), wild child

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 Name: Vena Le foüx Age: 18 Profession: Explorer, member of Unit B- explosions specialist Bi
xxAkyraxx commented…
also someone could be the mother and father if they wish Больше года
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((Your characters are fine, my only concern is the 'Fox Fire', Illusion or otherwise. there isn't magic in this world, and as far as I'm aware, Foxes don't have the ability to create illusionary or even real fire, if you can explain how they make the fire as realistic as possible I might allow it, cause I think you misunderstood the examples.

Toomhba and Narrmja don't have any mystical properties to them like Illusionary or Magic like powers, I can easily explain Narrmja's tusk and amulet too, it's an experimental paint made in 1998 that changes fluorescence when temperature and pressure is changed (link) and a Narwhal's tusk is actually like a tooth, but also a Sensory Organ.))
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Больше года xxAkyraxx said…
((hmm I see what you mean, ill update my characters no prob, how do you feel about the Unit Stuff, thought it would be a good way to get a lot of characters to interact))
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Больше года Sableye21 said…
(( How many people are to be expected to actually get this roleplay started? ))
Sableye21 commented…
I will add my character tomorrow. I am busy atm sorry about that. Больше года
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((The unit stuff is fine, though I doubt we'll have enough people to make full use of it anyway. as for Sableye, not many. just enough for folk to interact without someone being drowned or left out.))

Name: Rukk Harajakkar (Rook(Chess) Hair-a-Jack-car)

Age: 26

Multi-Unit Explorer / Scientist / Researcher

Rook is known as a 'Scientist' or a 'Researcher'.
unlike normal folk, she has much more knowledge about old human technologies, culture, agriculture and buildings, though she doesn't like to reveal secrets all that much. is won't deny someone who wants to learn though.

Rook herself is able to easily slip in through small cracks and collapsed areas, she is also extremely light, small, agile and can climb extremely well, making her able to enter and explore the Sky Fingers, though it is still dangerous, even for her.


If you look at her horns you'd find it kind of strange, a female sheep to have horns, but she is not a sheep, she is a Goat. from appearance alone it is easy to think she is a sheep, but due to her incredible skill of balancing herself, and her agility she has proven to be a Mountain Goat.

due to her animal ancestry she is trusted to enter and explore the highly unstable and crumbling Sky Fingers,since shie is not only light and agile, but she is also able to climb alongside the outside, or even fit through small areas collapsed in from the inside. Rukk wasn't born in this Settlement, she came from further north, more sky fingers up there.

Rukk has only been in this Settlement for 2 months, but she is quite often called apon by all the units, whether to explain what something is, read old human text, (the new generation folk cannot read or write in the old human ways, since there is no paper to write or read) or to explore in places others cannot reach.


Her horns are quite hard, and on the palms of her hands, and the bottoms of her feet, like cat paws or dog paws, she has little sections made of Keratin, this would be the 'Hooves' that she should have.

on the tops of her fingers, toes, and her knuckles there is also Keratin, this might be to defend herself, or to simply protect her hands and feet.
 ((The unit stuff is fine, though I doubt we'll have enough people to make full use of it anyway. as f
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
((The debate within my mind on whether to join this or not is real{>.<} ))
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Больше года xxAkyraxx said…
((Doooo ittttt))
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((We can start once 1 more person joins (be it COLA or Sable) so be quick))
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
Name: Bhrun Wrhen Wulf
[Bu-hə-ron Were-hen Woo-f]

Age: 25

Profession: Hunter, Tracker, Explorer, Leader of the Travelers


One quick look at him and he is easily mistaken for a wolf due to his appearance. Born with hairless ears, a boney tail void of hair and bald, much like a wolf, Wulf is actually is actually of both wolf and coyote origins. A coywolf, if you will.

The first fifteen years of his life was spent in solidarity​ due to his lack of parental figures being present. This led to him being more feral and much more animal like than most others, wild in nature. Through trial and error he taught himself how to survive off of nature alone. But despite this, he came across many things, one of them being the Sky Fingers, covered in moss and rust, unstable. It was during one of his minor explorations of the old that he found something covered in dust and rectangular in shape and filled with something that had soft texture. The object also was covered in strange shapes of black that were small, not really understandable. But soon, he came to learn.

The most difficult thing that he came to learn was actually speaking, and even to this day it isn't something that comes with ease, though he has gotten much better.

He learned speech after coming across a woman who's skin was marked with dark strips of black labeling her body. He had never smelled or seen anything like her. Unlike him, she walked on two feet instead of all fours.
This occurred when he was attacked by her at the age of seventeen. Both saw one another merely as food. Living further north, the winters were harsh and food scarce, neither had much to loose. Their battle was gruesome, both having nothing but their teeth, claws and instinct to use as weapons to tear each other asunder. For half a day they fought until they exhausted themselves. Wulf had been in near fatal condition, and the woman in similar fashion. A long story short, they ended up using each other as a source of warmth purely out of instinct. It was a mutual agreement in the name of survival. However, this led to something more.

It took them weeks to recover, having to constantly move around when the cold became to harsh. They hid sheltered inside of buildings and caves, and days after their recovery, Wulf heard words for the first time. Clear words, unlike the broken utters and growls he had learned to conjure up. He learned of the woman's name that day and from there, he learned how to speak, which led to him being able to partially read. Though, understanding the words were another difficult task for him that made him frustrated. She helped him find a name that suited him as well.

A companionship bloomed between the two, and together they traveled through the lands, teaching to one what the other did not no, and if not that, learning together until they came across more that joined them.

He's only recently discovered the Settlement and only have been there for a month and a few days, though he doesn't bother staying there much. His domain is mainly closer to forest areas that he's deemed his own with his 'pack'.

Being that Wulf is a hybrid, his sense of smell is keener than both sides of his species being that he bares characteristics from both. Though he has a lean physique, he is actually stronger than he appears, and the feral nature that still dwells within him gives him an extra edge.
He his 6 an entire six feet tall and perhaps an extra inch in total.
The manner in which he speaks in similar to broken English at times, and he actually enjoys trying to learn new words to use.
At times, his speech lingers around one to five words.
When communicating​ with other members of the Travelers, he uses a variety of howls, yelps and loud high pitch cries as signals.
Wulf is also very agile, able to run close to a respectable 40 miles per hour, and due to having a higher lung capacity than a normal human's is able to regulate his body temperature by panting.
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 [b]Name: Bhrun Wrhen Wulf[/b] [I][Bu-hə-ron Were-hen Woo-f][/I] [B]Age:[/b] 25 [B]Profession[
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((Your hybrid character is interesting, good use of unique animals too, I've only just now found out about link But I'm not sure if their hearing is better than either species. but I'll let it slide due to him not being exposed to loud sounds that would damage the ears. the only problem here is the Panting. Humans can indeed Pant to regulate temperature, the problem however is our lungs, we can't do it for very long because of the resulting loss of carbon dioxide because of hyperventilation (give it a looks) how humans counter this is to have our bodies produce sweat to regulate our temperature, we could say that your character doesn't have sweat glands and has the proper lungs to allow panting, or that your character doesn't pant and actually sweats. either is fine with me... I feel like I'm nit-picking, please tell me if I'm nit-picking))

A loud bark-like yell came from the edge of the settlement, the spot everyone knew about...
the familiar settlement mechanic crawled out from under the metal machine that was her favorite Project, oil, grease and sparkles of rust and metal evident on her arms where she had the sleeves pulled up and her face, her brown hair flowing as it follows her standing up, her ears no longer pressed flat against her head to stop it from filling up with oil or other foreign bodies.

the beautiful creature known as 'Toombha' stood up straight in the mid-day orange glow of the sun, it wasn't very hot, but nor was it cold... the time of mid-year (Spring), she walked over to a nearby large bowl of water, washing her hands clean of the oil and grime, and even splashing her face to clean it off... she moved over to a chair sitting under the shade of an overhead piece of rubble of a nearby 'CREA' shop (Ice-cream shop)

from the comfort of her chair she looks over at her favorite machine.
since she couldn't read the human words that well, she named it 'Tank' after the mechanic that taught her, a few months ago it was a broken down and rusted to hell vehicle, brought in by Narr, Toom traded the machine for a jukebox, and now it looked almost new... just 2 problems.

It had no fuel... and no Engine.

Toom sighed, hopefully they'll find one she could properly fix today... she needed a very specific engine, a '6 cylinder' she'd tell people, but that's not something any of them would know, so she just tells them to bring her any and all engines they find.
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 ((Your hybrid character is interesting, good use of unique Животные too, I've only just now found out
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
((Thanks! And no, you're not nitpicking at all! :D I actually had a bit of fun researching the functions of human glands compared to that of a canines. It was interesting information to say the least, and actually helped me with my next character haha.))

Name: Shtua Li Lon
[Shu-Too-Uh Lī Lōn]

Age: 25

Profession: Wulf's Personal Translator, Hunter, Explorer, Herbal Treatment to a Degree, Member of the Travelers

Like the newborn cubs of tigers most likely are, Shtua came into the world crumbling mossy ruins and forests covered in fur, her fiery eyes staring out at the world. Eyes that determined one thing. She, would be a wild one.

