This is a My Little пони Фан fiction. If Ты don't like talking Лошади that come in different colors, please run for your life.

Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! Pingas!

At a classic car Показать in Baltimare, a lot of ponies were enjoying theirselves. A song was playing

Song: link

Blazin' Blue: *Sitting by his car*
Saten Twist: *Sitting by his car, and a sign*
Filly: *Reading sign* Vote for my car to win, или Ты will be killed by a chain saw. Mommy, what's a chain saw?
Mother: Never mind. *Walks away with filly*
Saten Twist: Maybe I overdid it with the sign.
Ryan: *Arrives in his car, and parks between Blazin' Blue, and Saten Twist*
Blazin' Blue: *Stands up*
Ryan: *Gets out of car*
Saten Twist: Where have Ты been? Ты almost got disqualified for being late.
Ryan: I'm sorry, but I got held up at one of those toll booths.
Saten Twist: Ah, I hate those things.
Blazin' Blue: I think Ты hate everything.
Saten Twist: Oh shut up.

The Музыка stops, and the judge walks on stage

Judge: Attention everypony, it's time for the voting of Baltimare's greatest classic car for the 2014 classical car show. The winner is...
Ryan: *Looking around*
Blazin' Blue: I hope it's one of us.
Judge: Saten Twist, and his 1955 Beetle.
Saten Twist: Hey! Does this look like a beetle to you? It happens to be a Marecury Leopard!
Judge: Oh, my mistake. The winner is Tabitha St. Germain.
Blazin' Blue: What?
Saten Twist: What gives that judge the right to have somebody with a beetle to win?
Ryan: I don't know.
Saten Twist: We have muscle cars. One of us should have won. I have an idea.
Ryan: Oh boy.
Saten Twist: We're going on a roadtrip from here to Fillydelphia, and we're gonna let everybody know that these cars are the greatest that anybody can drive.
Ryan: Why Fillydelphia?
Saten Twist: Why not?
Blazin' Blue: I think that's a good idea. Let's do it.
Ryan: But first, we oughta fill up our cars with gas.
Saten Twist: Okay. It's a deal.
Blazin' Blue: Let's do it.

They went to a gas station, but as they were filling their cars up, Saten Twist had another idea.

Saten Twist: Radios.
Ryan: What?
Saten Twist: Our radios should have a walkie talkie on them, so we can communicate along the way.
Blazin' Blue: What's wrong with pulling over, and talking face to face?
Saten Twist: Everything. Walkie talkies make it less complicated. *Runs off*
Ryan: Where's he going?
Blazin' Blue: Most likely getting us walkie talkies.
Ryan: Well, we better get in our cars.
Saten Twist: *Runs out of store with walkie talkies*
Ryan & Blazin' Blue: *Start their cars*
Saten Twist: *Throwing walkie talkies into their car* Go.
Ryan & Blazin' Blue: *Driving away*
Saten Twist: *Starts car, and drives away*

Shortly after that, they were heading to Fillydelphia, and the walkie talkies were in the car radios.

Ryan: Can Ты two hear me?
Saten Twist: Yes.
Blazin' Blue: Yeah.
Ryan: I think I have a song you'll like.
Saten Twist: Let's hear it.
Ryan: *Puts walkie talkie on dashboard, and plays song*

Theme Song: link

Blazin' Blue: Uh, breaker 1 9, this hear is the Rubber Duck. Ты got a copy on me Любовь Machine?
Saten Twist: Aw Ten-4 Big Ben. For sure, for sure. By golly it's clean clear to TacoTown.
Blazin' Blue: Yeah, we definitely got us a front door good buddy. Mercy sakes for lives, it looks like we got us a convoy.
Ryan: Shut up, and listen to the song.
Blazin' Blue & Saten Twist: Okay.

SeanTheHedgehog Presents


Starring the OC's of

And Izfankirby

The three muscle cars were seen going past a police car.

Cop 54: Hey, three speeders.
Cop 47: Yeah, I saw them. *Drives*
Cop 54: *Puts on sirens*
Ryan: Looks like we got the attention of those cops.
Saten Twist: Let's have some fun.
Blazin' Blue: Hahahaha. *Floors it*
Saten Twist & Ryan: *Following Blazin' Blue*
Cop 47: *Follows Ryan*
Saten Twist: Take a right off here.
Blazin' Blue: *Turns right off highway*
Saten Twist: *Follows Blazin' Blue*
Ryan: *Following Saten Twist*
Cop 47: *Following Ryan*
Cop 54: I repeat. The cars are three muscle cars. Send backup right away.
Saten Twist: Turn around.
Blazin' Blue: *Turns car around*
Saten Twist & Ryan: *Turn their cars around, and follow Blazin' Blue*
Cop 47: *Spins out of control*
Cop 54: We're out of it. Suspects are heading northbound.
Blazin' Blue: *Turns onto highway*
Saten Twist & Ryan: *Following Blazin' Blue*
Cop 47: They're heading eastbound now.

