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Riddles! I'll give youm Благодарности if Ты answer. Thanks!

(1) What word spells longer when the third letter is removed?
(2) Paris starts with a 'P' and ends with an 'e'. Is this true?
(3)What can Ты always find in the middle of a taxicab?
(4)What 11-letter word is pronounced incorrectly by еще than 99% of Ivy League students?
(5)Why do black овца, овцы eat less трава than regular sheep?
(6)If Ты can speak properly,you will be able to answer the following question. Which is correct, "The yolk of an egg is white" или "The yolk of an egg are white"?
(7)How many печенье can Ты eat on an empty stomach?
(8)Where must a referee be to blow a whistle?
Ты can get multiple guesses, by the way.
POPclogger216 posted Больше года
POPclogger216 posted Больше года
 POPclogger216 posted Больше года
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justleeelee said:
1) ...lodnger... *looks awkwardly around*
2) Do Ты want it to be?
3) Your mom.
4) Toilet paper.
5) Because the white овца, овцы are racist and wont let the black овца, овцы have any.
6) ..One of them.
7) OVER 9000!
8) Lady Gagas PENIS.
yeah, im such a genius :3
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posted Больше года 
LunaShay said:
5.There are less black овца, овцы than white sheep.
6.Both,by the sound of it..
7.OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!...or just 1.
8.It doesn't matter.. .3.
-hugs google-You make me feel smart.:D

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posted Больше года 
Some are wrong, but most are correct. Thanks for answering!
POPclogger216 posted Больше года
sunflowerchild said:
1. Lounger
2. yes
3. i
4. incorrectly
5. there are fewer black овца, овцы than white sheep.
6. neither. the yolk of an egg is yellow, not white.
7. one, because after one, your stomach won't be empty anymore.
8. doesn't have to be in any specific position.
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posted Больше года 
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