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I have a question...

Can someone give me Вопросы for something im doing? It could be anything about Музыка или Spongebob Squarepants :D или anything! I just need some questions!
 larouxbestfan posted Больше года
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Chibi-Baka3 said:
Well...okay. xD

1.) Ты must be feeling bored; is this correct?
2.) Who is your Избранное character in Spongebob (other than him)?
3.) Do Ты find classical Музыка to be relaxing или calming?
4.) Do Ты prefer rock или pop? If none of these, then which one(s) do Ты prefer?
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posted Больше года 
BlindBandit92 said:
1.What do Ты do in your spare time?
2.Do Ты like video games?
3.What's your thoughts on the political situations around the world?
4.Do Ты have a Музыка artist Ты dislike? Why do Ты dislike them?
5.Have Ты ever mediated?
6.What's your thoughts on religions?
7.What's your Избранное country?
8.Do Ты have a Избранное website?
9.Do Ты like sports?
10.What your stance on economic problems around the world?
11.Do Ты have a Избранное tv show?
12.What's your stance on women rights? Civil rights in general?
13.Do Ты dislike any particular Телевидение station?
14.Do Ты have a Избранное country?
15.Do Ты have a Избранное cuisine?
16.What's one thing you'd never eat?
17.What's your stance on abortion?
18.What's your opinion on Global Warming?
19.If Ты had a superpower,what would Ты have?
20.If Ты had a million bucks, what would Ты spend it on?
21.Favorite celebrity?
22.Do Ты like anime?
23.What is your interests
24.Your stance on alternate ways of making energy?
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posted Больше года 
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