But their radio stopped working.

Cop 54: Oh, great.
Ryan: Yeah, we Остаться в живых them.
Blazin' Blue: Good plan Twist.
Saten Twist: Just call me Saten Twist.
Blazin' Blue: What's wrong with Twist?
Saten Twist: Reminds me of an unpopular пони in Ponyville.
Ryan: Oh, I hear you.
Blazin' Blue: Will Ты turn off that Музыка now?
Ryan: *Sighs, and turns off the music*

We are introduced to one of the police ponies in this fanfiction. Master Sword. He was a corporal, and wanted to be promoted, but the only way to do that was to make thirty arrests. He only needed one more.

Master Sword: Hmm, what have we here? *Sees a mare standing by a car*
Night Frizz: *Putting air into one of the tires for her car*
Master Sword: *Puts on sirens*
Night Frizz: What did I do?
Master Sword: *Talking into loudspeaker* Ma'am, Ты have parked too close to a огонь hydrant.
Night Frizz: But I'm no where near the огонь hydrant.
Master Sword: The law says Ты have to park ten hooves, или еще from a огонь hydrant.
Night Frizz: *Gets into her car*
Master Sword: Hey! Where do Ты think Ты are going?
Night Frizz: I claim your statement to be... Poppycock!
Choir of Ponies: Poppycock!
Night Frizz: *Drives away*
Master Sword: Ты ain't getting away from my promotion. *Drives his police car, and follows Night Frizz*
Night Frizz: *Turns right*
Master Sword: *Nearly hits a minivan, but still follows Night Frizz*
Police пони 46: Эй, Sword, what are Ты doing?
Master Sword: Corporal Sword reporting. I'm in pursuit of a brand new Dodge Pegasus. The driver parked too close to a огонь hydrant, and is fleeing from me.
Police Pony: Where is your current location?
Night Frizz: *Turns left*
Master Sword: We just took a left on Howitzer улица, уличный from Rubber Avenue.
Police Pony: If you'd like, we can set up a roadblock before she reaches the highway.
Master Sword: Yes, stop her at all costs. I need that arrest to make my promotion!
Police Pony: Okay. We're setting up a roadblock by the draw bridge.

But that was not a good idea. The roadblock was set up on the other side of the river, where Night Frizz was being chased by Master Sword.

Bridge Pony: *Sitting by bridge controls*
Bridge пони 2: I see a sailboat coming towards us.
Bridge Pony: No kidding. *Raising bridge*

Night Frizz was on the side of the bridge being raised. If she went fast enough, she'd be able to jump across.

Master Sword: Where's that roadblock?
Police пони 46: On the other side.
Master Sword: Ты nincompoops.
Police пони 46: What?
Night Frizz: *Drives onto bridge, then flies over the roadblock*
Master Sword: *Stops car*
Police пони 46: Oh. Now I see why Ты called us nincompoops.
Master Sword: Stop her!
Police пони 46: She got away man. I'm sorry, but Ты can Kiss your promotion good bye.
Master Sword: Oh no I won't. I'm gonna wait for that bridge to go down, then I'll chase that сука all the way to the Police Station, and have her arrested for speeding, parking near a огонь hydrant, and running away from an officer.

Meanwhile, with Ryan, Blazin' Blue, and Saten Twist.

Ryan: Sure is beautiful.
Blazin' Blue: Are Ты kidding? Baltimare is one of the ugliest-
Saten Twist: And dangerous.
Blazin' Blue: And dangerous city in the world.
Ryan: I was talking about a mare I saw driving a Silver sedan on the other side of the highway.
Night Frizz: *Gets on highway, and drives Далее to Blazin' Blue*
Saten Twist: *Sees Night Frizz* Speaking of mares.
Ryan: Oh no Ты don't. If anypony-
Saten Twist: Anybody.
Ryan: Whatever. If anyone is asking her out, it's me. *Drives past Saten Twist, and gets Далее to Night Frizz*
Night Frizz: *Sees Ryan, and Saten Twist driving by them, and gets on her walkie talkie*
Saten Twist: I'll be damned.
Night Frizz: Эй, guys. Where are Ты going?
Ryan: Fillydelphia? Would Ты like to Присоединиться us?
Night Frizz: Sure. I got something that might help Ты three.
Ryan: Nice. Did Ты guys hear that?
Blazin' Blue: Yep.
Saten Twist: What is it?
Night Frizz: Pull over on the side here, and I'll Показать you.

Business is-a boomin'. I think this is the best fanfiction I have written so far, and now it's time to continue.

Night Frizz had Saten Twist, Blazin' Blue, and Ryan pull over so that she could give them something. They seemed like regular clear license plate covers, but to Night Frizz, they were a way to get pass toll gates.

