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posted by brianna91997
1. if Ты have mario, play some mario games.

2. Go on Fanpop for 1 или 2 hours.

3. post a couple tweets on twitter if Ты have an account.

4. play outside.

5. go bike riding или swimming

6. read a book (i know some people think its boring)

7. draw something on paper или on the computer

8. watch nyan cat on youtube

9. play a zelda game if Ты have any zelda games

10. watch hello kitty Видео on youtube

11. play your 3ds for 3 hours if Ты have a 3ds

12. post 100 pictures on deviantart if Ты have an account

13. make a account on a website Ты know of

14. post 10000000 pictures on this club (i know Ты cant do it in one day

15. try to get a medal on this club

16. pretend its a holiday like halloween

17. pretend to be at school

18. pretend to be a princess if you're a girl, if you're a boy, pretend to be a prince.

19. eat 100 tacos

20. play the wii if Ты have one

21. subsrcibe to all Youtube channels that Ты find

22. if Ты dont have a Youtube account, make one

23. play a game for a hour

24. pretend to be a baby

25, if you're just Чтение this and dont have a account, make a Fanpop account

26 if Ты had your Аватар for a long time, change it

27. play your most Избранное game for 1 hour

28. if Ты haven't been on a website for a long time, go for a visit.

29. chat with someone on here

30. chat in a chatroom on deviantart

31. create a chatroom on deviantart (i know about that website but i dont have a account)

32. follow all the people on twitter that Ты know of

33. listen to lady gaga songs

34. watch Youtube Видео (just to let Ты know i know about Youtube but i dont have a account)

35. watch spongebob shows on tv

36. watch the spongebob movie

37. if Ты have a 3ds and Ты have bird mania 3d, try to make your score 1,000.

38. listen to songs on youtube.

39. play new super mario bros. 2 for the 3ds.

40. watch Youtube poop

41. pick flowers.

42. become a Фан of every fanpoper that Ты find on here

43. rate everything on Fanpop that Ты find

44. jump like crazy

45. Избранное every deviation on deviantart that Ты like

46. retweet tweets on twitter

47. post Обои on twitter

48. Избранное Обои that Ты find and like on here

49. if people subscribe to Ты on youtube, subsrcibe back to them.

50. when it snows soon, play in the snow

51. share stuff on facebook

Please rate this. This isn't my best Статья work.
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I have a very boring Humanities teacher, and therefore for the purpose of survival I must invent games to get through the monotony. I was thinking of making this a regular feature for every new game I come up with, let me know what Ты think.

Okay, this first one is a variation of Connect 4 which i have adpted to make it not only available to play in lessons, but also in silence.

Basically All Ты need is paper and a pencil. And an equally bored friend

Ты draw an 8 by 8 grid no the paper with lines along the sides and bottom. Ты then choose whether to be see through circles или shaded ones. You're friend is the other one. then basically like connect 4, Ты take it in turns to draw your круг in, and try to 'connect 4'.

remember like the original game u cant randomly place them in the middle, they ahve to go from the bottom up.

Have fun, and tell em if Ты want еще of my games ;)
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A быстрый, стремительный, свифт lunge at your soul but it's all in the mind
If Ты want to stuff me in a suit I'm sure you'll find
That the things that'll creep ya are sure to beat ya
Got to stay alive или they're going to meet ya

10 Rooms 5 vents and no doors at all
Not even a flashlight and no time to stall
Delay for a moment and through the vents they'll crawl
Almost dead, every sound I dread, and I see him in the hall.


So night one, here we go,...
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 This actually happened to me on a few occasions. Yeah, that день sucked. ^__^
This actually happened to me on a few occasions. Yeah, that day sucked. ^__^
Songs. Freaking.... Songs. Seriously, these things are like drugs. Listen to certain outstanding ones and you'll be hooked for days! Months! Years! DECADES! MILLENNIUMS!

Seriously though, some of these songs are also very nostalgic to me, and I used to hear some when I was just a little kid.

And it's ABOUT DAMN TIME I took time to appreciate those songs that never left my head when I was a child, and even to this day, I hum these songs around twice a day.

Whether they're from video games, actual artists, или even just songs with no lyrics, like Пианино covers, EVERYTHING counts, as long as it's...
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