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I need some help...How do Ты define art???

I have a essay and I was wondering if Ты could give me an idea... или a sentence to start off ^.^
 nessienjake posted Больше года
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R33n33sm3 said:
well umm....
how about...:

There had been difficulties defining art, but as it was defined in general, it is the product of creative human activity in which materials are shaped или selected to convey an idea, emotion, или visually interesting form. Art can't easily be defined as simple as any ordinary object because it implies value..monetary, social and intellectual. And it is also ever-changing and growing making it harder and almost impossible to have a constant clear definition. As it was said, when people ask, "What is art?" или state that something "is not art," they usually are not seeking a philosophical definition but are instead expressing an opinion that a painting is not realistic enough, that it is offensive, или that it does not use traditional materials. This also shows that people not only make art, but also choose which objects should be called art.Make judgments, but get specific..that is one of the rules of art.
and a video Показ something I found ...interesting :)

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posted Больше года 
</jaw drops> O.O..........Beautiful :D I Любовь the vid,and i Любовь your answer~~~!
PreBanned posted Больше года
awww thanks:)
R33n33sm3 posted Больше года
wow amazign!! truly amazing,I've sincerely wrote this in my 'definition of art' so it couns I've coppied:)) though I've added 2 еще pages of work T.T
nessienjake posted Больше года
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