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What's the funniest thing a person in one of your classes has сказал(-а) all day?

So yeah post that. CHANGE IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I like the laughs. Also for people commenting on other posts, um please Удалить the Комментарий if it no longer applies.

Ok so in Science today we had a quiz. Our teacher told us that we had 30 минуты to study for it.

One ditzy girl сказал(-а) "Can we like have like 10 минуты to study?"

The whole class laughs.

The teacher says that yes only 3 times еще to study.

She then says,"Oh 10 times 3 is 30!"

We were all like WTF LOL!

I will be changing this often..
 dustfinger posted Больше года
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dragonrider said:
In PE this boy was like "I would probably get hit by a ball in a sensitive area just like I always do"
Literally five секунды he сказал(-а) that he gets hit by a баскетбол in the gut. The people around me were like "Dude Ты just jinxed yourself"
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posted Больше года 
TeamGomez said:
My год 11 class is really naughty and so our teacher was giving us this lecture about the importance of thriving in all aspects of school and the consequences we could face when we brake the rules. Anyway he was talking about what it meant to get suspended from school when this boy randomly asks "How many chances do we get until we're expired?" hahaha everyone could not stop laughing all day, especially because the boy didn't even realise the mistake he had made. Ты see what he meant to say was "expelled" but instead he asked how long til' we're expired?? LOL
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posted Больше года 
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