Growing up around a bunch​ aggressive tiger descendants, Shtua became extremely territorial around most, often starting fights with even the males of her kind.

As she grew older,. around the age of 9 more specifically, her some of her fur shrunk back into her skin to reveal the more soft human like skin beneath, though the black stripes that marked her fur remained embedded. Only from the elbow down and around the outside and lower inner portion of her thighs did some of her thick but soft orange-brown fur remain, her hands a bit larger than a humans and paw like with claws meant for tearing and slicing.

Shtua was a very adventurous child that sought out danger out of curiosity about the world, and also fought with anything that came across her path. However, this did not take away from her intelligence. Her interest in the strange concrete forms and unknown trinkets that she found took her to wondering off at random times to discover what others didn't dare to go near. This led to her having the ability to understand things faster than most. Even when she was scorned for her behavior, she paid no mind to it because to her, it was freedom. And she felt the freest in the jungles, the forests. The wild. And this made her an extraordinarily viscous hunter for her age.

But at the age of 12, she was sent away from her people for what was deemed a crime of dishonorable proportions.
There was a link that her people worshipped as a spiritual guide of the wild as well as a symbol of strength. The statue was tall, weathered down into the earth. During one of her skirmishes with a few of the others, she broke a piece off of the old statue. As her punishment, her tail was torn off and after it healed, she was sent away with little resources during her 12th summer season. Her parents saw her as a disgrace. Full of rage, her balance disoriented, and anxious of what lied ahead on the path of banishment, she was forced to live on, a new found hatred for her own kind being born.

And so she continued, trudging through dangerous full of metal and concrete constructions that reached towards the white fluffs that inhabited the blue sky. Many times she suffered from hunger when food was extremely scarce, but still her instincts would not allow her to perish. And as she matured, she became stronger, her physique becoming more muscular and fit for the harsher environments. By this point, she had learned to live without her tail. Along the way she collected items that met her interest, tampering with them out of curiosity and attacking the ones that frightened her.

During her 19th winter, she encountered Wulf for the first time while entering a new terrain of snow covered forest. Seeing him walking through the forest on all fours brought her to mistake him as an animal, and I'm this moment she was desperately hungry. He was bigger than her, yes, but she didn't care. She had saw him as the biggest thing around, which to her meant that if she got rid of him, his food source would then be hers. She attacked him and attempted to blind side him, but was surprised by how quick her prey was in comparison. She came to know that there was someone as wild as she. And so the battle began both of them tearing at one another's throats like savages of the wild, crimson spilling onto the snow. And only one thought crossed her mind.And though she put up one hell of a fight, she was eventually overwhelmed.
Exhausted, wounded and near death, she could only stare down the man who was just as wounded as she in defeat. But also in respect. And staring into light emerald eyes, she would see that it was mutual. They were both now stranded in the cold severely injured and no longer able to continue fighting. So they agreed on using one another for survival, which led to her forming a close bond with Wulf. There were days where she would fall unconscious and find Wulf carrying her when she woke. They huddled together in any shelter that they could find. On that time, she started teaching him how to speak when she learned that he couldn't.

By the time they had healed, Shtua had began to develop a feeling of affection towards Wulf, though she tries to ignore it due to her not seeing such a thing as a strength. That, and her pride won't allow her to admit it to herself.

From there, they continued their journey together, hunting and exploring more of the unknown to see what they could find.

Like all tigers, Shtua has an extremely acute sense of hearing, however her sense of smell isn't as exceptional.
She loves the water.
She is able to stay warm in cold conditions due to her high body temperature and fur, though too cold weather is something she despises.
Shtua tends to be slightly more aggressive towards the females of other species when she's around Wulf.
She has knowledge of herbology to a degree.
She is 5 ft 9 inches
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 ((Thanks! And no, you're not nitpicking at all! :D I actually had a bit of fun researching the functi
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Narr usually was still asleep around mid-day, since she likes to explore the Ocean at night when the water is colder. but considering she is up she may not explore the sea tonight, instead she's walking around the settlement, seeing if anyone requires her overwhelming strength... usually this is not the case, but sometimes someone will need a large bit of rubble moved, or someone has something to be delivered to someone else, usually To or from Toom, or maybe one of the 'units' will call her to help with the collapsed subway or buildings...
but today, she stopped near the edge of the settlement...
the 'travelers' as they were called, or at least the pack of them, were moving around in their little group on the outskirts of the Settlement. Narr didn't really care for them much, since her skin was large and thick she had no predators, so in kind she didn't really anger or feel threatened by others. she started to move out from the Settlement, moving toward an area known as 'center', the center of this mossy broken city. sometimes the 'Units' gathered there before they begun to explore. so Narr walked past the Travelers, moving onward to her destination. her large feet made tiny vibrations as she walked, afterall they were carrying a very heavy beast.
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
There was a growl that stretched from the edge of the settlement, or rather a few that were concentrated around the same area as two figures walked side by side, one of them relatively close to the other. One of them were male, large coyote/wolf like ears of a color that seemed to be in between a dark brown-red and black and stuck out from lengthy identical colored hair in which two long twists formed thick braids just below his ears. He carried himself in the manner of a stalking wolf, yet the scent that he gave off said otherwise. This individual was Bhrun, of course, and unlike the woman that walked beside him, he moved on all fours, the "digital pads" that inhabited his fingers and feet along with the metacarpals on his palms helping on making a much more comfortable way of travel and hunting. For him, at least. He released a snarl towards the woman, his large bushy tail following behind him as he trotted alongside her. And though it may have seemed aggressive in nature, this was merely one of the ways in which they communicated, which often led some to believe that none of the Travelers could speak, which surprised a good bit of them when they decided to do so.

The woman that walked at his side was no other than Shtua, or as Wild had gotten into the habit of calling her, Li'Lon, pronouncing both sections of her name as if they were a whole which made it sound more so like "Lee Lawn". He had called her that for as long as she could remember, which would be for around almost seven years now.
Her skin was marked with dark stripes of black, marked her skin, stripes that she took pride in as they dignified her "tigerhood". Sandy orange, naturally wild hair sprouted from her head, only parted slightly where her pointy ear, covered in a thin layer of fur that was only noticeable if one were to look closely, poked out. They were a little higher up than where normal human ears would be, just a small note. Though her style of clothing was revealing, it was enough to be seen as reasonable, for it was how most of her kind did so. From her elbows down, her arms bulked into clawed paw like hands that were covered in orange-brown fur that also bore bold strips of black. Unlike her companion, she walked on two feet, a makeshift sack made of twigs, strong enough vines and kelp slung around her shoulder and within it a few things that they would be taking to the settlement's mechanic. Things that they had discovered on their most recent exploration.
And she growled to Wulf in a grunt.

Their attention turned at the small vibrations that shook through the ground, and though Wulf stared intensely at the giant that passed them by, but it was more out of fascination in it's size. He had seen her around a few times before, and though he still wasn't used to being around many people, aside from his pack, he honestly had no problem with it as long as none neared what he considered as his territory without consent.
Shtua, on the other hand, let out a rumbling snarl as she watched the beast go passed them. It was big, which meant that it was strong. Which to her equated into: The giant thought that it was superior to her because of size. Which in turn, led to her wanting to challenge it at times. Claiming victory over something as big as that would bound to be a trophy win in itself. But her attention was soon taken back when she heard wolf speak words, her ears perking.

"Where....Scout?" He asked, unable to control the vague growl that came along with his words.

Scout, who was also known as Twitch among them, was another member of the Travelers and was their navigator and herbal expert but could do much more. Not only that, but he was also the youngest of the three. And though he was a very...odd individual when they first encountered him, they had grown use to him and saw him as one of them, and officially member of the ones called the Travelers.

Rather than answer with a growl or snarl, Shtua spoke as well. "He said he would meet us there. Said he had to rebuild his nest."

Wulf gave a nod, and as they were coming across Toom's workshop, stopping for a moment to let out a howl to let her know that they were coming. Unlike mostly everyone else that inhabited the settlement, Toom was one of the only people there that he felt as comfortable as he did his pack. One of the reasons for this was because she was more like him, he could smell it within her scent. Not only that, but there were some things that he picked up from her, one of them being walking on two feet, though he quickly found that it wasn't as easy as she made it seem.

Again, it was Shtua who had an issue with the mechanic. Perhaps it was more of jealousy, seeing as Wulf spoke and tried to walk on two legs more often while around the mechanic. But she couldn't deny her interest in some of the gadgets and things that she had within her shop.

Iam Burd, also known as Scout


Navigator, Cartographer, Herbalist, Entomologist, Explorer/Member of the Travelers, Individual Research and Development, Crafting

Iam was born small and pink like a new born chick, gaining his brown and grey feathers later on in life. He has had the simplest life of the Travelers for a long period of time after birth. Iam was born amongst his fellow hawk people. Buuut on his first attempt to fly he fell and hit his head, injuring him severely and causing head trauma. Due to this injury, he ended up with a permanent habit of random twitching and outbursts, as well as a tendency to talk extremely fast out of nowhere, though he his still able to be understood when doing so.... sometimes.