Ryan: How are these going to help?
Night Frizz: I have seen many ponies do this before. If Ты put it on your license plate, the scanners can't track down the number. If they can't track down the number on your plate, they won't be able to find your house, and if they can't find that, they won't be able to make Ты pay a fifty dollar fine for going past a toll without paying.
Saten Twist: Brilliant. Just brilliant.
Blazin' Blue: I'll take one.
Night Frizz: Ты need two. One for your front plate, and the other for your back.
Ryan: I think he still wants only one.

The three stallions were putting on their license plate covers, while Night Frizz was waiting for them. Nocturnal Mirage was seen driving his car towards them. He was in an argument on his cell phone.

Mirage: I told Ты not to use this car for movie work! *Stops behind Night Frizz* Ты almost got a scratch on it.... Well good for you, I'm an actor, I make twice the money Ты make in a week. I'm going to Fillydelphia.

As he hangs up from his phone, Mirage sees the car he parked behind.

Mirage: *Gets out of his car, and walks towards Night Frizz* Hello hello hello. These are beautiful cars.
Night Frizz: Thank you. I see Ты also have a black dodge.
Mirage: Yes indeed. My most prized possession.
Ryan: *Walks up to Night Frizz* Who is he?
Mirage: Ты really don't know?
Night Frizz: This пони is an actor.
Mirage: I have been featured in a Con Mane film.
Ryan: Okay.
Night Frizz: He first starred in a black and white film where he helps Celestia.
Mirage: And I have been in Ponies On The Rails since season 5.
Ryan: Nocturnal Mirage?
Mirage: That's right.
Ryan: Welcome to our convoy.
Night Frizz: Are Ты finished with those covers?
Ryan: Yeah.
Mirage: Covers?
Night Frizz: Special license plate cover that prevents the plate from being scanned.
Mirage: May I have a pair?
Night Frizz: Sure.
Mirage: *Takes license plate covers* I'll put these on now.

After putting on the license plate covers, Mirage was ready to go. The five of them got on the highway, and continued on to Fillydelphia.

Master Sword was driving on the highway, trying to find Night Frizz. Meanwhile, another police пони was doing his job. His name was Sean, and he was using a Italian supercar as his police car.

Gangsters: *Laying on ground*
Sean: So, what makes Ты think Ты can get away with your crime?
Gangster 1: What did we do?
Sean: Ты mean Ты don't remember what Ты did? Ты robbed a bank.
Gangster 3: Oh really? I thought we were going through this routine, because we murdered a cop.
Sean: I don't need sarcasm from Ты fools. I need respect. I'm a police officer. I drive a Foallari.
Gangster 2: Yeah man, I was just wonderin' about dat. What the hell are Ты using a nice car like that for? Aren't Ты worried about getting it wrecked?
DIspatch: Attention all units, we've got a Сообщить on three muscle cars containing stolen walkie talkies. The suspects are about to leave City Limits.
Sean: Excuse me. *Goes to car, and Ответы call* MN-402, roger. I'll deal with Ты three scumbags later. *Gets in car, and drives away*
Gangster 1: Should we run for it?
Gangster 3: No dude. He might be bluffing. Let's stay here.
Sean: *Gets stopped by another cop*
Jeff: I'm going with you.
Sean: Come on Sarge, I'm a detective. I can do this myself.
Jeff: I want to go with you.
Sean: Fine. Get in, but no foul ups.
Jeff: *Gets in car* Your wish is my command.
Sean: I was afraid about that. *Drives to highway*

Speaking of the highway.

Night Frizz: Hey, what if I told Ты that a cop was chasing me?
Ryan: We'd floor it, and get away from him.
Mirage: What's a cop doing chasing you?
Night Frizz: He thought I parked too close to a огонь hydrant. He сказал(-а) I had to be ten hooves или еще away from it, and I was.
Mirage: He didn't believe you?
Night Frizz: That's right.
Mirage: Some cops are like that.
Blazin' Blue: Me, Ryan, and Saten Twist did something that got the cops after us. It's all Saten Twist's fault.
Saten Twist: Don't go blaming it on me, Ты could've talked me out of stealing those walkie talkies.
Ryan: Better idea. Ты could've bought them.
Master Sword: *Driving Далее to Night Frizz, then talks on loudspeaker* Hello ma'am. Did Ты miss me?
Mirage: I think we should floor it.
Ryan: Correct.

So the five of them drove away from Master Sword.

Master Sword: Oh no Ты don't. I want to get promoted to Sargent!
Sean: *Drives onto highway, then puts on sirens*
Jeff: Looks like we got another officer here to give us a hoof.
Sean: He's just got a standard police car. We have a конвертируемый, кабриолет that can haul ass.
Jeff: But if we had a time traveling Delorean that reached 88 miles an hour, everypony would be seeing some serious shit.
Sean: Stop making that reference. Please!
Master Sword: *Gets on walkie talkie* Hey, what are Ты doing using a Foallari as police work? Aren't Ты afraid it'll get damaged?
Sean: No! Otherwise I wouldn't use it.
Master Sword: Just asking.

