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what should me and my Друзья dress up as for our school walkathon?

my school is having a walkathon this год and we have to dress up and the theme is childrens characters.
we want to go as a grou and there are 6 of us, but we keep on arguing about it. so, what do Ты think we should dress up as.
lolzz funny suggestion but dress up as rabbits lolxx
chagrin91 posted Больше года
Dress up as ... Big Bird.. Cuz' hes frikin awsum xD
cute20k posted Больше года
 Shelly_McShelly posted Больше года
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firegirl1515 said:
One of Ты could dress up like Barney, and the rest could be the Backyardigans, или Ты could be the guys from Yo Gabba Gabba.

(I don't really watch this stuff- I just babysit a lot)
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posted Больше года 
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