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Список the вверх TEN THINGS that annoy Ты

1.people who hurt my Друзья and me
2.people not doing what they are suppossed to
3.my bad grammer
4.my older, over protective brothers
5.my over protective mom
6.The fact that I am horrible at sports
7.barking chihuahuas
8.people who think that ´just because I speak spanish I am mexican´ I am not from mexico I am from ecuador!!
10.the T.V Показать spongebob
zanesaaomgfan posted Больше года
r-pattz posted Больше года
haha!! :D
harley654456 posted Больше года
Spongebob rockz
16falloutboy posted Больше года
 melcu posted Больше года
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cmrm said:
1. Знаменитости
2. Religion
3. People complaining
4. People
5. My personality
6. Studying for tests/making homework
7. Sports
8. Soap operas
9. Romantic movies
10. My height
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posted Больше года 
Milena96 said:
1. kids (all of them) i know i was a kid too... but i would kill myself if i was my mum (if u get what i wanna say)
2. waiting in queues! i am so inpatient person!
3. people who are obsessed with twilight
4. people who hate me for no reason
5. sports
6. my material dad (takes еще care about money than about me)
7. selfish people
8. people from my class who think that just because they have once got a better mark than i am
that im stupid
9. calling someone stupid, bad или something like that, even not knowing them
10. i dont know :P
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posted Больше года 
samuraibond005 said:
how about Ты just look at this Статья i made

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posted Больше года 
MrOrange16 said:
1. People
2. Stereotypes
3. Hate
4. People
5. Repetition
6. Loud bananas
7. Lists
8. My hypocriticy
9. Rocks (I always trip over them ._.)
10. The fact that I'm still Письмо this Список that I doubt anyone will read....
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posted Больше года 
I read it! :)
ArcticWolf posted Больше года
LOL i read it too
mcrkilljoygirl posted Больше года
melcu posted Больше года
iamagagamonster said:
вверх ten.. ok
10. People who are just annoying
9. Fakes
8. Guys who like certain girls cos they're whores
7. Taylor Swift
6. The stoned taylor swift- Kesha
5. Justin Bieber Фан girls
4. Justin bieber Фан grils that tell me "oh geta grip"
3. When my friend dosn't talk/text/or message me
4. People who judge me cos i can't spell online. lik dis
3. Paris Hilton stupidness
2. People who think they're all Популярное cos they hang out with certain people
and #1...
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posted Больше года 
the stoned taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт lolz
TeamSongz4eva posted Больше года
melcu posted Больше года
zanesaaomgfan said:
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posted Больше года 
i hate yu 2
iamagagamonster posted Больше года
azumarill said:
1) skool
2) my enemy
3) maths lessons
4) homework
5) my mum
6) my laptop
7) adverts.
8) katie and wagner off the x-factor
9) my brother
10) YOU!!! XD
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posted Больше года 
zanesaaomgfan posted Больше года
TeamSongz4eva posted Больше года
ArcticWolf said:
1. When people tell me what to do
2. When people restrict me from doing something practical and normal, like go on the internet for a while, или go on FanFiction WITHOUT HAVING THE PAGES RESTRICTED.
3. When people insist I have a problem when I don't. (Ex. Going on the computer too much, procrastinating on homework, etc. Everyone does it или goes through it at some point!)
4. When someone lies to my face, или denies doing something I KNOW he/she did.
5. When somebody assumes something about me before they get to know me. (Good или bad.)
6. When a very minor event occurs, and everybody freaks out, even though it's not a big deal.
7. When something HUGE occurs, and nobody acts like its a big deal, when it obviousy is.
8. When someone attempts to check and reschedule my priorities for me. Ex. I have to do my homework BEFORE I go on the computer или write. Why does this bother me? Because Письмо isn't a hobby, IT'S MY LIFE. Письмо doesn't have an on-and-off switch, like sports, where Ты only play during practices или games. Ты write when Ты FEEL like it, when Ты feel Ты have the need to write something down. Ты can't say, "Oh, I'll just write when I'm done with my homework." THAT'S NOT HOW Письмо WORKS. Ты can't FORCE yourself to write. (Or I can't, anyway. I know several people who do, and I can't seem to understand HOW they do it.) Письмо comes naturally, ideas come and go, and there's NO STOPPING Ты and your imagination when ideas come. It's like someone saying, "Okay, Ты have two options: Either Ты can stop me from shooting your pet, или Ты can do your homework. I suggest Ты do your homework." That's just... no. That's how important Письмо is to some people. Письмо a story is like creating a whole world, with characters that Ты can control and play out. It's almost like an alternate universe - That's how strongly a writer feels about writing. IF Ты don't write, Ты feel like you're killing your characters, and the creativity inside you. There is no секунда option. Sometimes Ты can write for hours on end, and sometimes nothing comes to you, and Ты don't write in your story for two months. Because THAT'S HOW Письмо WORKS. There is no time-limit или other priorities when Ты are creating your own world. :)
9. When I have to admit when I'm wrong. (It's a pride thing - don't ask.)
10. When people tell me I'm wrong или correct something I say или do. (Yes, I'm aware that this is VERY hypocritical, because I tend to correct people a lot. But it's just the way I feel.) It's not a big deal, though. I won't freak out if someone corrects me, it just annoys me.

