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can someone help me make an anime/manga?

ok, here's the thing....i'd be good at the bigger things when it comes 2 pictures 4 a Манга (like cover art and bonus stuff and consept 4 the characters) but i'm not patient person plus i can't stand trying 2 work with panels and i can't write anything but calligraphy...i created the back of the cards shown here.
i think we need 2 start with a Манга and then c if we get anywhere with that. if ur interested, Присоединиться the spot (even if ur not u can still Присоединиться and voice ur thoughts)
so far we've got nothing 2 work with but rules 2 the game and a few rp characters we could use 4 main characters...
 can someone help me make an anime/manga?
 zutaradragon posted Больше года
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