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Post a Болталка conversation you've had this week.!

Teacher-*talking about how we read*
Teacher-*knocks on my desk* "how do Ты read?"
me-"with my eyes? Like anyone else!"
Student-"haha! your gonna get in trouble"
Me-"I don't know why! I'm telling the truth..i dont read with my imaginary P***s!"
 skuttlebug303 posted Больше года
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POPclogger216 said:
Teacher:I think I just Остаться в живых my mind!
Me: No, Ты have just simply misplaced it. And, when Ты find your mind, Ты always remember where Ты had misplaced it. So, by makin a lot of mistakes and forgeting lot's of stuff, Ты make it so that there's no where else to misplace your mind, thus ending the mistakes. This is a logic lesson brought to Ты by J.T.C.A. inc. Learn it. Любовь it. Live it.
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posted Больше года 
midnight-stars said:
Okay so me and my Друзья where sitting by the trampoline, and they where discussing bathing Форс-мажоры and I was like "Do monkeys have balls?" and they looked at me weird and was like "Well they have boobs so they gotta have balls." and I сказал(-а) "Yeah, I betcha they're hairy too." and everyone looks around and starts laughing..ahh it was a great time.
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posted Больше года 
LMAO!!! XDD...I talk shit like that too!! :D
maxygirlforever posted Больше года
xxXsk8trXxx said:
(A conversation with my Друзья about an upcoming costume party at my school)

Tess: "We need to come up with costumes."
Moi: "I'll be Joseph Stalin. All I have to do is get a fake moustache, wear a Soviet uniform, and stuff a подушка down my shirt."
Everyone: 0_0
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posted Больше года 
skuttlebug303 posted Больше года
invaderlin123 said:
*talking with my sister in paris* (i.m. btw)

morgan:so how are things in geogia?

me: crappy all i did yesterday was go to a stupid carnival

morgan: !!!!! omg lucky!!!!!

me: no mom made me ride the stupid пони ride thing i hate it when she does that -.-

morgan: well did Ты do еще than ride ponies?

me: yeah try this: clowns get all up in your face and make Ты a stupid balloon animal so as soon as i got it i shoved it in his face and grabbed my pencil and popped it in his face!!!!

morgan: your so mean sierra

me: no Ты just need to grow up еще your 13 and well need i say more?

morgan: your not funny!!!! *offline*

LOL it was hilarious!!! XD
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posted Больше года 
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