The two cops drove by Saten Twist. Master Sword was on the left, and Sean was on the right.

Ryan: Looks like the cops really want Ты Saten.
Saten Twist: Why not? I'm crazy.
Blazin' Blue: Well, at least I'm in front of all Ты guys.
Saten Twist: Okay. Ryan, Night Frizz, Mirage, Ты listening to me?
Ryan, Night Frizz, and Mirage: Yeah.
Saten Twist: On my go, put your brakes on.
Ryan, Night Frizz, and Mirage: Okay.
Master Sword: I'm gonna hit him.
Sean: Me too.
Jeff: I don't think that's a good idea.
Sean: Shut up.
Saten Twist: Now. *Applies brakes*
Ryan, Night Frizz, and Mirage: *Applies brakes*
Master Sword & Sean: *Crash into each other*

The four ponies then passed the cops, and caught up with Blazin' Blue.

Sean: *Gets out, and stares at the front of his car* My car. Look what you've done to my beautiful car!
Master Sword: Well, Ты did say that Ты weren't worried about damaging it so...
Jeff: I warned Ты that was a bad idea.
Sean: Oh shut up. Nopony asked for your opinion.

After the argument, they started off again to stop the five ponies in their muscle cars.

Blazin' Blue, Saten Twist, Ryan, Night Frizz, and NocturnalMirage got away from Master Sword, and Sean. Just as soon as they got out of Baltimare, they saw a car towing an open trailer with gascans, and ponies standing by them. The car towing this trailer was driven by Case Cracker.

Ryan: What kind of a car is that?
Mirage: I don't know mate. It looks Italian though, that's all I can tell you.
Saten Twist: *Looks inside car* Son of a bitch, he has a walkie talkie.
Case Cracker: Yo, what's up guys?
Blazin' Blue: Not much. How are you?
Case Cracker: Good. Where Ты headin?
Ryan: Fillydelphia.
Case Cracker: Mind if I Присоединиться you?
Night Frizz: We're only letting ponies with muscle cars join, sorry.
Case Cracker: Come on man, let me join. This car has a ten cylinder engine. The Dodge кобра is a muscle car, and that has ten cylinders in the engine.
Mirage: He's got a point.
Saten Twist: What do Ты say Blazin' Blue?
Blazin' Blue: He's in.
Case Cracker: Thanks man. Ты will not regret having me with you.
Mirage: No problem. I see Ты have a few ponies on that trailer you're pulling with gasoline. What's going on there?
Case Cracker: Business. If any of Ты five need gas, I'm right here.
Ryan: Me, and my Друзья already filled up our tanks before we left, but thank you.
Mirage: I might need a refill once we get out of the state of Mareland.
Case Cracker: Sounds good to me.

Suddenly, a police car arrived with it's sirens on, and lights flashing.

Ryan: Not again.
Case Cracker: That cop is going after me.
Saten Twist: Ты know something Case? I think it's time we take that pig to the slaughterhouse.
Ryan: What do Ты want us to do?
Saten Twist: I need you, Mirage, and Night Frizz to get in front of Blazin' Blue. Me, and Case крекер, взломщик will deal with this cop.
Ryan: *Drives infront of Blazin' Blue*
Mirage: *Follows Ryan*
Night Frizz: *Follows Mirage*
Case Cracker: What do Ты want me to do?
Saten Twist: Keep driving, and let me deal with this.
Cop: *Drives to the left side of Case Cracker's trailer*
Saten Twist: *Blocking cop*
Cop: *Slows down, and honks horn*
Case Cracker: I hope Ты know what you're doing.
Saten Twist: I do. *Grabs chainsaw, then goes far enough to the left giving enough room for the cop to be between his car, and the trailer*
Cop: *Going between Case's trailer, and Saten Twist's car*
Saten Twist: *Turns on chainsaw*
Cop: Attention all units-
Saten Twist: *Sawing part of cop's sirens off the roof*
Dispatch: What is it 73?
Cop: I found the suspect, but there's somepony attacking me with a chainsaw.
Saten Twist: And since I heard Ты say somepony. *Sawing off part of the door*
Cop: Get backup right away!
Dispatch: What kind of backup?
Cop: I don't care! Get the army involved if Ты have too!
Saten Twist: *Flattens back tire of the cop car*
Cop: I got a flat tire. I'm out. *Stops*
Case Cracker: *Looking at destroyed cop car* Holy hell. Ты did all that?
Saten Twist: All thanks to my prized possesion. The chainsaw.

The cop that got attacked by Saten Twist's chainsaw was waiting inside his car with the hazard lights on.

