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posted by jblover27
1.We only care about if our butts look good and wat our boobs and hair look like
2.always tell us our hair and CLOTHES look good
3.tell us we have nice bodys
4.girls know when your faking it NO MATTER WAT
5.We are not afraid to hurt you
6.if we're tired или cranky then make jokes then we want to kill you
7.dont be surprised if we're using Ты to make someone jealous
8.if Ты have a prob come tell us about it
9.we could break up with Ты if your not a good kisser but we have the power to destroy you
10.no girls dads like their daughters first boyfriend
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posted by vampirer04
"Good morning mom." Ashley took a sip of her coffee.

"Morning." Ashley's mom flipped two блины over.

Ashley loved the sent of блины in the morning.

When the блины were ready, Ashley got a text.

She read it and noticed a huge fight was happening.

She ate her breakfast and headed out the door.

When she opened the door her friend was standing in from of her.

"Hey!" She acted hyper.

"Uh hi, Anything going on?" She asked her while raising her eyebrow.

Ashley closed the door and followed her friend.

"Where are we going Lily?" She asked trying to catch up with her.

"Leading Ты to the fight idiot!"...
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posted by VoicesInMyHead
Disclaimer. I don't own anything but the question. May be SLIGHTLY offensive, I think, not sure, but VERY funny. Enjoy and PLEASE comment!!!

Q: name two benefits of having a general ledger.

A: 1. Well, a zombie soldier is pretty cool, but a CELEBRITY zombie soldier is AWESOME!!!!! no one can win aqainst a ZOMBIE!!!!!!! Plus who would want to hurt Heath, he's too freakin awesome!!!!!! So, any battle you're in, Ты can't lose!!!!!!!

2. Ты just KNOW his fangirls are gonna Присоединиться your army! The sheer NUMBERS are gonna give Ты an advantage!!!!!!! Ты can't lose!!!!!!! You'd be INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!! WORLD DOMINATION IF Ты WANT!!!!!!!!!

And those are two benefits of having a General Ledger!!!!!

Teacher's note: Genral ledger is a BUISSINESS term, NOT an idea to take over the world with an army of fangirls and celebrity zombies!
1)read something over and over that Ты thing that think is funny that Ты или someone Опубликовано on fanpop.
2)a nice cup of coffee.
3)a nice cup of hot coco.
4)a nice brakefast(sorry if mis spelled).
5)do something to make yourself laugh.
trust me i works to laugh your head off before Ты go to school, work, cherch или when your at Главная i just got серовато-коричневый, dun, дун Чтение a 100 times over what i Опубликовано on an rp and it was funny i put the words "BONE HEAD" 10 times then put "YOU ARE HOPELESS!" and i'm still laughing my head off so it helps to at lest laugh to start your день off right