However, this didn't effect his ability to learn. His knowledge began with insects, mainly due to hawk people teaching their young as much as possible from early age. From his grandfather he found out how to create maps, and from his mother crafting and herbology. His since of navigation came natural. From his crafting, he made himself a hard helmet like hat that resembled the head of a hawk. The helmet covers his eyes, and how he's able to see from under it is unknown.

Iam mostly stayed close on the vicinity of his Flock, which were large areas of forest where his kind would build a settlement of large, sturdy nests high up in trees or in the top if sky fingers and mossy rooftops. But one day something strange happened. The ground trembled heavily on his 17th spring one morning while he was just around two miles or so outside his Flock when a gust of almost scorching winds unlike he had ever seen before tore the area, one that was powerful enough to wipe out an extremely large portion of the forest and sky fingers, now an area known vaguely as the "Dry Lands". But that had not been the only thing destroyed. The sheer force​ of the gust forced him down into the trees, injuring his right wing and fracturing one of his legs in the process. He was in a coma for a fee days before he woke up to find the destruction around him. It took him a few days more to make it back to his Flock due to his injuries and having to avoid other predators, only to find it decimated along with the rest. His Flock and everything within it had been destroyed. Too weak to continue on, he collapsed.

He was later rescued by Wulf and Shtua who happened to be passing through the area on an exploration. And from there on, he remained with them, even after they had tried to eat him a few times. It took almost an entire year for his injuries to heal, and soon his companionship with the Wild and Shtua became extremely helpful as they continued their journey.

The scars that he obtained from his Injuries are still quite visible.
His feet are equipped with five talons that take the place of his toes and can be used to capture almost anything that comes within their grasp if it's light enough.
He never takes off his helmet around other people.
His eyesight is extremely acute, able to spot small objects in trees or along the ground with ease while flying.
Though his wing has healed some, there is still partial damage done to it's structure, and this causes him to lean slightly towards his good wing while flying.
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 There was a growl that stretched from the edge of the settlement, или rather a few that were concentra
Больше года xxAkyraxx said…
((okay so decided to do a little more research and have updated my characters a bit, might make some changes in the future))

Nora was going to be late.
She new her unit was going to explore today but she had to see Toomhba. From their last exploration, Nora had found something new. She was dangerously high up in one of the sky fingers when she found two things. A small "pocket-watch" as legends had called it which was partly golden, mostly covered in rust on the outside, with writings she could not read and on the inside markings and lines that seem to be in some sort of systematic order. Along with stick that seemed unmoved in the center with a crescent moon on one end and a smaller stick with a sun on one end. She hoped Toomhba could fix it for her. The other object she found(a coffee maker), she had not heard of. It was rectangular in shape with an entire middle section missing but didn't seem to be broken off. Stuck to the bottom half of the rectangular object was some sort of metal plate and stuck on that was what looked like the broken remains of a glass bowl. The top part of the object was also odd. It had a bowl-like shape and lid that was also stuck closed and finally a small red circular light bulb on the side that clearly did not light up. It was light enough to carry so she decided to bring it to the Mechanic also. She hopped as fast as she could drawing farther and farther away from 'center' where she really should be, and towards the edge of the settlement where Toomhba was.

Finally she found Toomhba working on what seemed to bring her the most joy. Some strange giant object that she'd heard her call "Tank" a few times. She called to her

((@Banette since Nora is younger should she called Toomhba just by her name casually or something else a bit more formal))

Meanwhile Zora continued to look around nervously. There she was, along with Vena, in the center along with some other members of Unit B and their leader. They were preparing to go exploring and Nora was nowhere to be found. She turned to face Vena,

"You don't think something has happened to her do you?"

Vena looked at her sister, "Relax. She's probably stopped by that mechanic's home again. You know how she loves to visit there. She'll be here in time. The captain is giving one of her long speeches again so we have time."

Zora sighed, not feeling even a little bit better.

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Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((The settlement folk usually call Toomhba 'Toom' or 'Braka' sometimes 'Mechanic' but you can create your own way to call her if you want.))

Toom jerked awake in her chair at the arrival of the three, the familiar howl from her grunting friend, and the petite call of a young rabbit. Toom stood up from her chair, stretching her hands upward as her ears and tail fluffed themselves out, as if they were stretching too. she moved over, a little nearby to them all.

she whistled to gain their attention, pulling her sleeves down back to her wrists.
"Hey'all, over here, came for a party?"
Toom gave them a warm smile, and a small chuckle.


Narr was stopped... she had been staring upward at an extremely large nest, one the size of a regular settlement folk... Narr, if she wanted to jump, could almost touch the large nest... but she knew whatever she touched would usually break, so she left it alone... and continued walking onward towards the 'center'.


Rukk stayed on the edge of the Travelers 'Territory'... she knew that the wolf-one gets angry at anyone who goes in without consent... an exception would be Narr. she had saw Narr walk this way, and wanted to catch up before Narr entered the territory so she could get by without hassle, but now she would need to wait... for either the wolf to come back, or for one of the Travelers to notice her and come with curiosity.

she scratched her horn and sighed.
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((Something to note about people with Wings, since now they have humans bodies their ability to fly is going to be difficult to pull over, so there are a few things Bird-folk will need,
1: is hollow bones, meaning they will be somewhat weak, any light fall, any object too heavy, ect. can and will break their bones, and unlike non-hollow bones they don't heal, bright side is that these hollow bones contain instead the Air Sacs. this leads to number 2, do also note that this means they're weaker, but they won't snap like twigs, imagine cracking an Egg. it'll be like that.
2: Air sacs, bird folk will have extremely small lungs to make room for the 9 air sacs they require,not to mention the many hollow bones they have will contain extensions to some air sacs. since we don't want our characters to need to consistently defecate to stay in flight I'll say that they won't need to defecate but this means that they'll have a height limit.
3: The height limit, since normal birds always defecate to stay in flight this allows them to reach higher altitudes, but due to our characters having human bodies I'm going to set a height limit, depending on what kind of bird they are, large birds like Condors, Vultures and Hawks/Eagles will have a height limit of about 15 stories high (50m), medium birds, like Owls, Seagulls, Cockatoos and Toucans I'll set to 10 stories (30m), small birds, like Hummingbirds, Parrots, Parakeets, I'll set to 5 stories (15-17m) if you're unsure about what size category a bird would go under ask me.

Another thing to note is clothing, Clothes can weigh down bird-folk, so wearing thin skin-tight clothing is suggested, but for bird-folk being almost naked is also acceptable. for now we'll ignore Aerodynamics for the sake of not doing mathematical stuff))

Name: Ool ((Oo-El (Like 'Goo' and 'Elevate')))

Age: ??

Profession: City Keep

Ool isn't a Settlement folk, nor is she a Traveler. Ool was born in the wreckage and rumble of the city. she is known as the 'City Keep', she seems to know the city inside and out, though she can be found in the forest and dead tree areas around the 'Forest Spots' (parks) she sometimes is seen flying above the city limits. she is always accompanied by other owls.

((Usually, Owls are Solitary creatures, but the Barn Owl isn't and instead of having a 'Territory' they have 'Home ranges', Barn Owls don't protect their home range from others of the same species, since Ool is this large of a sized Owl she is considered the 'king' of the home range, which is the city, so Owls do tend to flock to her))


Ool appeared in the City a few years back, around the time Toom was born. a beautifully brown and silent creature followed by quiet little minions of brown angry pillows, Ool's actual name isn't known, the Settlement folk just got to naming her that.

Ool was easily identified as a Barn Owl, not just from her brown appearance, screeching instead of hooting and silent flight, but also from the Parliament of Owls that follow her around the city. since it's known that Barn Owls set Home Ranges the settlement folk figured she had set the city as her Home Range, meaning she would never leave the city limits.

first contact with Ool was around 17 years ago, the Settlement folk found her low enough to the ground to be able to talk and trade, Ool trades small objects or even leads explorers to places or objects they seek in exchange for food, little ceramics (Like teapots, tea cups, ect.) and many other little trinkets.

some folk have seen underneath Ool's 'cloak' (Which is actually her wings), but never her face, it seems her face is hidden underneath the hood (the Hood is clothing) by Feathers. underneath the 'cloak' Ool wears very thin and tight shorts, this allows her to fly without being weighed down by her clothes, but she wears no shirt (so beware breasts)

Ool's wings are attached at the center of her spin, right behind her Lungs (so not by the shoulders, or by the waist, but in the center of the body) some folk find this strange, since most bird folk's wings ARE their arms, or are attached by the waist or shoulders.

so far, Ool hasn't spoke, she responds in Screeches, or shaking and nodding her head. sometimes she hums to indicate yes or no. when asking or talking to Ool the townsfolk suggest to ask yes or no questions only, since more complex questions aren't able to be answered easily.


the Owls that follow Ool don't really get near non-bird folk, they tend to stay near Ool or high off the ground, be it that they don't trust others or that it's simply their instinct to not be near danger.

Ool likes to sit apon Narr, since her large size and strength means Ool can sit on her without impeding Narr's movement, and she stays off the ground in case she needs to fly quickly.

Ool's wings are large enough to wrap around her shoulders and upper arms to form the 'cloak', so if she were to fully stretch them out they would be a very VERY large wing span. (It's suggested that other bird-folk also have very large wing spans to accommodate their human bodies.)

