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OK how do Ты become like a die hard Фан and those other ones?

 blaise_jez posted Больше года
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sapherequeen said:
Well, before receiving a Die Hard medal and a Fanatic medal, Ты have to start at a Dedicated Фан medal, unless Ты miraculously receive a Die Hard before a Dedicated Fan.

With getting Dedicated Фан medals, there's a variety of things Ты can do to earn it; Ты can post videos, post images, post links, and create numerous pop Тест Вопросы (I did that once, and ended up with a medal days later :D). If Ты don't know how to post those, Ты can simply create fanpicks and answer-questions, and answer Вопросы или Комментарий on fanpicks. You'll have to spend a lot of your time on this fanclub to receive the medal.

It may take a while for Ты to get one, but if Ты work hard and don't have too many expectations, it will happen. :)

Now, a Die Hard is sort of like the секунда phase for a medal. To me, Fanpop Медали go through three stages; Dedicated, Die Hard, Fanatic. Over time, due to hard work, the medal progresses from Green (Dedicated) to red (Fanatic).

To get the Die-Hard, Ты simply do what Ты have been doing for a Dedicated Фан medal. If it works out, you'll have your Die-Hard :)

или if you're lucky, you'll have the Fanatic....

Hope I cleared things up!! ^_^
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posted Больше года 
thanx saph
blaise_jez posted Больше года
N-y time.
sapherequeen posted Больше года
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