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Who are your вверх 15 rock bands?

With me, it's....

1. KoRn
2. Evanescence
3. Skillet
4. System of a Down
5. Hypnogaja
6. Three Days Grace
7. Ill Nino
8. Static-X
9. Slipknot
10. Mudvayne
11. Chevelle
12. 10 Years
13. Red
14. Rammstein
15. 30 секунды To Mars

I Любовь all sorts of rock bands :)

What about you?
dnt hav any dnt like rock only hiphop pop r&b i likee x
ilovethexfacter posted Больше года
 sapherequeen posted Больше года
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greenday82 said:
(not in this order)
1. Green Day
2. My Chemical Romance
3. Nirvana
4. 3 Doors Down
5. Incubus
6. Evanescence
7. Three Days Grace
8. Third Eye Blind
9. Linkin Park
10. AFI
11. AC/DC
12. Avril Lavigne
13. Death Cab for Cutie
14. Red Hot Chili Peppers
15. The Used

I could go on forever but i was only asked for 15 so i will end....
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posted Больше года 
joan_vrX said:
1.The cure
2.The Beatles
3.The Rolling Stones
4.The Clash
6.Sex Pistols
7.The Velvet Underground
8.Pink Floyd
9.Tegan and Sara
13.Snny Side Of The Razor
15.Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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posted Больше года 
princess829 said:
1. Paramore
2. Nickelback
3. Linkin Park
4. Daughtry
5. 3 Days Grace
6. 3 Doors Down
7. Flyleaf
8. Evanescence
9. Seether
11.Green Day
12.Boys Like Girls (idk if they would really be considered rock but whatever)
13.Fall Out Boy
14.Sick Puppies
15.Breaking Benjamin

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posted Больше года 
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