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How do Ты play with a chincilla?

I just got one and im not sure how to play with her since shes so active and friendly i had one before but that was a long time ago.
 jklilly56 posted Больше года
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TDIlover226 said:
I own a chinchilla, but I'm sorry to say that I can't help Ты with that one..
My Chinchilla is very tame and isn't very active.
He likes it when I hold him, and pet him, and he's always ready to run outside of his cage, through the house.
But that's just him, I'm sure that not all Животные think the same way.

Maybe if yours is playful, it'd like some bells или something? Mine isn't very playful, but it still likes playing with bells.
(Sorry, I'm not very good at chinchilla-advise XD)
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posted Больше года 
k thanks we have a ball for and everything she just doesnt like to Переместить in the ball
jklilly56 posted Больше года
I bought a ball for mine, also. Mine doesn't like running around in balls either. I don't think they like closed in places [Lol, claustrophobic Chinchillas? XD] I let mine run around the house by itself, but I know Ты probably wouldn't do that because.. yeah, Chinchilla running around the house = big mess x3
TDIlover226 posted Больше года
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