Ool sometimes offers one of her feathers to folks to indicate she trusts them. if these feathers are presented to her Owls, sometimes scattered around the city, the Owl will lead the holder of the feather to Ool. so far Toom, Narr, Wulf and Zora has been offered a feather. It is easy to tell a proper feather of Ool's apart from any other feather, since Ool's feather has a unique shiny property to it. not to mention it's size.

Ool knows how to make a certain drink called 'Tea' and 'Coffee', though she can't seem to communicate how to create this flavored drink, if someone offers food in exchange she will willingly create for you your choice of either drink. the 'tea' is smooth and calming, whilst the 'Coffee' seems to energize and awake you.

Ool shares a certain characteristic with either a Great Horned Owl, a Long-Eared Owl or a Screech Owl, and it is the sort of 'fluff ears' above her head there (The two things that look like Antenna) Some think this may be because she could be a hybrid breed between a Barn Owl and one of those three Owls
but, she is indeed just a Barn Owl, the resemblance is only by Appearance, nothing more.
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 ((Something to note about people with Wings, since now they have humans bodies their ability to fly i
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Interesting :D Больше года
BanetteGhosneir commented…
Something to note about the flight, flying up to Sky Scrapers is going to be near impossible, normal birds have smaller bodies, meaning less wind resistance, flying up to Sky Scrapers won't be possible, but for Bird Folk, I'll alow them to be able to climb up the side, cause even if it collapses, if they can spread their wings in time they can try to glide back down to fly-able altitudes. this is cause I want Sky Scrapers to be DANGEROUS, sort of like Dungeons in video games. Больше года
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Aaah, noted! Больше года
BanetteGhosneir commented…
by the by, Ool will have a larger wingspan than other bird folk due to how a сарай Owl's wings work, if Ты ever wonder why a сарай Owl in flight is silent, it's due to their wingspan in ratio with the size of their body, to accomidate this and to allow Ool the same soundless flight, her wingspan is large enough to заворачивать, обертывание around her entire body, and more. Больше года
Больше года xxAkyraxx said…
((Ooo exciting))
Nora smiled in excitment as she always did when she saw Toom. When she was nearly a few steps away she had heard the howl. She wasn't alone in visiting her.
"Toom! Toom! I brought something for you" her voice projected, yet soft as a feather. She put down the black rectangular object and leaped right into Toom's arms. She looked up at her,
"Well two things, from one of the sky fingers."
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Wulf's tail swayed back and forth in a small wag when he heard Toom's voice. As he neared her, he pushed himself up on to two legs, walking awkwardly at first during his first few steps. He still slouched slightly when he was able to keep his balance, and greeted her with a big, toothy grin of razor sharp teeth. His ears twitched at the voice of the girl small girl, small to him at least, and he watched in interest as she put down the black rectangular box. He sniffed at it for a moment, then looked to Toom. "What...is?"

Shtua looked around the shop herself to see if the wolf lady had brought in anything new that she was willing to trade, though she remained only a certain short distance away from Wulf.


The large head of a hawk, better known as Scout's helmet, peered over the side of his nest, his head twitching and tipping to the side in one motion as he watched the large woman pass by. By the direction she was heading in, he reckoned that she was going to the center perhaps. He didn't really feel comfortable around something that large, and the thought of her being able to knock down his tree or crush his nest sort of frightened him from time to time. He was most definitely a little paranoid. His head twitched again, and he let out a loud screech, sighing to himself as he went back to constructing his nest. Wulf and Shtua were probably already at Toom's by now, but he wasn't worried. He could make it there in no time at all. As he was moving about, one of his sticks fell from one of the area that he hadn't fixed properly yet, hitting the ground in front of Rukk with nearly no sound at all.

While going to retrieve it, he came down in a swoop landing in front of the mountain goat descendant swiftly. He only noticed her when he stood up straight, his face only coming inched away from hers. And if course, he recognized her. "Oh, greetings, Rukk. Waiting for--KAAH!--Wulf to get back?" He asked.
He knew Rukk solely from her coming across the area so often. He often would follow along after allowing her access across Traveler territory, finding conversation with her rather intriguing, for he was one who loved to learn about mostly anything he could. Even if it was something minor, it counted.
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Toom gave the little bunny a return hug, then looking over to Wulf, returning his jagged grin with her own teethy smile, his attempts to walk normally always was a delight to see. she turned her head to look at the small rectangular object brought to her...
"I'm not sure of it's proper name, but it's a water-stream. you put water in it, and it comes out the front, but it's missing some things."

Toom tapped the top of the object, there was a small hole, looking like something was supposed to fit inside.

"These need a very small circular thing, dunno why. maybe to change the water."
she rotated and turned the object many times, before realizing they had more objects for her, she stood back up.

Toom walking on two feet may have something to do with the lack of 'paws' on her hands. unlike Wulf she had no digital pads on her hands, only her feet. the boots she wore was to protect her feet whilst she worked. she'd gotten so used to wearing them she sometimes sleeps in them.

she looked to Shtua.
"Lon! I have something that you might like"

Toom couldn't pronounce Shtua's name very well, so she used the last of her name instead.

Toom picked up the rectangular machine, moving into the workshop. along the sides of 'Tank' there were tabled, clattered and filled with broken objects or things in progress of being fixed. one of Toom's major problems was that not only is she messy, but she is missing alot of the things needed to fix stuff... mostly parts that can be taken out of other objects. she put the object down next to 2 other similar looking things, but they were different things altogether.

she moved over to a reddish metal box, opening it up. she pulled out what looked like a bunch of metal ropes, looping in and out of each other, but at the end of the rope was a tiny, almost rusty animal, it looked sort of like a tiger, or perhaps a panther, without it's color you couldn't really tell, she moved it over to Lon, holding her hand out for Lon to take the thing and inspect it. then she turned her attention to the bunny and her canine friend.

"so, what else ya' got?"

she asked, moving over to the other two... she was tempted to lean over a bit to meet Wulf eye to eye, and to meet the rabbit, eye to ears. but she refrained from doing so, she didn't want to seem unsulting


Narr stopped when she heard the squawk, turning around to see what it may have been... but she saw nothing... confused she turned back around, continuing on her way.


Rukk was startled by the sudden brown thing dropping in front of her, but when it stood back up and met her, face to helmet, she knew it was Burd, she let out a sigh of Relief.

"Aye lad. I'm Wantin' ta' follow Narr, if Narr's explorin' then we can go through more collaspin'd places."
Brukk's strange scottish-like accent somethings meshed in with her speech, but she could still be understood atleast.

Rukk didn't mind this Traveler, his interest in learning was quite like her own. every tiny detail counts as knowledge in the end. she scratched her horn again.
"Ow's yer' nest? I'm hopin' Narr's walkin' hasn't shagged it out'a place"


A familiar screech sounded out at the 'Center'...

two of Ool's little owls gracefully and carefully flew toward the center, one perching itself on a high, bent over metal pole, the other landing a little closer to the folk standing in the center, perching itself on some almost destroyed rubble, known as a 'fountain'.

the two Owls twisted and turned their heads, curiously onlooking the grouped up folk, and the strange one rattling on and on with noise... the owls every now and then let out a light screech, not louder than the speaking person, but still loud enough for the odd person not paying attention to the talking folk to notice them.
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Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
Wulf tipped his head to the side a bit while listening to Toom speak. He understood the majority of what she was saying as he inspected the rectangular object, sniffing at it once more and poking his claw at the small hole that was in it. But there were some things that he had to put together himself, especially with their still being errors in his own speech. Missing... pieces. His slim but thick eyebrows furrowed. If the rectangular box was being brought to Toon, there had to be something wrong with it... right? Which meant the way she spoke of the missing pieces, it was something that had to be fixed. Because when she said 'pieces' she was usually talking about parts or portions of something. "I....will...find." He grunted to himself when Tooma had called Shtua.

Shtua's ears perked, her head turning towards Toom when he had heard her name. And it looked like there was indeed something that the mechanic had that would interest her. "Hm, we'll see." She said, following the Mechanic around to where the tables were. Her eyes wondered to the trinkets that were scattered put in a mess, which was to be expected. It was Toom, after all. And then her eyes fell upon what looked to be some sort of meaningful gift. She knew it as a 'neck charms' as she had learned from Scout. The metal felt warm against her paw like hands, as most things tended to, and she stared at the rusted metal figure that to her, looked like a smaller, flat version of her people's statue. She caught a snarl that almost escaped at the thought of it and set the 'neck charm' back down.

Meanwhile, when Toom had asked what else that had brought, Wulf pointed a finger over at Shtua.

"Aye lad. I'm Wantin' ta' follow Narr, if Narr's explorin' then we can go through more collaspin'd places."

If there was one thing Scout liked about Rukk, it was her accent. She was the only person that he'd let call him Burd because of the way in which she said it. "Ooh, that really sounds like it could be delightfully fun. Particularly because of the fact that I'm on the lookout for something very very very very--AAAHCK!!- specific." Scout's wings fluttered a bit as he stretched.

"I wish I could accompany you in your--KAH!--exploration, but I promised the others that I'd meet them at Toom's. But I would gladly assist you in crossing territory so you don't have to worry about the wait." His speech sped up into a fast chatter near the end.

