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For guys!! !!ONLY

What do u look 4in a girl? & whatya do 2let a girl know u lik her ?
 everjoy posted Больше года
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Kanji said:
thier personality i dont really know what i would do because i have never fallen in love
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posted Больше года 
thespikedturtle said:
-They'd have to be caring for me and other people
-They'd have to Любовь me for who I truly was
-They'd have to always be there for me, like I would for them
-They'd have to have a fun side and a serious side

I really don't care about looks или beauty, just as long as their personality is good. I'd let them know by just flat out telling them, but I'd have to become a good friend of theirs first.
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posted Больше года 
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