Случайное обыгрывание ролей The Fabulous Killjoys

bIackparade posted on Nov 22, 2017 at 07:12AM
Look alive, sunshine. Welcome to California 2019.
Humans have been, simply put, "perfected" to their dreams in Battery City by being mechanized, running on batteries. Better Living industries (BL/ind) as a result has full control over these humans at any time.
BL/ind's headquarters and lavish mansion, S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W Unit, is located in Battery City.
A group of rogues called the Killjoys plans to destroy BL/ind due to the harm it's causing to the world. Do you want to rebel against the system, or become trapped in Battery City without any free will? It's your choice.
First four joiners get to be the four main Killjoys, Party Poison, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul or Jet Star (i'm the kid)
You can also join the PARADE unit, they're allied with the killjoys and basically have the same motive
You can have 2 characters.
Char sheet:
Alliance-(killjoy, neutral,blind agent, parade)
Have fun :p

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Больше года bIackparade said…
Name-Killer Cross
Alliance-PARADE unit leader
Appearance-Dead-looking pale skin, messy medium black hair, parade jacket with a few army patches, black tight jeans with leather knees, white combat boots, skeleton mask on forehead, black ray gun
Personality- Trigger happy, sporatic, can be serious if she's devoted
Extras- Ran away from home when she was 10 because her parents went on vacation and never told her. She shought they were never coming back so she lived by herself until Better Living Industries' uprising.
Больше года bIackparade said…
Name- Missile Kid (The kid/grace)
Appearance-Brown curly hair, blue vest, black denim shirt with red paisley sleeves, dark blue jeans, colored whistles on a chain around her neck, black crossbody bag, black hat with a stop sign on the front, bottle caps on belt
Personality- Optimistic, energetic, inquisitive, trusting
Extras-Lives with the four Fabulous Killjoys, good with a rocket launcher.