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posted by latinlover
a plane crashes-your cry/hit someone/shoota bird!
the lights go out-you turn them on agian
your bf says i Любовь you-what bf?/say wtf?since when?

GIVE ME MORE!-brittany!!/ewwwwww!leave brit!alone!
Do Ты want a lolipop?-when?/haha
are Ты okay?-NOOOOOO,im not ok i promise!/
the photos-i took/of nick ;)
what happen when...-idk was i awake?/nick tok his sunglasses off?
the best time to.....-stalk the night~/creeper
My fav.color is..-orange/red the color of the inside of a bird
did the sun fall?-yea!duh wtf?/for the mooon!
are Ты hungry...?-I am!/cookies!!
Its bad when i..-think alot/hit small animals
the last thing i did was..-download music/drink
What im thinking now is..-god i hate that dude/laurens Ответы are horrible!
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posted by penguin7710
User: I'm a unicorn.

Cleverbot: My boyfriend is a dragon.

User: So you're a girl?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Cool. So am I.

Cleverbot: And what do Ты play?

User: Unicorn games.

Cleverbot: Like twilight sparkle?

User: Sure.

Cleverbot: Do Ты know israel?

User: Do Ты like singing.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: We should sing.

Cleverbot: Ok, where?

User: F is for Друзья who do stuff together.

Cleverbot: B is for basket to put stuff in.

User: A is for apes to kill rapist.

Cleverbot: Apples.

User: Bannanas.

Cleverbot: яблоко not bananas.

User: Carrots.

Cleverbot: Pineaples.

User: For a robot Ты don't know how to spell.

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If Ты could see inside my heart
Then Ты will understand
I'd never mean to hurt you
Baby I'm not that kind of man

I might not say I'm sorry
Yeah, I might talk tough sometimes
And I might forget the little things
Or keep Ты hanging on the line

In a world that don't know Romeo and Juliet
Boy meets girl and promises we can't forget
We are cast from Eden's gate with no regrets
Into the огонь we cry

I'd die for you
I'd cry for you
I'd do anything
I'd lie for you
You know it's true
Baby I'd die for you
I'd die for you
I'd cry for you
If it came right down to me and you
You know it's true, baby I'd die for you

I might...
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posted by penguin098
Congratulations. You’ve worked up the nerve to ask the girl out and she сказал(-а) yes. You’ve convinced her you’re worth a shot. It is the night of your first дата and you’re terrified of messing up. You’re not sure how to impress the girl. Well, thankfully you’ve found this guide, written by me, a girl.

Step one: Before
•Clean up before hand, no one wants a guy with greasy hair and an unappealing smell
•Don’t put on too much cologne. A little bit is fine but a lot quickly becomes repulsive. A tip: any amount of “Ax” is too much
•Come up with some ideas for conversations to smooth...
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posted by Hi-Lo
I dont think of this as a poem its еще like sadness and confusion today one of my neighbours died my brother called me over to see i saw them Переместить the body coverd in a red blanket and the men in black Форс-мажоры and i thought to myself in that moment i never сказал(-а) hello never waved или smiled at her when i come to think of it i never saw her have one visitor i сказал(-а) to myself i wish i could cry right now but i couldnt i just couldnt i told myself i hope whatever i have done in my life would not make me die alone thats all i ask for and all i wish for
1. Sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a well-lighted place with plenty of freshly sharpened pencils.

2. Read over the assignment carefully, to make certain Ты understand it.

3. Walk down to the vending machines and buy some coffee to help Ты concentrate.

4. Stop off at another floor, on the way back and visit with your friend from class. If your friend hasn't started the paper yet either, Ты can both walk to the nearby cafe and buy a hamburger to help Ты concentrate. If your friend shows Ты his paper, typed, double-spaced, and bound in one of those irritating see-through plastic folders,...
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posted by PftFan99
Once I was Чтение online... It сказал(-а) that people with brown eyes are.. are.. ZOMBIES! I got really scared so I turned to my friend but SHE had brown eyes. " Ahhhh! ZOMBIEEE!!!" I ran outside. I looked back and she had followed me. "AHHH!" I turned around and WALKED into a пицца Магазин like nothing had happened. I was at the counter ordering the пицца when I heard the door open and a low voice saying," PIIZZZAAA!!!" I turned around and yelled," AAAHHH ZOMBIE IN DA HOUSSEE! EVERYONE HIDE YO KID! HIDE YO WIFE! HIDE YO HUSBAND AND GET OUTTA HERE!" I sat down and ate pizza. Om nom nom. She came up to me and said," PIZZZAAA" I turned and looked at her and yelled," AHHH ZOMBIE DONT STEAL MY PIZZA." I grabbed my пицца and ran out the door. I saw a hobo and threw it on its head. She came outside and said," HOOOOBOOO" and ran after it. I said," FINALLY FREE!" I jumped in the lake and said," yaayy!1! LAke! Make me a sammich!"
posted by amethyst_14
EVERYTHING seemed slower, или maybe i was just too fast. Funny, i wasn't even moving. It must have already started, the feeling is all too familiar, the mixed emotions; sadness, desperation, rage, and pain. I could feel myself getting warmer by the second, the blood racing through my veins, and the adrenaline mixing along with it. Every месяц it's the same, for five days, every full moon.
It's a good thing I got away from humans before it had started, I wouldn't want to be responsible for a mourning family, или an unexplained massacre of one. I was away, far away from any ridiculously fragile...
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A lot of people use the word believe in their songs, but believe me, im going to be using believe a lot еще than Ты can believe!! XD LOL jk Комментарии reccommended. (i texted all this on my phone and saved it as a draft one time after school, so...) ^^'


A world where only Ты can,
Break the fear.
No chance to save the world then,
So jump the pier.
Makes everyone feel better...
Makes everyone feel better...

Tame the evil that's inside,
Let the night make Ты feel alive,
For there is only one for you,
Your time is finally overdue...
It's overdue...!

CH: Desperation hits a nerve,
When no one hears...
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