Welcome of my Хэллоуин inspired movie reviews.

I been Чтение many of Wind's reviews only to realize "I SUCK at reviewing".. But also, his Хэллоуин review did give me a review.. Lets talk about the third..

Now, firstly. Movie two, that was suppose to be the end of Michael.. The producer wanted different stories.. Different villain s.. But people just wanted Michael. So they were forced to revive him. Hense why the Фильмы became worse and worse.. Even after Хэллоуин H20 gave us the perfect death. No, it wasn't enough for people.. Just like Jason and Freddy. Michael had to be done to death.. He sadly was.. Least the Freddy Фильмы are fun about it though, with Freddy becoming еще and еще of a troll..

Anyway, this, completely misunderstood, movie is about about the true intentions of Silver Shamrock, and it's song. Which I promise will be stuck in your head by the end of the film..

It's defiantly not as spooky as the first. Maybe not at all. But it's still kinda creepy.

The main villain is "flex affably evil". He has a "different" kinda mask.. A smile. A false Любовь for childrun.. Its revealed what his TRUE motive is.. That when childrun wear the masks he gives them and watch the commerical, it triggers a clip on the mask, and posions the child wearing it. And the mask than unleashes snakes and shit, which assumably would kill the parents.

And he does it simply because it "amuses him".. Also because he wants to bring back the darker aspects of Halloween.. But mostly because "mass murder is hilarious".

A large point to this movie is the boldness of the ending.. In the Назад movies, Michael was 'killed' at the end of each of his rampages. Here? The bad guy is stopped and yet he still wins, with Challis's harrowing scream telling us that a lot of people are going to die that Halloween. Naturally, not awesome in the sense that thousands of children will probably die, but most horror films end with the threat over; Хэллоуин III doesn't.

So.. I give this movie 4 out of 5. Grab some friends, and watch this for a Хэллоуин movie.. Ты hopefully will not be disappointed..