Surprisingly, Scout spoke much clearer than most, being that there were a lot of things that he had to learn that involved interacting with others while growing up, it would make since. If it weren't for his screeching outbursts, his speech would probably have been almost perfect.

"Ow's yer' nest? I'm hopin' Narr's walkin' hasn't shagged it out'a place"

Scout twitched a few times at the mentioning of Narr. "Oh no, nothing like that. Though the thought is actually quite disturbing knowing that there's someone who could reach up and crush me or push down my tree....KAAAH! Anyways, I'm just doing a bit of remodeling for the upcoming season."
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Больше года xxAkyraxx said…
Nora's eyes widened as she listened to Toom explain what her first object was. "Toom knows so many things," she said, almost to herself as she payed close attention to what Toom had been explaining. You may have noticed that Nora's, and her two sisters, speaking is pretty good. This is because she loves to learn and explore and practices speaking quite often. A few years ago she found what Toom explained was known as a book. Having no technological properties Toom let Nora keep it. It was a mauve colored thick book. There was probably writing on the front but that had been completely rubbed off. The pages however, for some reason looked a bit gold rather than yellow and most pages were kept in tact.

This was Nora's prized possession. She had learned to read a bit from looking at this book and has tried to mimmic the letters by using a white rock and drawing on the ground. She practiced speaking with her sisters many times when they were small but never showed anyone the book. Toom alone knew of this book. Now to add to her collection she had this strange circle thingy. When Toom had asked what else they had brought, the furry woman had presented first. She had waited till their conversation of that object finished before presenting her golden rust-covered circle thing (pocket watch).

"I like it very much and want to keep it. I feel it supposed to do something...like it is broken. Please, please fix it Toom. It is special" She held out the object but stared at it in her hand. She wondered what it was, what stories it held.


Zora noticed the light screech coming from near by. She turned to look by the rubble which people called 'fountain' and saw the two owls. Not just any owls but Ool's owls. Had they come for her? Did Ool want to see her again. What if something happened to her sister...

"Give me a moment sister," she then quietly backed away and headed towards the owls.
"Huh? Do not leave..." Vena muttered but turned back around to face the captain.

Zora approached the owls,
"It is not me you wish to call to, right?"
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Toom smiled at Wulf.
"Thank you, and good luck. if you manage to find the cylinders I'll let you have a taste of the water... if it tastes any good"

Toom inspected the golden object... her face lit up with amazement, you could easily tell what she was looking at was a magnificent object.
"A watch! and in such good condition! it's actual gold too, good find. you want it fixed?"

Gold is a metal unable to rust or decay, meaning this watch was in even better condition than Toom's favourite project.

Toom turned the watch over and placed it back on Nora's hand, the back cylinder of the watch was rusted so it wasn't gold, but the rest was. she opened the cylinder, inside was an assortment of gears and little gadgets, each with their own function... and on the bright side the watch was Kinetic powered, meaning the more the wearer moves, the more energy it stores and uses to work. it looked like it was only missing a single gear.

"Well, to fix this We'll need to pay Ool a visit, and a trade..."
Toom placed the cylinder back in place, closing up the watch.

Ool, being an Owl, had already taken everything out of a certain building which at the time had many watches, so Ool will have the piece they need. Toom also wondered if Ool knew where in the city a 6-cylinder engine was...

"Okay! I can easily fix that for you"
Toom then looked to Wulf, who had pointed at Lon, so she held the other objects they wanted to be looked at.

Toom moved back over to the reddish box... Lon didn't want the neck-thing? maybe it was a traveler thing to not wear your animal?... no, scout wears a helmet like his animal... something else then.
"Didn't like it?.... what else you got?"

Toom picked up the reddish box, bringing it over to Nora and placing it by her feet.
"We'll need this to trade with Ool" she said, mostly to Wulf though.

then she remembered she needed to explain what the watch does.
"oh! right, that golden thing is called a 'Watch', it makes a ticking sound and the 3 sticks underneath the glass move at different paces, there are some thoughts as to why this is needed, some think it's a way to tell time, instead of using the shadows from the sun. another is people think it moves in time with other machines to let humans know when something gets to that number. I'm not really sure which is correct, but I like it nonetheless."

Toom then turned her attention back to Shtua, and waited to see what else they wanted fixed, or to trade for.


Rukk chuckled, she couldn't imagine Narr doing that on purpose, perhaps as an accident. she stopped scratching her horns.

"Aye, not havin' ta' wait would be'in a good thing. Thanks ta' ya' lad"

preparing for the next season... Summer? Rukk knew of Humans, not of other folk or their habits. "Whaddia' doin' ta it? ya' gotta change somthin' fer' summer?"


The owl sitting on the 'fountain' quickly expanded it's wings out as the land-walker approached, looking as if it was either going to attack, or fly off... but after a moment it returned it's wings to it's side... it continued to turn and twist it's head as it looked at the land-walker. the other owl continued a screech every now and then.

these Owls might just be scouts, or watchers.
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Больше года xxAkyraxx said…
Nora's face lit up as Toom spoke about the watch. She thought it to be the most beautiful thing she had ever found with pretty decorative carvings on the gold front and fancy sticks under the glass. Her eyes sparkled when Toom said it could be fixed. She would try her best to learn how to make it tell her the time too.
"Yay thanks Toom!" she grinned. Toom placed the box at Nora's feet.
"Ool? I have heard of her but I have never met her. Would you like me to come with you to do this trade?" She paused for a moment then jumped up,
"Ah I forgot I have a mission today. I'm late, very late...I may be able to accompany you to Ool tomorrow or if you would rather go without me...I may trust you with my...watch" she held out the pocket watch to her once again.


Zora watched as the owl turned its head. She always thought owls were a bit creepy. She smiled wearily, "I guess not. Go about your business then..." She stepped back and then after a few moments turned around and joined back her sister.

Vena looked at her confused, "Were you just talking to an owl, sis. You are losing it. Nora will be here soon." A person infront of them glanced back annoyed then looked back at the Captain who was now explaining where they were going today. Vena elbowed Zora,
"Listen. He's finally talking about today's mission."

((Here's a fun little visual of the pocket watch and side note: forgot to mention it had a chain attached to it, like most do and a bit more rustic golden looking than this picture))
 Nora's face lit up as Toom spoke about the watch. She thought it to be the most beautiful thing she h
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
"Didn't like it?....what else you got?"

Shtua found herself turning her head towards Toom once more. She removed the bag that she carried and went to find a clearer space to remove all that she and Wulf had brought back. Though the small glint that was given off by the gold of the watch that the bunny girl had given to Toom for inspection caught her eye for a moment.
Finally finding a spot to settle down the contents of the bag, the first thing that she pulled from the bag was a link who's see through center looked quite similar to the gold watch's with There were three thin arms of different sizes, the smallest being a red one that moved very slightly with a light tick! while the two black ones remained still. It was silver in color and still had moss growing from it, and was cracked down the middle. On the top of it was a bell that let out a small ring when tapped, and in the back of it was something that looked as if it were a key, and therefore was supposed to be twisted. She twisted it once and then released it, a brief shrill ring emitting from it that came from it, which caught Wulf's attention immediately.

Wulf, who had been making an attempt of rebalancing himself on two feet while looking at the gold watch in fascination, soon was back on all fours snarling viciously at the sudden sound, the fur on his tail raising into a stand until he saw the source of it when Shtua showed it to him. It was the strange object they had found, she being the one who had discovered it's ability to make such a sound.

"Relax Wulf, it's nothing to be wary of...at least I don't think it is.." She brushed it off with a shrug, pulling out the next item that was within the bag. This one seemed to be some sort of rusted link that had numerous holes in the top, one end of it skinny while the other curved into an odd circle of an opening. It was another 'Noise Maker' that they had found, except that this one made sound in a different way than the other one.


"Whaddia' doin' ta it? ya' gotta change somthin' fer' summer?"

Scout gave a nod. "Where I come from, the enviro--KAAAH!--, excuse me-, the environment is quite different compared to here. I've noticed that not many water clouds come through here with strong enough winds. Certain types of insects make themselves known in this terrain more out in the summer, so I'm making my nest as appeasing to them as possible so that they'll be easier to catch for my studies... and eating. Which means I won't have to migrate much." His feathers shuffled, and he twitched again.

He then gave a smile. "Come on, I can keep you company while you're on your way, or at least until we can catch up with Narr."
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Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…



Oceanographer, Collector, Ocean Keeper,

Krake is much like Ool in a sense that he/it collects things....A LOT, of things. In this new world, many things have drifted into the depths of the oceans, the seas, never to be seen again. From sunken ships of all varieties, to fallen planes, to riches and even...people.

Not much is known about the ocean dweller known as Krake...or rather, The Krake, only that he/it has been around for a rather long time, scavenging the deepest depths of the ocean​, only seen vaguely as a gigantic moving mass through dark waters.

