Случайное обыгрывание ролей A Percy Jackson war between camps

Wolfpaw6 posted on Sep 08, 2017 at 02:11PM
There is a war between camps!
Name Maddox jones

Age 15

Godly parent Zeus

Birthplace California

Weapon Celestial Bronze spear and sword

Brothers or sisters P

Rank Legionnaire

No excessive cussing
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Больше года kittypaw72 said…
Name Phoenix Jones

Godly parent Zeus

Birthplace New York

Weapon Celestial Bronze sword/ dagger

Brothers or sisters Maddox jones

Rank Lancer

Age 14
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Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
We start out in the middle of a battle between half blood and the romans.

Reyna: Legionnaires! Hold your positions! Let half blood charge into our spears
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
Maddox remembered that Hera said he would find his long lost sister Phoenix he sure hoped that was true
Больше года kittypaw72 said…
Percy: Lancers charge towards the forest! Stand guard!
Больше года kittypaw72 said…
Maddox starts floating hoping a Greek demigod will to Maddox: Zeus squadron follow me!
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
Maddox whistles and everyone and thing freezes except for Phoenix
Больше года kittypaw72 said…
Come on lanc… what!!! * everyone is frozen *
Больше года kittypaw72 said…
*yells* HELLO!! PERCY!!
Больше года Wolfpaw6 said…
Maddox continues to whistle a familiar song their mother sang to them while the were children