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Worst fear:


Paris Hilton:




Pass the time:

One night stands:

Donald Trump:







 Canyounot posted Больше года
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summer2987 said:

Beer: good

Anorexic: past

Myspace: no

Worst fear: nothing

Marriage: no

Paris Hilton: dumbass

Brunettes: me

Redheads: Scotland

Blondes: no

Pass the time: sleep

One night stands: no

Donald Trump: who

Animals: yes

Hate: everything

Love: nothing

Parents: dead

School: no

Water: need?

Fanpop: online
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posted Больше года 
LocalArtistist said:
Beer: meh

Anorexic: stupid

Myspace: stupider

Worst fear: falling

Marriage: ha!

Paris Hilton: who

Brunettes: surplus

Redheads: extinct

Blondes: fake

Pass the time: art

One night stands: fun

Donald Trump: who

Animals: tasty

Hate: love

Love: hate

Parents: controlling

School: boring

Water: polluted

Fanpop: life

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posted Больше года 
IsidoraSmiley said:
Beer: no
Anorexic: no
Myspace: no
Worst fear: bugs
Marriage: future
Paris Hilton: dislike
Brunettes: me
Redheads: love
Blondes: love
Pass the time: huh
One night stands: no
Donald Trump: no
Animals: love
Hate: bugs
Love: nutella
Parents: yes
School: hate
Water: ok

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posted Больше года 
Dreamtime said:
Beer: ..

Anorexic: sad

Myspace: ...

Worst fear: darkness

Marriage: commitment

Paris Hilton: ...

Brunettes: nice

Redheads: pretty

Blondes: meh

Pass the time: what

One night stands: disgusting

Donald Trump: ass

Animals: amazing

Hate: bad

Love: heart

Parents: respect

School: awesome

Water: necessary

Fanpop: random

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posted Больше года 
RDJ-4EVA said:
Beer: Drunk

Anorexic: FOOD

Myspace: Dead

Worst fear: IDK

Marriage: Forever

Paris Hilton: Jail

Brunettes: Smart

Redheads: Fun

Blondes: Stereotypical

Pass the time: Read

One night stands: Never

Donald Trump: Rich

Animals: Adorable

Hate: Dumbasses

Love: David Tennant

Parents: Useful

School: Education

Water: H2O

Fanpop: Fun

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posted Больше года 
Yes I know, David Tennant is 2 words
RDJ-4EVA posted Больше года
x-Yumi-x3 said:
Beer: Gross

Anorexic: Not me

Myspace: Old

Worst fear: Death

Marriage: Some day

Paris Hilton: Stupid

Brunettes: Not me

Redheads: Cute

Blondes: Common

Pass the time: Hobbies

One night stands: They wish

Donald Trump: Jackass

Animals: Loveee!!

Hate: Things I hate

Love: Things I like

Parents: Cool

School: Boring

Water: Needs

Fanpop: Entertaining sometimes.
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posted Больше года 
CarolineG said:
Beer: nope

Anorexic: Stupid

Myspace: what?

Worst fear: Forgetting

Marriage: Maybe?

Paris Hilton: hm... nah

Brunettes: Cool...

Redheads: S2

Blondes: ME!! :D

Pass the time: read

One night stands: Nah

Donald Trump:

Animals: CATS!!

Hate: Onions

Love: Milkshake

Parents: yeah....

School: Draw!

Water: wet...?

Fanpop: Yay!!!
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posted Больше года 
ops, skiped one...
CarolineG posted Больше года
Donald Trumps... Dunno...
CarolineG posted Больше года
Yay for cats! =3
xXxJDloverxXx posted Больше года
XxKeithHarkinxX said:
Beer: ew

Anorexic: noooooooo

Myspace: hahahhah

Worst fear: nope

Marriage: nah

Paris Hilton: who

Brunettes: ehhhh

Redheads: ehhhhhhh

Blondes: eh

Pass the time: hahahhahah

One night stands: fob

Donald Trump: hair

Animals: ruff

Hate: lol

Love: hahhaaa

Parents: noooo

School: yesss

Water: bland

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posted Больше года 
xXxJDloverxXx said:
Beer: Yuck

Anorexic: No

Myspace: No

Worst fear: Death

Marriage: Maybe

Paris Hilton: Ugh

Brunettes: Pretty

Redheads: Pretty

Blondes: Pretty

Pass the time: Gaming

One night stands: None

Donald Trump: Who?

Animals: Fascinating

Hate: Marmite

Love: Cats

Parents: Divorced

School: Over

Water: Refreshing

Fanpop: Fun
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posted Больше года 
Zeppie said:
Beer: Yum.

Anorexic: Sad.

Myspace: Dead.

Worst fear: Spiders.

Marriage: Beautiful.

Paris Hilton: Meh.

Brunettes: Cool.

Redheads: Bold.

Blondes: Pretty.

Pass the time: PS3.

One night stands: Ridiculous.

Donald Trump: Wealthy.

Animals: Adorable.

Hate: Disrespect.

Love: Youtube.

Parents: Incredible.

School: Awful.

Water: Refreshing.

Fanpop: Fun.
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posted Больше года 
rkebfan4ever said:
beer: yuck

anorexic: bad

myspace: boring

worst fear: death

marriage: love

Paris Hilton: stuckup

brunettes: pretty

redheads: fiery

blondes: beautiful

pass the time: read

one night stands: disgusting

Donald Trump: rich

animals: cute

hate: wrong

love: Twilight

parents: family

school: education

water: neccesity

Fanpop: cool

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posted Больше года 
RedPineapple said:
Beer: NOPE.

Anorexic: No..?

Myspace: Deceased.

Worst fear: Injury

Marriage: Someday.

Paris Hilton: ....

Brunettes: Normal

Redheads: Normal

Blondes: Normal

Pass the time: Anime

One night stands: N-O.

Donald Trump: Money

Animals: Cats~

Hate: Crowds

Love: ...anime

Parents: Important.

School: Boring..


Fanpop: Fun.
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posted Больше года 
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