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I'm promoting for a TV Показать club!

So, here's the thing;

I'm promoting a club I started that's based off a Дисней XD TV Показать called The 7D.

Now, I may know what you're thinking. "This is not an advertising club!" Well, this club only has 2 fans, and I need some help. I could use the support and get at least 2 еще fans. I'm not trying to beg или anything.

I'm saying it's a good show, I think you'd enjoy watching it, and create fandoms. ._.

P.S. The 7D is about a throwback of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" but minus Snow White, plus medieval times, and plus redesigning.

P.P.S. Hats off to Ты if Ты could guess what names Ты can get from left to right!
 I'm promoting for a TV Показать club!
 Misscheney1 posted Больше года
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purrloinedlove said:
No thanks. I watched part of it and I did not like it.
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posted Больше года 
Okay. At least Ты watched it. ._.
Misscheney1 posted Больше года
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