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posted by latinlover
a plane crashes-your cry/hit someone/shoota bird!
the lights go out-you turn them on agian
your bf says i Любовь you-what bf?/say wtf?since when?

GIVE ME MORE!-brittany!!/ewwwwww!leave brit!alone!
Do Ты want a lolipop?-when?/haha
are Ты okay?-NOOOOOO,im not ok i promise!/
the photos-i took/of nick ;)
what happen when...-idk was i awake?/nick tok his sunglasses off?
the best time to.....-stalk the night~/creeper
My fav.color is..-orange/red the color of the inside of a bird
did the sun fall?-yea!duh wtf?/for the mooon!
are Ты hungry...?-I am!/cookies!!
Its bad when i..-think alot/hit small animals
the last thing i did was..-download music/drink
What im thinking now is..-god i hate that dude/laurens Ответы are horrible!
posted by cassie-1-2-3
I thought I’d share with Ты all, the horrible event I just experienced only moments ago…
First off, I need to explain my terrifying fear of roaches and all insects. When I was really young, around three years old, I believe, I had a horrible nightmare. I still remember it as clear as day. I was sitting in my bedroom one evening when my parents decided to go to the Фильмы and leave me Главная all alone. I was sitting there, depressed… when a bunch of roaches stated crawling into my room from under the door. I screamed and jumped onto my bed. еще and еще were seeping through until the whole...
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posted by chocopockyninja
Hello, resintly in my neighbor капот, худ a dog was shot in the head by a police officer. This happend when the family left there Собаки in the gradge, with the door open. The Собаки tried to get into the house and when they finally did, it triggered the alarm system in the house automaticly notifying the police. When an officer got to the house, the gradge door was open. So he got his gun out thinking there was someone inside. Like a robber или rapest или something. When he approached the house, two Собаки came out. One ran towards him barking. The officer, out of fright shot the dog. Not just in the paw...
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