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Sorry I asked this already...

If Ты already answered the other one and have the same opinion Ты don't have to answer again!

I'm just wondering if my character's ok.

full name: Ceel

age: 2007

gender: male

Sexuality: homosexual

personality: he loves music. Throughout the story he becomes depressed and self-harms. He wants to be a singer but gets discouraged sometimes. He has selective mutism, making it hard for him to talk to people and he gets stage fright. He's a bit close minded and tends to argue with people about religion, but he tries to be accepting. He wants to make everyone happy because he doesn't want them to become like him. At the beginning of the story he's meaner to people and doesn't like talking to his peers. He calls them stupid and ignores them when they talk to him. Later he tries to be nicer.

appearance: ghost: long, straight, blonde hair, blue eyes, short, thin, light dusting of freckles. Possessed girl: shoulder length, straight, black hair, brown eyes, average height and weight.

other: he is an Iluvatarist, he's the ghost of and elven prince who possessed someone.

Plot: Ceel dies and possesses a girl. He has special powers from being an elf and someone from the future contacts him. He tells him about his powers and trains him to use them better. After that he asks him to use his powers to change the future. He agrees. Since his powers are Музыка he becomes a singer to convince people to give everyone equal rights. Some other ghosts find out about his powers and try to kill him and steal them.
 misscrazel posted Больше года
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