Master Sword & Sean: *Stop their cars*
Cop: Oh. Thank goodness. *Gets out of car, and runs to Master Sword* Thank goodness Ты have arrived to save me.
Master Sword: Who сказал(-а) we were here to save you?
Sean: I had no idea Ты were here.
Jeff: What happened to you?
Cop: Some crazy stallion attacked me with a chainsaw!
Master Sword: Did Ты see any ponies driving muscle cars?
Cop: Yes! One of them had the chainsaw!
Jeff: We're going after them, right?
Sean: Yes Jeff. My answer hasn't changed since the 60th time Ты asked me that question.
Cop: Now what do we do?
Master Sword: I don't know about you, but you're going to need a tow truck. *Drives away*
Cop: Hey! You're not just gonna leave me here, are you?
Sean: It's Master Sword's call. Not mine. *Drives away*
Cop: No!!!

While Master Sword, and Sean were continuing their pursuit, Saten Twist, and Blazin' Blue were Пение the Convoy theme song that Ryan was playing earlier.

Blazin' Blue: Uh, breaker 1 9, this hear is the Rubber Duck. Ты got a copy on me Любовь Machine?
Saten Twist: Aw Ten-4 Big Ben. For sure, for sure. By golly it's clean clear to TacoTown.
Ryan: Hold up! Tacotown? That's not part of the song.
Saten Twist: Yeah it is. He sings, by golly it's clean clear to Tacotown.
Ryan: That is not what he says.
Mirage: Forgive me for butting in, but I watched the movie, and heard that song hundreds of times. It's Tacotown.
Ryan: It is not.
Mirage: Yes it is.
Ryan: It is not!

A blue muscle car appeared by Mirage. It was being driven by Frank.

Mirage: That's a beauty.
Frank: Thank you. I also have a '70 Series 65, but I like driving this car more.
Blazin' Blue: Allow us to introduce ourselves. I'm Blazin' Blue.
Saten Twist: And I'm Saten Twist.
Ryan: I'm Ryan.
Night Frizz: Night Frizz at your service.
Mirage: Nocturnal Mirage.
Case Cracker: And I am Case Cracker. Need fuel, let me know, cuz that's what I got on my trailer.
Frank: Thanks Ты guys. It feels good to be here. Where are Ты heading?
Ryan: Fillydelphia. Ты can be between Mirage, and Case Cracker.
Frank: Ты got it.
Case Cracker: *Slows down*
Frank: *Drives between Mirage, and Case Cracker*

Now, there were seven cars in the convoy.

Master Sword, and Sean were getting closer to the convoy.

Case Cracker: Yo, we got company.
Saten Twist: Not again. *Drives into the left lane* Everyone go. I'll hold them off.
Blazin' Blue: Whatever Ты say.

They all took off, leaving Saten Twist with the cops.

Master Sword: I see one пони that got left behind.
Sean: He caused us to crash once, but we won't give him the satisfaction of crashing again.
Jeff: I hope not. Ты got a nice car.
Sean: Shut up Jeff.
Saten Twist: *Grabs chainsaw*
Master Sword: Oh dear. He's the one with the chainsaw.
Sean: I should've known.
Jeff: *Sounding like Spike from* Welp, we're *Censored*
Saten Twist: And now for a song that doesn't fit with the activity that I'm doing.

This is the song that he plays on his radio: link

Saten Twist: *Gets close to Sean's car*
Jeff: Watch out.
Saten Twist: *Turns on chainsaw*
Jeff: Get away from him!
Sean: I'm gonna ram him, and cause him to drop that chainsaw so that he'll wreck his own car.
Saten Twist: *Breaking the front window of Sean's car*
Jeff: Are Ты gonna ram him или what?
Sean: *Hits Saten Twist's car*
Saten Twist: *Lightly hits Sean's arm with the chainsaw*

Fake blood appeared on Sean's arm.

Sean: He got me!
Saten Twist: *Sawing off the left door on Sean's car*
Jeff: Hot damn.
Sean: Shut up.
Saten Twist: *Takes the mirror off of Sean's car*
Master Sword: Hey, do Ты need help?
Sean: Yeah, get him off of me.
Saten Twist: *Goes to Master Sword, and saws part of the хобот, ствол off, while popping his back tire*
Sean: *Crashes into Master Sword's car*
Saten Twist: Ta ta. Until Далее time coppers. *Drives away, and turns off song*

Master Sword kept going, while Sean stopped.

Sean: He got your tire.
Master Sword: I don't care. I'm still going after them. I want that promotion to Seargent, and I want it now! *Drives away*
Jeff: Why did we stop?
Sean: To get that door. We're using it as evidence to an assault on a police pony, and his car.
Jeff: Are Ты still concerned about wrecking this car?
Sean: Shut up! *Puts door in trunk, and gets back in*
Jeff: I was just asking Ты a question.
Sean: Well ask me smarter questions, will you? *Drives*

Our characters in the convoy was seen going through a tunnel, when еще police ponies saw them.

Cop 65: That's the muscle car convoy our Sarge warned us about.
Cop 35: We got four cars. Let's go after them. I'll drive.
Cop 65: Me too.
Cop 77: I'm in.
Cop 46: I'm going with you.

