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how is this spot a pending spot

Эй, does anyone know what it takes for a spot to become a full club out of the pending stage i mean i was searching pending клубы and this one came up it has the most Фаны of all the pending spots the секунда most Фаны was 1760 Фаны and this has like thousands of picks and Тест Вопросы and Обои and everything just wondering when it becomes a regular spot anyone know
 jedigal1990 posted Больше года
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jefferyw52 said:
ok thats impossible this spot already has almoast 3000 Фаны thats impossible it should be a regular spot
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posted Больше года 
i agree thats why i'm really confused that its not a regular spot maybe it needs 3000 Фаны to become one i don't know
jedigal1990 posted Больше года
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