Krake resides within a large ship that had sunken long ago back on a Friday, May 7 of 1915. Surrounding the ship for four meters in all directions is a dark, oily tar in which it's origins are unknown. Within this ship lie hoards of...well, everything, though this isn't the only one he has. Most other aquatic people stay away from the deeper sections of the ocean. Others have been in without having to encounter this monstrosity due to the luck of it traveling back and forth.
There's also a cavern somewhere in the mid levels of the ocean, another one of his hoarding points. Except one would be likely to find skeletons and skills that have been ravished of all flesh and organs alone.

However, though rarely, this doesn't mean for one second that he/it doesn't leave the waters. On nights where the temperature is cooler, especially during winter seasons, this creature dwells among the land closest to it's seas and perhaps beaches at times.
Other exceptional occasions where it appears is when it snatches unexpected victims from the lands, dragging them down into the sea with enormous succulent tentacles and either crushing them slowly as it drags them to their death, or drowning them completely. Or strangling in person. Sometimes it moves quickly into the lower depths to watch his/it's victims freeze to death. No matter what method it/he may use, the end result is feeding, even if it may be a relative species.

Krake seems to be a descendant of the Giant Octopus, however his sheer size of a whopping 3.6 meters says otherwise.
Krake eats the way any other octopus would eat, through the large mouth underneath it's body. But this isn't it's only method.
It/He may appear as though it has no features upon the flat surface that is it's face, however... let's just say the unfortunate individuals that have gotten close enough have never lived to tell.
Krake loathes those who enters into his/its waters and takes what he seems as his. To him, everything beneath the surface of the ocean is his, whether he found it first or not. Which means that he has a bone to pick with a certain someone.
Krake does understand speech, and can speak himself when he feels like it. He actually knows bits and pieces of phrases learned from dying victims.
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 [U][B]((COMPLETE))[/B][/U] [b]Name:[/b] Krake [B]Age:[/b] ??? [B]Profession:[/b] Oceanog
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Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Speaking of Narr.

Narr had now reached the 'center', and I would say she tried to sneak into the group of explorers receiving a talking, but it's impossible for her to sneak around. she wasn't expected here so she didn't really receive a mission or assignment, her intent though was to explore, nonetheless.


Toom shook her head.
"I won't need to take the watch, since I'm intending to go see Ool today anyway. and I can fix it tomorrow too. just be careful with i-"

Toom's attention was caught at the ringing sound, much like Wulf, her ears and tail puffed up it's fur, she too let out a quick growl before realising it was Shtua... or the object she had with her. Toom moved over to see.
it appeared to be a variant of the watch, but it made noise. she'd seen these before, she just hadn't heard the noise they made. as for the second object, it was an extremely curious development, something unknown to even Toom, though it appeared similar to a wind-pipe (Flute) this one has coverings and cylinders over the holes already.

"Strange... I'd like to trade for the odd-pipe object. as for the watch, good find, it's in good condition. it probably also requires gears, like Bunny's watch, so I can find parts for it when I go talk with Ool"

Toom spoke whilst squatting down, sort of eye level with Wulf, as she picked up the rusted flute to inspect it further.


Rukk nodded her head.
"Thanks fer' tha' companionship Lad."

she begun to move toward the 'Center' now, she, unlike alot of other settlement Folk, was barefoot, mainly because of the 'hooves' on her foot, as she moved every rock she stood on made a clak sound as she walked by.

"Our homes'es quite a lofty way apart' nn'it? Mah home was rocks 'n rocks 'n mountains, food n' grass only grown' at ta' top, n' we can't live at 'ta top, so we climb'n up n' down everyday fer' food."


At the arrival of Narr, the two Owls begun to screech again, perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps out of fear. who knows.
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
Shtua's perked when Toom had said that she wanted to make a trade for the 'noise maker', a small grin coming to her face. There was one more thing that she and Wulf had brought along with them. "A trade sounds good. But we'll get to that later." She said as she carefully reached back inside the bag and removed what she and Scout had called a 'Flasher'. And unlike the other two objects she brought, this one seemed to be in a better condition, though not by much. The device that she held with her hand was seemingly flat rectangle that had an "eye" on the front of it. It was chipped at the sides some, but with a little tampering around with it, she found that it seemed to emit a flash of lightning like the sky did during storms. And the oddest thing was what happened afterwards. She crouched down beside the wolf woman and Wulf and pointed at the pummeled in screen that seemed to glitch in and out once she pressed the small button on the top right of it with the point of her claw. "Watch this-"

Wulf's ears twitched, and he stared at the device as it was pointed at him.

"Wulf, big smile." Shtua gave one herself when she saw another one of Wulf's big toothy grins, and she pressed a second button. A strange buzz came from the device before there was a flash.

Wulf made an awkward sounding bark noise that signaled his confusion as he had to blink numerous times, tiny spots of black popping in and out of his vision each time he did so.

Shtua pointed at the glitching screen as it flashed between an array of melting blues and greens and strips of black. But with one right flicker, a "reflection" of Wulf's appeared, one of his ears crooked as he grinned at the camera. "We found it under timbered sky finger a few miles or so out to the east." She said. "Any idea what it is?"


Scout followed after Rukk, first flying back up to his nest with a jump and two strong flaps. He could feel the vague strain of his left wing while he flew over it, then back down to Rukk where he met her pace as soon as his feet touched the ground.

"Our homes'es quite a lofty way apart' nn'it? Mah home was rocks 'n rocks 'n mountains, food n' grass only grown' at ta' top, n' we can't live at 'ta top, so we climb'n up n' down everyday fer' food."

"Sounds like some extra hassle to me." Scout paused for a moment. "Actually, I could sorta fly up there for you and retrieve some for you the next time you go up."
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Toom had seen a better working version of that object... but it was smashed when she was alot younger.
"A Permanent Mirror! wow! I haven't seen one of these for such a long time!... sadly I cannot repair them, they use those 'circuit boards' that I'm drawin' a blank on. sorry. it is valuable in itself, but there is 2 problems. 1 is the Circuit Board, I can't fix what I don't understand, and I'm working on understanding them.
2nd is the 'Life-Cylinder' or 'charge'... those little things have limited lives, the longer you keep 'em on for,
the sooner they die. so use it wisely.

Toom did want to trade for the Camera... but it's limited life span and inability to be repaired was a deterrent... Toom already had other 'circuit board' items to try, test and disassemble.

"Once I figure out how to fix circuit boards, or even how to use them, I'll repair it for you... as for the trade for this 'noise pipe', since i've never seen it before, and since there is two of you, choose two objects from my workshop... with the exception of 'Tank' of course, 1 object for each of you. I'll get to work on fixing the 'noise watch' for you. gotta visit Ool"

Toom walked over to her workshop, placing the 'noise pipe' down at what could easily be identified as her 'work bench', it had tools and a vice on it.

"oh, right, and not my tools. I need those. anything on display in my Workshop you can choose, with the exception of 'Tank' and my 'Tools', there is also a door over here"

Toom pointed to a steel sort of rectangle, leading into the supposed 'collapsed' building
"There is more things in there if you want to take a look."


Rukk laughed a very hard and hearty laugh.
"Yer a real joker 'eh lad? mah home's across tha waters ta' tha' north, far from 'ere, 'ah ain't been home in years, and 'ah doubt ya'd being able ta' fly up 'em, tha' mountains be taller than sky fingers, and even just halfway up'em the frost cold blizzard be freezin' yer feathers off, further up tha' winds be knocken' everyone around, Bird-folk ain't able ta' fly beyond there, so unless ya can climb well, ya' won't be gettin' much food from tha' tops"

the blizzards and stinging cold was indeed terrible up north.
Rukk tilted her head, showing one of her horns to Burd.
"Take a close look Lad, ya' be seein' the scars?"

on Rukk's horns was evidence of what looked like a fight, scratches and small holes, some places looked... burnt? but sort of bruised or as if it had been frozen, but really, these scars was just from the ice in the blizzard, scratching and embedding itself in her horns.
"mah home's s'not a nice place fer' none. plenty dead, lack o' food, moreso dead, blizzards n such."

Rukk scratched her horn again...
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Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
"A Permanent Mirror! wow! I haven't seen one of these for such a long time!... sadly I cannot repair them, they use those 'circuit boards' that I'm drawin' a blank on. sorry. it is valuable in itself, but there is 2 problems. 1 is the Circuit Board, I can't fix what I don't understand, and I'm working on understanding them.
2nd is the 'Life-Cylinder' or 'charge'... those little things have limited lives, the longer you keep 'em on for,
the sooner they die. so use it wisely."

Shtua listened closely when Toom had called the device a 'Permanent Mirror', but frowned a bit when she said that she didn't know how to repair them just yet. Circuit boards?, she thought to herself, her pantone eyes staring at it. And though a half grin came to her face at the mentioning of their find still being valuable, her expression soon became puzzled at the second problem that the mechanic mentioned. "Life...cylinders?" And then she realized that they must have been similar to the things that Scout had called 'Power Bars'.

Wulf had been listening at first, but with the many things that Too had lying around the shop, he couldn't help but to redirect his attention and do a few inspections himself. That is, until his ears perked at Toom's next few words, more specifically at two things she had said. The trade that they were making, in which his feline companion had already jumped up to take a look around with Toom's permission, and the mentioning of Ool, which he had heard this time around. "Ool?! I...go see...Ool too?" He wanted to go as well. Around his neck was the feather that the owl had given him, tied to a string and made into a neck charm by Scout. He had been looking for something ever since to give back to the owl as a token of appreciation, Ool being another one of the very few that he allowed to pass through his territory without hassle.


