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Movie-Maker suggestions?

I've been trying to make Видео on Youtube with Windows Movie Maker but the picture quality is always really bad - the dark colours look like they have a pixellated effect. I was just wondering if anyone could suggest a different program that I can get for free and works as simply as that but with better quality. It's probably a long shot - but worth a try. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds :)
 saz19126 posted Больше года
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Well I dont use WMM but I can say dont use AVS. AVS isnt BAD but its very cheap and non reliable. It also has the same problem with your WMM color. BUT I can tell Ты how Ты can fix WMM color when Ты download it on Youtube ect. When your downloading it and youll see all the options for how to download it, like, 280fps,and low quality ect. Keep randomly downloading the same, (short testing) video to see what is the best for whatever cam your using. Thats all i can say...sry if this wasnt very helpful but...dont worry. OH and ive also herd from MANY video makers (such as myself) saying WMM is a REALLY good editing system. so Ты might jest want to stay on it.
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posted Больше года 
Ok thanks - yeah it is really good for editing - I'll try the short testing tip - thanks :)
saz19126 posted Больше года
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