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I need your help. BADLY!

OK, so my band director is refusing to tell me Далее years marching band theme. But, he's had a word on the board, no one asked about it (until I did today), for about 2 weeks and he's neither confirming nor denying that it's a clue. The word is COLLIGUTS. I asked if it was a word unscramble; he didn't say if it was или if it wasn't. I'm rather positive it is cuz he usually tells me stuff, and he's a kinda bad liar. Please help! If Ты get it right I'll give Ты whatever Благодарности Ты want.
OK update! This is a clue. And, of course, it's not a word scramble. He told us on Tuesday cuz he knew that we've all spent hours trying to unscramble it. Thanks for all your help. If Ты have any ideas on what else it could be that would be greatly appreciated. Luv y'all!
RDJ-4EVA posted Больше года
Another update! It's an acronym. And my friend got a drum part, with the Название cut off, that sounded kind of like Under the Sea. Any ideas? I'd Любовь to know. Thanks for the help!
RDJ-4EVA posted Больше года
 RDJ-4EVA posted Больше года
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x-Yumi-x3 said:
Mhmm no idea. Lucky Ты even have a hint they probably won't tell us our Показать until the end of the school year. или until march madness. Mind me asking how big your band is?
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posted Больше года 
He neither confirmed nor denied that it was a clue. And about 60-70 for marching band and 50-60 for concert. We're a small school.
RDJ-4EVA posted Больше года
Ah okay. we're 6A about 200. but most band directors do shows that are so what alike the last years like theme. Like ours was Фэнтези four and the Далее was eutopia and last years was earth wind and fire. All Фэнтези like so think about that.
x-Yumi-x3 posted Больше года
LocalArtistist said:
clog litus

clog sluit

clog tulsi

cog illust

cli glouts

cill gouts

cill gusto

clio gluts

coil gluts

coli gluts

loci gluts

scil glout

coit gulls

otic gulls

coll giust

clo guilts

clo gulist

col guilts

col gulist

loc guilts

loc gulist

clos guilt

cols guilt

clot iglus

clot sluig

clot uglis

жеребенок, кольт iglus

жеребенок, кольт sluig

жеребенок, кольт uglis

clou gilts

clou glist

coul gilts

coul glist

cult logis

lig clouts

lig locust

gill scout

gilo cults

gilo scult

goli cults

goli scult

gils clout

gils culot

gilt locus

iglu clots

iglu colts

ugli clots

ugli colts

gis collut

sig collut

goll cutis

goll ictus

gull stoic

glos culti

glos ticul

logs culti

logs ticul

slog culti

slog ticul

guls cloit

guls lotic

lugs cloit

lugs lotic

slug cloit

slug lotic

glut coils

gult coils

got cullis

tog cullis

gut collis

tug collis

ugt collis

litu clogs

util clogs

sull cogit

lust logic

slut logic

lut logics

ult logics

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posted Больше года 
No, I think it's a word scramble.
RDJ-4EVA posted Больше года
I unscrambled it.
LocalArtistist posted Больше года
Sorry. Just found out that it's not a word scramble.
RDJ-4EVA posted Больше года
silverwolf97 said:
That's cheating PAIGE! At least I think that's who Ты are...I mean who else would have supernatural, Sherlock, Dr. Who, and Loki on their profile? I mean come on! This will be very awkward if it's not you. Not to mention your Имя пользователя is Robert Downey Jr. forever >.> yup it's definitely paige

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posted Больше года 
LOL! Hi Ariel! Yeah it's me.
RDJ-4EVA posted Больше года
Hi guys!
gosid87 posted Больше года
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