Scout twitched and tipped his head to the side, first to the left, then to the right, both being quick jerking motions as Rukk had began to laugh.

"Yer a real joker 'eh lad? mah home's across tha waters ta' tha' north, far from 'ere, 'ah ain't been home in years, and 'ah doubt ya'd being able ta' fly up 'em, tha' mountains be taller than sky fingers, and even just halfway up'em the frost cold blizzard be freezin' yer feathers off, further up tha' winds be knocken' everyone around, Bird-folk ain't able ta' fly beyond there, so unless ya can climb well, ya' won't be gettin' much food from tha' tops"

"Taller than--SQUUAAAA!!--sky fingers?!" He had exclaims upon hearing of the mountains that Rukk called home. He had seen​ mountains before, or rather a large hill, but he had never heard of one being that big. Where he came from was mostly trees and scrublands with the occasional tall lumps in the ground. And he definitely didn't do much climbing, however, he knew the winds like the breath that he drew. A though he didn't have a doubt in his mind of the cold blizzard winds, to him, nothing would ever compare to the heated winds that tore through his he and left him both flockless and damaged. He never spoke much about that day to anyone, not even to Wulf and Shtua.
The thought of it took him into a brief silence until Rukk had spoke again and brought his attention back.

"Take a close look Lad, ya' be seein' the scars?"

He inspected the holes and scratch patterns that riddled her horns, the strange cold burns left behind by the blizzard winds.

"Mah home's s'not a nice place fer' none. plenty dead, lack o' food, moreso dead, blizzards n such."

"I guess we have something else in common, except that mines is no longer there..." Scouts said with an odd noise that was suppose to be a chuckle of some sort, perhaps? Or an attempt at one atleast. He thought to himself for a moment before speaking again, an idea coming to mind. "Hey, how about stopping by after your exploration with Naar?"
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((CRAP! I put Toom's words in Bold instead of Italics! FIX FIX FIX))

Toom walked back out to the reddish box, squatting down and turning her head over her shoulder to look at Wulf.
"Sure thing, Ya can tag along if ya whunna... I'm hopin' Narr is still sleeping and won't be busy tonight, might need the lugger for the Engine..." she turned her attention back to the reddish box, opening it and checking the contents, various shiny and some rusty and interesting objects were inside. she closed the box and picked it up, hoisting it over her shoulder, as if she was carrying something heavy.

"I'm ready to leave whenever you are Wulfs, is Lon coming too?"
Toom then turned her head to look at her rabbit companion.
"We're going to the Center now, you coming along? or you gunna go ahead?"


Rukk thought about his proposal, she didn't have much else to do today.
"Aye lad, if nothin' comes up I'll pay ya' a visit."

they had reached the edge between this little patch of forest and the city limits, the Center was just a little ahead.

"Ya' really ain't a fan of Narr's now are ya', hehhehhehh"
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
"Sure thing, Ya can tag along if ya whunna... I'm hopin' Narr is still sleeping and won't be busy tonight, might need the lugger for the Engine..."

This was all that Wulf needed to hear. And it was a good thing that he would be passing through the territory. This gave him enough time to dig up his gift and deliver it to the owl known as Ool. He peered over Toom's shoulder, looking at all of objects that she had within the red box in curiosity before it was closed.

"I'm ready to leave whenever you are Wulfs, is Lon coming too?"

Wulf nodded when Toom had asked him this and rather than call out to his companion, he went off to go find Shtua around the shop along with whatever he could find that sparked his interest.

Shtua was tumbling through a bunch of things that had been on the other side of the steel door that Toom​had pointed to earlier. She turned when she felt Wulf nudging against her side with his slightly damp nose. She turned and looked down at him before crouching down to his height, though he was taller than her either way, whether they were standing or anything else. "What's up? Find anything ya want yet?"

Wulf shook his head in response before he spoke. "I...go...see...Ool....with Toom." He said, his tail swaying behind him in excitement. "You come?"

"Of course I am! We stick together, you and I so if you're goin' then so am I." She responded. And that's just how things were. They never strayed too far away from one another and we're more likely to be seen with at least one or the other. And the fact that he said he was going with Toom made her feel like she had all the more reason to go. "Whattabout Scout? He's still supposed to be comin'."

"Scout...meet on the way."


As they were nearing the edge that separated forest from the city limits, Scout had began to look around warily for the one thing that he couldn't miss.

"Ya' really ain't a fan of Narr's now are ya', hehhehhehh"

"She's like a moving sky finger that I don't want to be in the way of. Or my nest. Aaaand she may or may not sort of...frighten me. Well, not frighten, but I'm not exactly comforted by her size either... plus, I don't think she likes me any--KAAAAH!--ways.
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Toom started to move.
"Catch up quick ya'hear?"


Rukk thought about that comment for a moment.
'a moving sky finger that I don't want to be in the way of.'

Narr's size does make her oblivious to small creatures in the way, though as for her not liking burd, Rukk doubts she even knows he exists.

"Narr ain't one fer' dislikes, s'far as 'ah know she don't even know you exist, not liken' ya' is far out'a her 'ead. but ya' are right, standing a'front her ain't a wise idea. but ya' shouldn't worry 'bout her, her size may be large'n'all, but she'll be helpful in her own way."

Rukk pointed toward Narr, towering at the center near the fountain.
"Give'err a looks. her body is here, but her head's else place."

Narr was staring at the sky, spacing out... or she was staring at the screeching owls, either one.
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
Shtua nodded in agreement at Wulf's suggestion. "He was supposed to be meeting up with us here, so we're bound to run into him somewhere along the way." She said, standing up straight. "We'll tell Toom​that we'll come back later and pick out something then."

Wulf gave a nod, his ears perking at the sound of Toom's voice again. He gestured for Shtua to follow, stopping for a second or so to sniff at the bunny girl before continuing on out to catch up with Toom.

Shtua only growled silently at the bunny as she passed by, continuing after Wulf.


"Narr ain't one fer' dislikes, s'far as 'ah know she don't even know you exist, not liken' ya' is far out'a her 'ead. but ya' are right, standing a'front her ain't a wise idea. but ya' shouldn't worry 'bout her, her size may be large'n'all, but she'll be helpful in her own way."

"Sheesh, I don't even exist to her? That--KAAAAAAAH!-- mak--SQUAAAA!!--that makes it worse! It means if I get stepped on one day by her, she wouldn't notice or even care!" Scout exclaimed, his head twitching for a few seconds.

"Give'err a looks. her body is here, but her head's else place."

Scout followed Rukk's pointing finger directly to the giant that they had been speaking of, and the talons on is feet gripped the ground, pulling him to a complete stop. He stared at Narr warily, this being one of the first times he'd seen the giant at ease. His gaze followed hers up into the sky. Freedom... He thought to himself for a moment. But this still didn't make him want to go near her anymore than he had to. "Well...haha..ha..I guess this is where we'll split then friend."
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((Where is Akyra?))

Rukk chuckled, and gave the frightened bird companion a wave goodbye.
"See ya' later, learn somethin' new fer' me, yeah?"

Rukk stepped onto the stone leading toward the center, her feet making the 'clack' sounds of her 'hooves' walking on stone.


Toom continued to walk, humming a tune, with a sort of muffled lyrics from her mouth.

'blue sky, high overhead, brown ground, feet steady ahead!
hmmm~ hum hum hummmm~ hmmm~

every now and then her tail would wag over to the opposite side of her body, or her ear would twitch, listening in on every minute little sound. a tiny habit of hers to listen to every object in case there was something wrong or broken. she neared the edge of the Settlement.


tick... tick... tick... tick... tick...

with every tick of the clock a gray fuzzed ear twitches, smacking itself against the dusty stone floor.
with every tick a finger pulses, as if it had a mind of it's own.
with every tick a colourless dull tail waved back and forth across the collapsed stone floor, shoving dust out of the way ever more so with every swing...
"Where is my Gun?"

tick... tick... tick... tick... tick...

Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
((I have no idea))

"See ya' later, learn somethin' new fer' me, yeah?"

"I'll most definitely try, and you do the same!" Scout a wave, his fingers only slightly visible from under the feathers of his wings. Now it was off to meet with Wulf and Shtua.


Wulf quickly caught up with Toom thanks to his four legged way of travel and matched her pace with a small trot. His tail swished itself back and forth behind him and his ears perked at Toom's humming, twitch softly.

Shtua was at Wulf's side in no time at all, her pointy ears catching the sound of humming as she did so; apparently this gave her a reason to push in between the two slightly, nudging Wulf over to the left some, which he didn't seem to mind.
When she spoke, she did so to the mechanic. "We'll come back a little later to see what we can find."


