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Name the song (and group/artist)!

Song 1..... I'm your daytime at the тако tiki hut, i'm your daytime waitress here's your stupid seven-up....

Song 2..... Daddy works a long day, he be comin' Главная late, he's coming Главная late....

Song 3..... they didn't quit they wanted his head........ and so they shot him 'till he was dead.

A few non-chorus lyrics to my fav songs. Song 2, should be really easy.
 childofaeolus posted Больше года
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kaboomgirl said:
Song 1: B-52-Funplex
Song 2: Foster the People-Pumped Up Kicks
Song 3: Rasputin-Boney M

Don't thank me. Thank Google.
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posted Больше года 
childofaeolus posted Больше года
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