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    Kaito walked out of the gym door. "I thought I told Ты that I don't want to see her cry. And it's not just me, all of us don't want to see her cry. But why do Ты keep hurting her?" someone сказал(-а) to him.
    Kaito didn't give an answer, he just stared at him. "Let's talk, Kaito," he said. "I'm not in a mood to talk, Yahiko," Kaito сказал(-а) as he started walking. Yahiko walked, following Kaito. "What? Maybe Hikari's confession affect Ты in someway?" Yahiko said. Kaito stopped walking and signed. He leaned on the wall, "What did Ты want to talk about, Yahiko?" he asked. Yahiko smirked. "About Hikari," he said. "There's nothing to talk about her," Kaito said. "Are Ты sure?" Yahiko asked, staring at Kaito.
    "Look, if Ты Любовь her so much, why don't Ты just try to win her instead of talking to me?" Kaito asked. "Well, I could. But I want her to be happy. That's why I didn't tell her my feelings. I thought she'd be happy with you," he said. "..........No...she won't be. I'll...just end up......hurting her," Kaito said. "Then try not to hurt her," Yahiko stared at him. Kaito didn't say a word. "You know, Hikari told me a story about a boy and a girl once," Yahiko started. Kaito looked at him. "In that story, the boy had a bird and he loved it very much. The boy and the girl played together since they were little. Her father was a hunter. One day, the hunter accidently shot the bird. The boy cried and cried. From that день on, he hated the father. He wanted revenge for his bird, which was the only family he had after his parents died. His hatred for her father became bigger and bigger, he wanted to hurt her father. So he hurt the girl, well, not physically. The girl had feelings for him. So it was еще easy for him to hurt her. The girl cried and cried, hurting the father. At the end, he realized that he was not only just hurting her and her father, but also himself since he loves her too. He just didn't know it until the end. Hikari сказал(-а) it's her most Избранное story," Yahiko looked down.
    "So you're saying that I'm hurting her to hurt her father?" Kaito asked. "Maybe. But if you're really doing that, then it won't be working. She and her father, they hate each other a lot. Ты two were best friends, so Ты should know. Seeing her crying, her father would be really happy and laughing like hell. So just stop it," Yahiko started walking. "I don't really expect Ты to change right away. But think about it. Good night, Kaito," Yahiko сказал(-а) as he walked away.

------The Далее morning------
    "Hikari, wake up, it's 6 o' clock," Saki said. "Um...Ah.. Oh..Saki.. Umm...," Hikari moaned. "Hey, Ты don't look so well. Are Ты sick?" Saki сказал(-а) as she put her hand on Hikari's forehead. "It's a little hot," Saki said. "Is she sick?" Fuka asked. "I think so," Saki answered. "You should stay in bed. I'll inform the nurse. Don't worry about school. We'll fill Ты in," Naomi smiled. "Thanks, Saki, Fuka, Naomi," Hikari сказал(-а) softly. After a while, Saki and Fuka left.
    "It's not really bad. Just take this medicine, and you'll get better," the nurse gave Hikari the medicine and a water glass. "Thank you," Hikari сказал(-а) and took the medicine. "It's my job," the nurse smiled. "Now, rest," she added. Hikari lied down and the nurse left. She closed her eyes and she was slowly drifted away to sleep.

------Lunch time------
    "Hey, where's Hikari?" Takuma asked. "She wasn't well, so we told her to rest,"Naomi said. Yahiko glanced at Kaito who was sitting at the таблица beside them. They stared each other. Kaito signed stood up and walked away. Yahiko smiled. "Why are Ты smiling, Yahiko?" Saki asked. "Nothing," Yahiko said.
    Kaito walked through the hall to the girls' dorm. He stood in front of the door. He signed and opened the door. He looked over the постель, кровати near the window. He looked at Hikari. He sat on the chair beside her bed. He touched her red hair. "Sorry, Hikari for everything. Maybe Yahiko was right, maybe I was hurting Ты to hurt your father. But you've got nothing to do with it. I'm really sorry," he сказал(-а) softly and signed. "I'm such a coward. I don't have the courage to tell Ты that I'm sorry или that I Любовь you," he whispered. Then he looked outside the window. He heard a колокол, колокольчик, белл ring. It was the school bell. He signed and walked to the door, "Hope Ты get better," he whispered and went out of the room.
    Hikari opened her eyes and got up, "umm...," she signed. "It's just a dream...," she pulled her knees to her chest. "A dream. Yeah, definitely a dream....," she signed again. "Kaito..........," she whispered.

    "......that's all that the teacher taught today," Naomi said. "Thanks," Hikari smiled. "But what the teacher taught today won't be needed for me anymore," she thought. "Tomorrow's saturday. So, I'm gonna go back to my Главная since I need to pick up some stuff tonight," Hikari said. "But your father....," Yahiko started. "I'll ignore him and he'll ignore me too," Hikari smiled. "Ok, but will Ты be alright alone?" Takuma asked. "I'm not a child," Hikari said. "No, I mean, Ты weren't well this morning. So will Ты be alright going alone?" Takuma asked again. Hikari smiled. "Ok, then," Takuma smiled.
    Hikari dressed up. Fuka, Saki and Naomi looked at her. "Don't worry about me," Hikari said. "Just be careful," Fuka said. Hikari smiled. "Good Bye, guys," she сказал(-а) and walked away. "She sound weird," Saki stated. "Hope everything's alright," Naomi signed. "Yeah..," Fuka agreed.
    Hikari walked out of the school. "Hey, don't do anything stupid," someone сказал(-а) from her behind. Hikari turned to see him, then she smiled. "Don't worry, nothing stupid, just the right thing. See you, Yahiko," she waved and walked away from the school.
------The Далее Monday-----
    "Hey, Hikari didn't come back last night. Do Ты think that she and her dad got into something huge?" Naomi said. "If they got into something huge, Hikari would come right back to the dorm. She wouldn't stay at her house," Saki said. They sat in the class. "Where's Hikari?" Takuma asked. "We'd like to know that too," Fuka said.
    Mizuka came in. "Miss, Hikari didn't come back yesterday," Naomi said. "Um... didn't she told Ты that she was going away?" she asked. "What?!?!?!?!?!" all three girls shouted. "Well, maybe she forgot," Mizuka said. "But-" Naomi said. "Where did she go?" Kaito asked. They all stared at Kaito. "Well, she says she's gonna go to America или something...," Mizuka said. "Oh, almost forgot. She asked me to give Ты all this," she сказал(-а) as she handed an envelope to Naomi. "Now, did Ты do your homework assignments?"