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Telling other people's kids off

I recently read this Статья here : link
about whether people would feel comfortable telling off another persons child and i find some of the responses quite interesting and was wondering -

How would Ты feel if someone else told your child off for being naughty? Would Ты allow them, или defend your child?

My pennies worth:
I have three separate ways to deal with naughty children-
1. If they are children of a friend или relative in my care, i have no problem telling them off, using the naughty step или with-holding privileges as a punishment to get them to behave as i would my own child and i expect my Друзья and relatives to do the same with my child in their care . They are under my supervision so should respect my rules and vice-versa.
2. If they are children of a friend или relative in their parents care but with me attending, i leave their parents to deal with them as they are the ultimate authority, however if that сказал(-а) ultimate authority is busy i will deal with it and then immediately inform the parent, not for extra punishment but to update them on what's happened etc so there is no confusion later on and they do so for me
3. If it is a strangers child misbehaving on the улица, уличный with their parents in attendance i speak to the parent and raise my concerns, i do get a bit of backlash for this but i see it as important. They are right it is none of my business how they raise their children, but i always counter that my child should not have to see или hear what their child is doing/saying and i would appreciate if they would speak to their child on my behalf to quieten their behavior and leave it at that.
As for me, if a stranger came to talk to me about my child's behavior i try to see it from both points of view and apologize if i'm in the wrong and have a word with my child to rectify the problem.

But what do Ты guys think? Would Ты be ok if someone Ты know или a stran
 BabyBlud posted Больше года
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rosedawson1 said:
I only believe it okay to tell a child that isn't in your care или in the care of one of your really close friend или family off if the child is becoming a danger to other peoples safety. Ты shouldn't tell of other people kids even if Ты do know their parent just not that well because everyone has different ways of raising their kids and what some people may consider rude other people may not. like when I was little I got told of by my former friend's mom for pointing and no saying grace before I ate both of which are things my parents didn't really mind. 1. I have autism so if I am having trouble speaking I will point it was just another form of communication 2. my dad wasn't big on religion and wanted me not to be to largely influenced by all that. So really if Ты don't have permission from the kids parents don't tell off their kids.
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posted Больше года 
summer2987 said:
well my child better not be an annoying and disrespect kid in the first place, is he is Актёрское искусство badly, he should get punished, and i think its okay for someone else to tell them that what their doing is wrong.

dont blame the punisher, blame the wrong doer.
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posted Больше года 
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