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Exams! Do Ты have subject specific ones или one exam for everything? Which would Ты prefer?

Any exam I take is subject specific and I prefer it this way. Ты know exactly what will be in the exam so Ты can revise better and Ты can get into the mindset for that subject.
 Book-Freak posted Больше года
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Spottedpool said:
We have subject specific at our school and we dont take them all on the same day. On the third день before Рождество break или summer vacation we take our first hr exams the Далее день is секунда third and fourth and then on the last день its sixth seventh and eighth hr
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posted Больше года 
Having them all in one день would be horrible! Exams are generally in November или May/June in my school for two to four weeks with either one или two exams per day.
Book-Freak posted Больше года
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