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Can Ты answer my Болталка riddles?

The part of the bird,
that's not in the sky
can swim in the ocean
and always stay dry.

(I made up this one xD):
A dead man's mother is Spanish, his father is French, He's 20% Latin and every book in his house is written in Greek. What language are his thoughts?

My firt's in adventure but isn't in trip,
My second's in river but isn't in ship,
My third is in chalice but isn't in cup,
My fourth's in ascending but isn't in up
My fifth is in error but isn't in flaw,
My last is in talon but isn't in claw,
My whole is a beats who will eta Ты for dinner,
Unless in this riddle game Ты are the winner.

The red house is made of bricks, The yellow house is made of bricks, The purple house is made of bricks, What's the green house made of?

Give me Еда and I will live, give me water and I will die. What am I?

What English word is nine letters long, and can remain an English word at each step as Ты remove one letter, right down to a single letter. What word is this?

I was framed, yet I didn't commit a crime and the person who framed me commited no crime. How is this possible?

If a man comes up to Ты and says: "Everything I tell Ты is a lie", Is he lying или telling Ты the truth?
 DxC_lover98 posted Больше года
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miromuchotv said:
Let's see. I'm not very good at riddles but I think I have SOME answers:
--for the bird riddle: its shadow
--the green house: glass
--being framed w/o a crime: I'm a painting/picture

For the rest...touche...and I don't wanna' Google 'em. That would be cheating.
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posted Больше года 
scarxtardis said:
I have one!: He's lying

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posted Больше года 
mae_cait_001 said:
Sorry...i just cbn answer the last,:hes not telling the lie coz he сказал(-а) the truth so my answer is Truth not a Lie.
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posted Больше года 
Fizzy-Izzy said:
I've heard some of these riddles before and I 'm pretty good at this sort of stuff, so....
The bird one is it's shadow,
The man doesn't think because he's dead,
The beast is a dragon,
A green house is made of glass,
and water will kill fire.
oh and I think Ты were framed in a picture frame.

That's all I can figure out.
Good riddles!

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posted Больше года 
ngweien said:
I agree with all of Fizzy-Izzy's Ответы and since the last one is the only one he didn't answer, my answer is he is lying! If he was telling the truth, that means that what he сказал(-а) should also be a lie, which it can't be a lie and the truth at the same time, so he can't be telling the truth. If he's telling a lie, that means that his statement is a lie and not everything he says is a lie and it is only that one time that he tells a lie. The Ключевое слово is EVERYTHING! Sorry if I didn't explain it well...
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posted Больше года 
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