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Rachel’s POV:

I went step by step towards the covers. Before I could find out who it was actually, he или she got out of the covers. Ты know what? It’s none other than, Mr. Andrew Fedrer!
Yes, he was under my covers.
Wait! What was he doing under my tent?
“W-what are Ты doing here?” I made them to spill out somehow.
“Did Ты see the unfinished one?”
I nodded.
“Yeah! That’s nine and do Ты mind if I stay here?” he asked me.
My сердце wanted me to say NO. But my mind wanted me to ask him “Why are Ты here if your Друзья are out?” The battle between my сердце and mind ended with the mind seeing victory.
“But –“ I spoke up.
“Trading??” he сказал(-а) with his eyebrows lifted.
“You let me stay here; I’ll change your world from tomorrow!”
“I promise to do that! Haven’t Ты ever heard that I keep up my word?”
“But- how’ll Ты do that?”
“SUSPENSE” he сказал(-а) with a smirk o his face.
He slowly walked towards the covers and went back to sleep.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sharing my tent with the hottest guy of my school and also had a conversation with him that lasted for a few minutes.
Every time he spoke out, my сердце started beating faster and melted. I’m totally in Любовь with him.
~~ After two days~~
I’m back to home. The whole trip was awesome. Every time I saw him, he flashed a smile at me that was worth еще than trillion dollars.
Oh! I was getting late and I forgot to tell Ты this: That день was the last день of school and summer vacation came behind that.
The last день also I was bullied by Brittany and her friends.
This time it was slightly different. Andrew wasn’t laughing like the other idiots.
I was thinking “Would sharing your tent with the person who bullies you, change them????”

[A/N: Thank Ты sooooooooo much for commenting! It means a lot to me! And Ты know whom I mean! (Love Ты Silver-Fey ! I dedicate this chapter to you!)]
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Grammar and spelling issues have been discussed several times and I just thought I would give my opinion on the subject. This Статья is mostly aimed for those who call themselves "Grammar Nazis", but I would be еще than glad that everyone else reads it as well, including the "Grammar Nazis" that aren't overly critical. Before I go on, I will point out that my English may not be so good since it is not my first language and I'm not studying it, but I'm trying as hard as I can to improve it every day, so my apologies if anything I've сказал(-а) here isn't understandable.

So having good grammar and...
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In a pub Тест the other день I Остаться в живых by one point. The Вопрос was, "where do women mostly have curly hair?" Apparently, it's Africa.

One of the other Вопросы was to name two things commonly found in cells.
It appears that Nigerians and Jamaicans is not the correct answer.

I've heard that яблоко has scrapped their plans for the new children's iPod, after realizing that iTouch Kids is not a good product name.

There's a new Muslim clothing Магазин that opened in Toronto but I've been banned from it, after asking to look at some бомбардировщик jackets.

You can say lots of bad things about pedophiles,...
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ok, so today i looked up how to make your own lip gloss on Google and looked through what came up to find an easy one. well i came to this one, and this seemed the easiest without having to use and get a thousand materials. i made some and it turned out awesome. so i wanted to share this with the rest of you, enjoy.:)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make your own lip gloss, Ты will need the following:
Petroleum желе (Vaseline)
Lip gloss containers
A microwave-safe dish—one with a spout if you've got it
To individualize your lip gloss, Ты can add your choice of the following:
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So whenever ur in a crowded place i find that it is really fun to ummmmm well play some jokes on Болталка passerby!!!! if ur like me read on.................

The number one thing to do!!
Get a 1 или 5 dollar bill.
Get some Шоколад icing.
Put the icing in a little turd shape on the money ( u see where i'm going with this??)
Put the bill in plane view and watch the peoples expressions!! they usually go from " look some money!!!!" to " Ughhh run away!!!"
It is just hilarious and when u get tired of watching или see somebody who looks like they'll take it anyway..... walk over pick it up and put the icing...
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(I don't own thia video.) *WARNING* This contains Яой if Ты dislike it don't watch it
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