The four cops got in their cars, and drove onto the road.

Sean: *Sees the cops* I passed Master Sword on the way here. It's a shame he had a flat tire. He can't get enough speed to be here.
Jeff: I'm going to miss him. It's bad for him too, because he won't be able to get his promotion.
Sean: Who cares? Let's help these cops stop those criminals.
Case Cracker: Damnit. Not again.
Mirage: I have a feeling we must be Популярное around here.
Frank: I suppose they just want our autograph.
Saten Twist: Business is-a boomin'.
Ryan: What? With your chainsaw?
Saten Twist: Ты got that right.
Cop 77: *Getting by Case Cracker* Pull over.
Case Cracker: Uhm.. No thanks.
Cop 77: I сказал(-а) pull over now!
Case Cracker: Pull over to this. *Crashes into cop*
Cop 77: *Hits the tunnel wall*
Cop 46: Are Ты okay?
Cop 77: My right front tire is stuck. I'm out of it.
Night Frizz: One down. Three to go.
Sean: *Arrives in his car*
Frank: Ты better make that one down, four to go.
Blazin' Blue: I guess it's a good thing I'm all the way at the front of this convoy. Those cops aren't going to get me.
Sean: *Going to the front of the convoy*
Saten Twist: I'm afraid Ты spoke too soon.
Ryan: *Grabs apple, and throws it at Sean*
Sean: *Gets hit in the head*
Jeff: Detective?
Sean: *Goes right*
Night Frizz: Look out! *Crashes into Sean's car*

Thankfully, Night Frizz was going fast enough to push Sean's car to the side.

Mirage: Way to go.
Night Frizz: Thanks.
Ryan: Sorry Night Frizz.
Night Frizz: It's not your fault.
Ryan: If I knew he was going to the right when I threw that apple, I wouldn't have thrown it.
Night Frizz: Well, usually I would kill anypony for wrecking my car, but I'll let it slide.
Mirage: Two down, three to go.
Cop 46: *Driving past Frank*
Cop 65: Which ones do we take?
Cop 46: Ты two take the car with the gasoline trailer. I'm going to the third car. *Speeds up*
Cop 35: We're dealing with that stallion with the stolen gasoline.
Cop 65: He caused one cop to crash. He might have us crash as well.
Cop 35: I hope not. Let's be careful.
Case Cracker: Yo Frank, I think I'm gonna need your help.
Frank: I'm coming. *Drives to the left, and gets Далее to one of the cops*
Cop 35: I got the suspicion that we're not supposed to go after this guy.
Cop 65: Take the blue car. I'll get the stolen gasoline car.
Frank: *Floors it*
Cop 35: *Following Frank*
Mirage: Get him Frank.
Frank: I think I'll deal with him once I pass Blazing Blue.
Blazin' Blue: That's Blazin' Blue to you.
Frank: Meh, who cares?
Cop 65: *Pushing Case Cracker's trailer*
Case Cracker: Oh no Ты don't. *Puts on brakes*
Cop 65: *Gets car under trailer* Now I'm thinking this was a bad idea.

One of the fuel cans was leaking. As Case крекер, взломщик drove away, some fuel ended up on the police car.

Case Cracker: *Lights a match*
Cop 65: *Getting towards Case крекер, взломщик on the left side*
Case Cracker: I gotta say. Today was a good day. *Throws match at cop car*
Cop 65: *Gets his car on fire* Ah! *Crashes into another car*
Case Cracker: I got another one.
Frank: The last one is still after me.
Cop 35: *About to ram Frank*
Saten Twist: *Throws нож at cop car's tire*
Cop 35: *Slows down*
Frank: Haha! Nice one Saten.
Saten Twist: Just doing my job. All in the line of duty.
Frank: I'm getting back to my position. *Slows down, so that he can get between Mirage, and Case Cracker*

Ninety минуты have passed since Saten Twist, Blazin' Blue, and Ryan started off their roadtrip. Now, they were in a small town in Neigh Jersey called Flemington. They were going pass the Hunterdon Central Regional High School when...