Issa Krum
[Ees-Uh Crumb]


Culinary arts (to a degree), Gastronomy, A somewhat explorer

((To be Revealed))

• Krum is of the cockroach family origins
• She's 5 ft 5
• Some of her skin (across her shoulders, chest area, wrists, and lower back) is covered by a sort of exoskeleton like character, and she has small but strong enough wings that are able to lift her light frame.
• She's able to eat and survive off of anything really. Tree bark, crumbs, even if there's just water. She can go days without food being a necessity if she chooses to.
• Due to her being a roach descendant, she can climb solid objects with ease.
last edited Больше года
 ((I have no idea)) [B]"See ya' later, learn somethin' new fer' me, yeah?"[/b] "I'll most defini
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((Oh boy! an insect-like character, this creates a whole new world of limitations from an insect body to a human body. the major limitation is the size comparison. the reason Cockroaches can eat nothing for 30 days and still be alive is because of how little they are, their bodies don't need to work hard to allow movement, or brain activity, so translating this over to a human body, which is significantly larger and requires much more resources to allow brain activity, not eating for 30 days is not possible. but to allow her ability still I'll simply halve it's original limit: so I'd say about 15 days. if you don't like that I'll change it to 20.

as for the wings, Cockroaches can indeed fly, but no where near as high as birds. not to mention the transition from an exoskeletal only body to one containing dense and thick organs and bones would greatly impact the flight, your Cockroach lady would have a few options to counter this.
1: No bones, entirely Exoskeletal, this would mean your woman has no outer skin, and instead has an extremely smooth and rough outer shell (but quite light, giving maximum possible flight). but this also means if it gets cracked, she will be in great danger and incapable of properly using that limb (Exoskeletons don't heal BTW, only small cuts and incisions, but not complete break-off).
[u]2: Parietal Bones with Partial Exoskeletons, the bones will be hollow like a bird's, but without the air sacs (meaning somewhat flight).
3: All bones. the bones would still be hollow without air sacs, this way your character would be less likely to be in great danger from Injury, but 'flight' would be limited to a 'glide'

the remaining options to allow flight would be to have your character have little to almost no muscle, but this means they're extremely weak. so be warned about using this option.

as for the 'climbing' the reason roaches and other insects can climb is because of the small space offered to their claws to use as footholds in various textured solids (Bare wood, painted drywall, ceramic tile and stone). with the size increase to human you'll need to find a new way to climb (since using your foot is no different from anyone else) some options could be to have your character secret a sort of temporary or weak adhesive to allow quick climbing (do be warned about climbing Sky Scrapers, they are still fragile) or your character's hands would require many apon many miniature claws to grip into as many footholds as possible (depending apon the option of 'bone' you choose above, your character's entire arm from elbow to fingertips might need tiny tiny claws).

There is possibly other limitations or downsides, and some more may come to me, but for now look over these options))

Toom turned her head to Shtua, giving her a nod.
"Sure, take your time. and look carefully, you'll find lot's of hidden gems underneath stuff or hiding away in boxes or corners"
Toom scratched her own head behind her ear... it really was pleasant.

she had reached the edge of the territory now.
giving a sort of half howl, half gruff.
"Permission to cross?" she asked in a joking manner.
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
((Boop Boop?))
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
((I think the partial bones and partial exoskeleton would work out perfectly, though I wonder if I would be able to make the exoskeleton a little more dense than normal bones, just slightly.

As for the climbing, I think those tiny claws from elbow to fingertips would fit, but also from the ankles to the tips of her toes and the bottom of her feet. Most roaches are able to stick to slicker surfaces like wet metal, or walls with drying paint, which would be a minor change. I was thinking of going back and revising a bit and making her an ant descendant instead, but then she wouldn't be able to fit into the idea I had for her. So you may expect an ant descendant character somewhere along the way.))

"Sure, take your time. and look carefully, you'll find lot's of hidden gems underneath stuff or hiding away in boxes or corners"

Shtua gave a nod of her own at these words, now glad that they had decided to wait now that she knew that checking under some of the other stuff that Toom had at her shop basically meant that they had a higher chance of finding something worth their while.

"Permission to cross?"

Both Wulf and Shtua turned at this question, Wulf having a more puzzled expression of the two.
Wulf's ears perked, not really understanding that she was joking. He gave a big toothy grin and nodded. "Yus." He trotted to her side and threw his head back to let out a loud, growl of a howl that faded away into an echo as he awaited a response.
Seconds began to pass until he heard a shriek from somewhere above. He turned to Shtua. "Burd...close."

Shtua looked up to the sky, her pointy ears twitching. "Sounds like he's comin' from where we're headin'. And he's late." She added with a small growl.
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((Sorry for the Absence, I was on a 2 week camp))

Toom gave a quick chuckle at his 'yus', moving on forward as she did before, tail swaying and whistling... suddenly she stopped... a giant footprint in the ground infront of her....


Toom turned to face her companions, moving her feet as if she was gearing up to run, then immediately turning back to the center and booking it, her running seemed almost like Narr's running, speedy stomping, since she was carrying the heavy red box too.


tick... tick... tick... tick... tick...

the ticking continued... the damned ticking continued... yet the bell never rings.
those down below never seem to hear the ticking, or perhaps the shambled state this tower was in didn't let them hear it... or perhaps they had just gotten used to the constant ticking of this never ending clock.

a twitch of the ear, something came close.
the owner of the gray fuzz sat up from their sleep, immediately awake, eyes straight. staring at what appears to be an Owl... it stared back at her, not daring to hoot. the owl could tell, this wasn't someone like the walkers below, this person wasn't someone who simply adapted to their environment.. not someone who blended in among others... this person was...

a Survivor

the Owl turned around, not a single hoot, not a single screech. it flew away...


tick... tick... tick... tick... tick...


Rukk caught up to Narr, tapping the giant on her thigh... no response, her tap wasn't hard enough. Rukk tried to slap the back of Narr's knee, that got her attention.

Narr turned slowly, not with her feet, but instead her waist and head, she was careful not to step, in case she smoshes who or whatever wanted her attention. looking down she spotted Rukk. a VERY tiny individual...

Narr carefully lowered herself, yet she was still towering above the tiny goat, Narr tilted her head, "yeeeeeeeeeeeessss?"

Narr's speech was deep... slow... but strangely calming. if you didn't have sight of her you'd assume she was a bookworm, despite not being able to read.
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((I forgot about this one XD))


Wulf's ears perked at these words, yet he paused for a moment to sit down as he watched the wolf woman's feet move. And as soon as she took off running, it didn't take long for him to follow behind. And unlike Toom, he moved on all fours while sprinting, quickly dipping passed her. Running was something that he loved to do, and his longer limbs and body build allowed him to do just that at a faster pace, not to mention the amount of stamina he had stored.

Shtua on the other hand, was in no rush and kept walking while watching the two take off.


Mmm...this one tastes like salt...but this other salt tastes different...sweet. Two antenna that ranged from short dark brown hair twitched in a sudden sway. The blue curious eyes of a rather short woman stared at the two white sandy substances that rested within the palms of each of her hands as she compared what she deemed to be two versions of salt. And she favored the taste of the sweeter of the two now if anything. Interesting...
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Toom couldn't run faster, she was carrying the large red box afterall. but she wanted to get to the Center. Narr would be there, since she had no assignments planned today. which meant Narr was free-to-use!
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At the pace that he was running, it took Wulf no time at all to be coming to a sliding stop into the Center. On the way, he had seen Burd's shadow float passed him from the air and figured that he would be turning around all ready. But when he looked behind him, his expression was puzzled, as he didn't see Toom for a few seconds, nor did he see Shtua at all. He figured that they would have kept up if anything. He stretched his legs and arms, remaining on all fours to do so, and scratched his head until he turned to notice that he indeed wasn't the only one there. First and foremost he spotted Narr first, being that she was quite obviously the biggest one there. He quickly caught sight of the owls too, which spurred him to go running towards them in search of Ool.
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Narr slowly stood back up, from her high advantage point she watched, slowly turning her head to Wulf's movements, the Owls were silent at first, but began to screech as the person approached, they flapped their wings and flew over to land apon Narr, since with her height they would be out of reach of the creature.

"Slow 'em down there Wulfs, the Owls may be smart, but they haven't a need to remember anyone but Ool, ya' gotta show them yer' feather. but slow down, we'll be Needing Narr ta' come too."

Toom spoke and moved over to Narr, the Owls still screeching every now and then.

"how 'bout it Narr? I might be needing some Help moving something heavy today. would you be so kind as to assist?"

Narr looked down to Toom, giving her a slow nod.
"Alrighty Wulfs, you can show'em the feather now."


tick... tick... tick... tick... tick...
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When the owls had began to screech, Wulf continued to approach as if it meant nothing at all until the birds flew higher up onto the giant that was Narr. He blinked and tipped his head to the side in puzzlement.

"Slow 'em down there Wulfs, the Owls may be smart, but they haven't a need to remember anyone but Ool, ya' gotta show them yer' feather. but slow down, we'll be Needing Narr ta' come too."

"Oh..." Wulf said blankly, looking to Narr, but then at the owls that were on her shoulder, then back at Narr. As he watched the giant nod, he looked back to Toom when she told him that he could show the owls his feather. He nodded excitedly and reached back to where his tail connected to the end of his lower back and yanked the string loose that had Ool's feather attached to it (with more force than necessary mind you). He showed held the feather in the air, his arm moving in a waving motion to get the owls' attention. "See, Wulf...have feather!"