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Please,I need help,can u all please help me?

Its not about me,but my best friend.She fell in a relationship with a boy who is quite nice,but sometimes a flirt..he really loved my friend,i can tell that..they were in the same school,but in different blocks..so they mainly conversed on phone..then suddenly after some days,,he started ignoring her..she dint know why,she always called him,but he dint reply,so i advised her to stop calling him because i thought it was like begging to him,but now after so many days,he still stares at her,his Друзья still tease him by her name and he still gazes at her with the same intensity..
Can Ты please tell me what it means? Does he like her? или what? Please i need your help,for my friend..please...what should i tell my friend? she is really sad..do help.
 messilover315 posted Больше года
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girsmurf22 said:
Hmm,this boy seems quite unpredictable.

Well i see 2 options,that Ты could give your friend to help her out.

1. She could go up to this guy,and confront him first hand,maybe when his Друзья arent around,or she could maybe try meeting him somewhere after school,and confronting him then.

2. Ты could tell your friend that their are many boys in the world,but this boy,possibly isnt the right one.if he's not returning her calls,it means that he's either shy или just doesnt want to talk to her,it may be hard to say,but as long as Ты stay by her side during this situation,she'll recover quite well.

I hope, my Совет does u and your friend well :)
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posted Больше года 
shame that no one else answered this.... -_-
girsmurf22 posted Больше года
I think the same too..
surbhi-sm10 posted Больше года
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