Cop 87: Attention. We got a Сообщить from Baltimare on seven muscle cars attacking other police ponies. Be on the lookout, and use caution. Stop the suspects as soon as possible.
Blazin' Blue: I just heard on the radio that the cops here are gonna go after us.
Ryan: Who wouldn't?
Saten Twist: Leave it to me, and my chainsaw.
Frank: Your chainsaw is what's getting all these cops after us.
Mirage: Relax Frank.
Cop 83: *Filling car with gasoline*
Blazin' Blue: Cop. Floor it. *Goes fast*
Saten Twist: *Follows Blazin' Blue*
Ryan: *Follows Saten Twist*
Night Frizz: *Follows Ryan*
Mirage: *Follows Night Frizz*
Frank: *Follows Mirage*
Case Cracker: *Follows Frank*
Cop 83: *Gets on radio* All units, I found the suspects. They just past the gas station, and are on Route 31.
Cop 87: Copy 83, go after them. All units, unit 83 has found the suspects. Back up required.
Master Sword & Sean: *Passing the cop*
Cop 83: The two officers chasing them are here.
Cop 87: They're way out of their county.
Cop 83: I guess they really want to stop these guys.
Cop 87: Help them 83.
Cop 83: Yes sir. *Gets in car, and drives onto the highway*
Master Sword: I finally got a new tire, and I'm back in pursuit.
Jeff: Good for Ты Master Sword. Good luck.
Sean: Jeff shut up.
Jeff: What?
Cop 83: Эй, Ты two. I'm joining the pursuit with you.
Sean: Understood.
Master Sword: Don't try to take my arrest. I'm arresting those punks.
Sean: If anypony should arrest them, it's me. They wrecked my car.
Jeff: We warned Ты about that.
Sean: I told Ты to shut up.
Blazin' Blue: *Drives left on a circle, then goes right* You're all following me, right?
Saten Twist: Yep.
Ryan: *Looks in rearview mirror* We're all here. Along with a few uninvited guests.
Mirage: Always expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to uninvited guests ruining parties.
Ryan: I think I knew that.
Cop 83: *Goes on the left side, and talks into loudspeaker* Everypony get out of the way. This is the police.
Болталка Ponies: *Moving as far to the left as they can*
Blazin' Blue: Stay in the middle lane. We'll keep the other cops stuck behind traffic.
Master Sword: Ты guys better pull over before I get angry.
Cop 83: You're already angry.
Master Sword: HOW DID Ты KNOW THAT?!
Cop 83: By the way you're talking.
Ryan: *Sees smoke* Wait.. Is that- Nah, it can't be.

Ryan thought it was a train, but then he heard a whistle, and there was no mistaking it.

Ryan: Everyone, I got an idea.
Saten Twist: Well, at least Ты didn't say everypony. What's up?
Ryan: I remember this town. There's a train going twelve miles an час by us, and one of the exits off here is a railroad crossing.
Night Frizz: So?
Ryan: We can get the cops to stop before they get a chance to get across the tracks. или better yet, we can have the train crash into them.
Saten Twist: Ты got it. Just leave it to me, and my chainsaw.
Ryan: No chainsaws. Just drive. Drive as fast as Ты can until I tell Ты to get on the exit.
Blazin' Blue: *Goes past railroad crossing*
Ryan: Go faster. The train will be here soon.
Saten Twist: *Goes past railroad crossing*
Ryan: *Goes past railroad crossing* Hurry, hurry.
Night Frizz: *Goes past railroad crossing*
Mirage: *Goes past the railroad crossing*
Frank: *Goes past the railroad crossing*
Case Cracker: *Goes past the railroad crossing*

The train soon started going across, and the police ponies had to stop.

Sean: Oh great!
Jeff: Yes, that is a great sight. I like trains.
Sean: Yeah, well who cares?
Master Sword: I can't let a train stop my promotion. I demand the train to go faster.

But the train was still going slow over the crossing.

Cop 83: I'm afraid your demand was unsuccessful.
Master Sword: My Далее demand will not be ignored.
Sean: Doubt it.

Back to the convoy.

Mirage: Haha! The plan worked. Those cops got stopped by the train.
Ryan: I told Ты it would work.
Saten Twist: Yes Ты did. What I don't get is why Ты wouldn't let me use my chainsaw.
Ryan: For a few reasons. One, the cops were too far away, two it's been causing violence, and some of the readers don't like that, and three it'll probably end up being Остаться в живых in the Далее part of this fanfiction.
Saten Twist: What are you, physic?
Ryan: No, but Ты never know what'll happen.
Mirage: Like I said, always expect the unexpected.
Ryan: Exactly.
Blazin' Blue: There's a state trooper I see by this bridge. Take it slow. Only go fast is he puts those sirens on.

So the seven of them followed the speed while passing the state trooper, and he didn't even try to go after them. He had no idea they were wanted.

Case Cracker: *Laughing*
Blazin' Blue: Did my plan work?
Mirage: You're goddamn right it worked. He doesn't expect a thing.
Night Frizz: That was a very good plan Blazin' Blue.
Blazin' Blue: Why thank you.
Frank: Let's just hope those other cops don't stop by him, and inform him about our importance.
Saten Twist: Don't jinx it.
Ryan: There's no such thing as a jinx Saten.
Saten Twist: Yes there is. A розовый German told me about it.
Blazin' Blue: A розовый German? Why does the Описание of that пони sound familiar?
Night Frizz: What did her cutie mark look like?
Saten Twist: Three party balloons. Can Ты think of any розовый Germans with party balloons as cutie marks?

They all thought about it very hard, but no one could come up with an answer. Blazin' Blue, and everypony in his convoy finally got onto the highway for Fillydelphia.