*Yes, I am aware that number six and seven contradict each other. But depending on the situation, Ты can be one или the other. Again, this may be hypocritical или bias, but that's just how I feel.*
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posted Больше года 
If I could add more, I'd talk about when people accuse me of being impatient. (Like when I click the мышь 100,000 times on the computer.) It's the way I AM, Ты can't stop yourself from being impatient! Sure, Ты can ACT patient, but Ты still feel the same constant frustration inside. или when people accuse me of being lazy. I'm not LAZY, I'm just not MOTIVATED. There are several more, as well, but Ты сказал(-а) only ten.
ArcticWolf posted Больше года
number 8 pretty damn long
iamagagamonster posted Больше года
ill say
melcu posted Больше года
springely said:
10. Sexists
9. Sexists
8. Sexists
7. Sexists.
6. Sexists
5. Sexists
4. Sexists
3. Sexists
2. Sexists
1. Sexists

And people that always stereotype genders.
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posted Больше года 
haha i forgot u didnt put up pervs
TeamSongz4eva posted Больше года
melcu posted Больше года
16falloutboy said:
1)Pop music
2)Justin Bieber
3)popular girls
4)girls screaming
5)girls who like Patrick Stump
6)Fanboy and Chum Chum
7)porn and porn stars (it's so stupid and bad)
8)Girly stuff
9)mean girls
10) Lady Gaga and a lot еще famous women
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posted Больше года 
i assuming u guna be hating on me when i get famous??
TeamSongz4eva posted Больше года
But aren't Ты refering to famous women? Not fangirls. Famous women aren't known to scream at mice. Men do wear makeup, you'd be surprised at how much too. Yes, "for real", they can get breast cancer.
MrOrange16 posted Больше года
men only wear eyeliner, and im not talking about famous women...i mean like girls and other normal women and they scream when they see mice
16falloutboy posted Больше года
TeamSongz4eva said:
1. ppl who tell me what to do
2.ppl who DONT хлопать, привкус their gum( yah u heard me)
3. ppl who say stuff to a group of ppl and they wont look at everyone else..they keep their eyes glued on you
4. ppl who burp in your face
5. ppl who be hatin (ppl dont be hating!!!)
6. ppl who laugh at every word that they say
7. ppl who mess wit my hair aftr i сказал(-а) stop
8. nails against chalkbord (AHHHH!!!!!)
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posted Больше года 
mcrkilljoygirl said:
1.my teacher
2.my sister sometimes
4.my neighboor
5.the Еда of my school
6.people correcting my grammar
7.stupid people
9.the hour
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posted Больше года 
Llawliet74 said:
1. My crazy cousins.(and 2 of them are older than me!)
2.My mom re-typing all the papers i have for homework.(She makes it sound corny.)
3. People who say i sound like a guy.(Just because i'm monotone.)
4.People who never shut up.
5.Soap operas
6.People who say totally WAY too much.
7.Girly girls.
8. All those lame paparazzi who have nothing to do but make peoples life suck.
9.When my crush avoids me.
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posted Больше года 
sapherequeen said:
#10. Arguments over gay rights. Now this I may need to explicate; Sometimes I feel that BOTH sides...the ones against homosexuality and the ones who fight for homosexuality...are two extreme. From what I've seen, they both пересекать, крест lines and boundaries, and they both can be wrong and never truly look back and realize that. But that's a whole other subject, so I'm going to continue to #9.

#9) School. I don't think I need to explain why xD

#8) Petty drama. Like full battles over something silly like, "Hey! That's my pen!"

#7) My cousin. One is 12-years-old; On Хэллоуин night she growled at Болталка people and almost got into something with a girl, and she had me run across our town so she could get revenge on her ex-boyfriend (Don't ask, please). The other one is 10-years-old; She cries over everything. Seriously. If Ты were to call her something like a 'bug' (I've done that before), she'll sit in the corner of a room and sulk about how horrible her life is when she truly has no freaking idea... -_-

#6) Animal Cruelty. It's sick, barbaric, and it pisses me off when someone states, "Oh, we are above Животные because we're human." And who in the hell proved that? Oh. Let me guess. MAN.

#5) Battles over Twilight. We can agree to like and dislike a book, simple as that :)

#4) My mother. She's a pain. She lectures me over stupid things like four to five times a day. *sighs*

#3) People who fight in groups. To me, it's like this. I understand that if Ты have a friend Ты truly care about, Ты would want to defend him/her when someone's attacking him/her. But that can easily go from admirable to simply unnecessary and ridiculous. So someone calls someone else "dumb", that someone else will have two Друзья shouting at the other person at the same time the someone else is defending himself?

If Ты insulted a person, and Ты got an argument into that person, at least make an attempt to fight on your own so Ты don't Показать yourself as sad and weak.

#2) Ignorance.

#1) Hypocrites.

And an additional number #11: People who pick fights with me and have this illusion where I actually care and believe they're worth my time.
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posted Больше года 
*My cousins
sapherequeen posted Больше года
And I'm sorry if the answer sounds bitchy. I'm not in a great mood today. -_-
sapherequeen posted Больше года
Wow...Thats a list...
zanesaaomgfan posted Больше года
Lol, yeah. I'm not the most jubilant individual that you'd meet at times...
sapherequeen posted Больше года
Zimgaz said:
1. School
2. Immature people
3. Homophobes
4. pqL Pheww T1kkkk L1Ek D1sssss (people who talk like this)
5. Racist people
6. Prude people
7. Viruses on my computer
8. Snooty people
9. Overpriced clothes
10. When batteries die D:
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posted Больше года 
YunhoFan said:
2.Dumb people
4.Paris Hilton
7.People bashing other people's interests
10.Vegetables & fruits
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 1.School 2.Dumb people 3.Fangirls 4.Paris Hilton 5.Sports 6.Dogs 7.People bashing other people's interests 8.Yelling 9.Teachers 10.Vegetables & fruits
posted Больше года 
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