Mirage: It's been a while since those cops decided to go after us.
Frank: I think they Остаться в живых us.
Saten Twist: Don't jinx it!
Ryan: Saten, what did I tell Ты about jinxes not existing?
Saten Twist: They do exist. Pinkie Pie told me.
Blazin' Blue: Oh. So that's the name of the розовый German Ты mentioned earlier.

Master Sword, Sean, The Cop from Flemington, and five еще police ponies were behind them.

Case Cracker: Looks like our Друзья brought еще guests along.
Frank: I guess Saten Twist was right about the jinx after all.
Saten Twist: I warned Ты bastards, but none of Ты listened.
Ryan: They can't follow us all the way.
Mirage: What do Ты mean?
Ryan: Sooner или later, they have to stop. Once we get into the state of Pennsylneighnia, they won't be able to chase us, because we won't be in the state of Neigh Jersey anymore.
Night Frizz: What about Master Sword, and Sean? They've been following us all the way from Baltimare.
Ryan: Those two, we need to get rid of, but the others aren't allowed to follow us into Pennsylneighnia.
Mirage: How far do we have to go?
Ryan: I'd say a few miles. Once we пересекать, крест the Delamare River, we're clear.
Saten Twist: Then we have to get rid of Master Sword, and Sean.
Ryan: Yes we do.

So the seven ponies in their muscle cars decided to put the petal to the metal. They drove as fast as they could so they would пересекать, крест the river before getting stopped by the cops.

Blazin' Blue: When we заворачивать, обертывание this up, where do Ты wanna meet?
Saten Twist: Either the zoo, или 30th улица, уличный Station.
Night Frizz: Let's go to the zoo.
Case Cracker: I agree.
Blazin' Blue: Alright then, we'll go to the zoo.
Cop 83: Stop your cars right now!
Case Cracker: *Looking back at trailer* I have a plan.
Frank: What's up?
Case Cracker: I have two ponies in the trailer I'm towing, but I plan to use the gasoline on there to blow those cops to smithereens.
Frank: Ты sure it'll work?
Case Cracker: Yes, but first we need to get those two ponies off. One of them will ride with me, but I think we need Saten Twist for this one. He's got a convertible, so it'll be easier for the other pony.
Frank: Right. Saten, what do Ты say?
Saten Twist: Of course. Anything for my friend.
Case Cracker: Alright, well get in the left lane, and wait for me.
Saten Twist: Ты got it. *Gets in left lane, and slows down*

The others started to pass him, and soon, Case крекер, взломщик got his trailer right Далее to Saten Twist's car.

Trailer пони 1: *Gets in Case Cracker's car*
Trailer пони 2: *Hesitating to get in Saten Twist's car*
Case Cracker: Come on man. Jump into the convertible.
Saten Twist: Yeah. I don't bite, but I do kill.
Case Cracker: I gotta detach the trailer. Jump!
Trailer пони 2: *Jumps onto Saten Twist's car, and is holding onto the outside of the door*
Saten Twist: Hold on!
Trailer пони 2: *Gets back hooves onto Case Cracker's trailer, then jumps into Saten Twist's car*
Saten Twist: Welcome aboard.
Case Cracker: *Detaches trailer*
Master Sword: *Getting closer* They Остаться в живых their gasoline. Sean, Ты retrieve it, and I'll follow them to make my arrests.
Case Cracker: *Pointing a Desert Eagle at the gasoline trailer* Say goodbye Ты mother- *Shoots gun*

The trailer exploded, and with it, the police cars. All the cops got killed.

Frank: *Looking at explosion, and whistles* Nice!
Mirage: Was that Ты Case Cracker?
Case Cracker: Half of that was me. The other half was caused by idiots getting too close to the trailer, if Ты dig what I mean.
Mirage: I do.
Night Frizz: So now what?
Ryan: We're still going to the zoo right?
Blazin' Blue: I wouldn't mind. I always wanted to see their prairie dog exhibit.
Saten Twist: As a пони being raised in that town, let me tell Ты I've been to their zoo many times. That prairie dog exhibit is awesome.
Mirage: I like how it's by the railroad.
Ryan: Ты know something? It's gonna take us a while to get there. I got a song to play for you.
Saten Twist: Oh god, not again.
Ryan: *Plays song*

Ending Song: link

Ryan: It's a different version of the song I was playing earlier.
Saten Twist: I see.
Blazin' Blue: Wanna sing it?
Ryan: No. Just listen to it, and enjoy it.
Mirage: A-men.

And that concludes the....


Starring in order of appearance

Blazin' Blue from Dragon-88
Saten Twist from Canada24
Ryan from Seanthehedgehog
Master Sword from Windwakerguy430
Night Frizz from 16Falloutboy
Nocturnal Mirage from NocturnalMirage
Sean from Steampunkotaku
Jeff from Seanthehedgehog
Case крекер, взломщик from Izfankirby
Frank from Seanthehedgehog

The End

The M.C.C. SeanTheHedgehog. Copyright, 2014