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posted by 7things
Shimmy - System Of A Down link

Education, fornication, in Ты are go
Education subjugation, now you're out go
Education fornication, in Ты are go
Don't be late for school again boy
I think me, I want life
I think me, I want a house and a wife
I want to shimmy-shimmy-shimmy
through the break of dawn yeah
Education, fornication, in Ты are go
Education subjugation, now you're out go
Education fornication, in Ты are go
Don't be late for school again girl
I think me, I want life
I think me, I want a house and a wife
I want to shimmy-shimmy-shimmy
through the break of dawn yeah
I think me, I...
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RI 500 Creative suffering
RI 501 Overcoming Peace of Mind
RI 502 Ты and Your Birthmarks
RI 503 Guilt Without Sex
RI 504 The Primal Shrug
RI 505 Ego Gratification Through Violence
RI 506 Moulding your Child's Behavior Through Guilt and Fear
RI 507 Dealing With Post-Realization Depression
RI 508 Whine your Way To Alienation
RI 509 How to Overcome Self-Doubt Through Pretence and Ostentation
RI 510 How to Cope with Jet Lag
RI 511 How to Improve your Horoscope
RI 512 How to Relax and Let your Lawn Grow
RI 513 Classic TV Guide Literature
RI 514 Recalling Bad Jokes
RI 515 Reciting Monty Pithon
RI 516 Repair and Maintenance of your Virginity
Okay, instead of just Письмо about Болталка things that no one really cares about, I’m going to make a Список of my absolute Избранное words in the entire universe. But first: HAPPY CHRISTMAHANUKWANZA!!!! Most people just say Happy Holidays, but I like to be original. 

1.    Blimo = The mix between a blimp and a limo
2.    Uber = It’s like very, but еще epic.
3.    Freaking = it’s like saying ‘fucking’ but Ты don’t get in trouble for saying it.
4.    Epic/Epicness = you’d better know what this means.
5.    Pie...
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posted by sensativEmo
The argument over what's considered to be real Музыка goes on and on (and on and on).

Jyoti Mishra

How many times have Ты been in a pub/club/brothel and heard someone start up the same old speech, pointing at some trance act или гараж crew and going, "See that? That's not real music! They can't even play their instruments! Ты just push a few buttons and it's all done for you." The best reply for this I've found is to simply agree. But occasionally I'll suggest if it really is that easy, why don't they go and have their own hit record? After all, they just need to buy the right bit of gear and...
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posted by speedy106
My Избранное shows/movies:
10.My little pony:Friendship is magic
9.Beyblade Metal Fusion
8.Beyblade Metal Masters
6.The Powerpuff Girls
5.The Amazing World of Gumball
2.Teen Titans:Trouble in Tokyo(the Teen Titans movie)
7.Sky Blue
6.Lime Green
2.Pale Orange
Избранное Characters from Избранное Show(Teen Titans)
10.Màs y Menos(sometimes, I just gotta live màs(more).*pun is and isn't intended*)
7.Hot Spot
5.Kid Flash
1.Speedy(Not Gonzalez)
So these are just some lists about my favs. I may be somewhat different from other fans, but I'm like everyone else no matter what I like или stuff like that.
Momma never taught me how to love
Daddy never taught me how to feel
Momma never taught me how to touch
Daddy never showed me how to heal

Momma never set a good example
Daddy never held momma’s hand
Momma found everything hard to handle
Daddy never stood up like a man

I’ve walked around broken, emotionally frozen
Getting it on, getting it wrong

How do Ты Любовь someone without getting hurt
How do Ты Любовь someone without crawling in the dirt
So far in my life clouds have blocked the sun
How do Ты love, how do Ты Любовь someone
How do Ты love, how do Ты Любовь someone

I was always the chosen child
The biggest...
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Eve Dipalo walked into her school. Right when she walked in she felt out of place. She set her Книги inside her locker, and was about to walk off but noticed someone scooting toward her. "Um hi?" Eve said, confused, when the brunette girl came up to her. "I'm sorry if I creep Ты out или something, but for some reason, I felt... drawn to you." The girl said. "I-uh, don't know what to say." Both girls lunged вперед in pain. "OUCH!" They both screeched at the same time. Everybody turned to the two girls, now lying on the floor. The brunette tried getting up but collapsed back down. A teacher...
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posted by misscrazel
It was Monday. I was sitting with Scarlet in front of the entrance to the tunnels. We were waiting for Stephanie and Spencer. Stephanie   was coming because Spencer was coming. Spencer ran over and hugged me. I pulled him of.           
  We stumbled into the darkness 
Stephenie groped around for her flashlight. I heard a click. Light flooded the halls. I took one look around and realized how hard this was going to be. 
   I held Scarlet's hand and stepped forward. Spencer clung to me nervously. 
It had been awhile when a shrill scream rang through the air. Scarlet immediately ran towards it. 
"Carlotta!" She yelled into the darkness. "Carlotta!"
posted by misscrazel
Alice Rossetti sat at the кухня таблица eating her green-beans. 
"Mom," she said, "Why do I have blond hair and green eyes but Ты and Dad have brown hair and blue eyes?"
"Why don't Ты go play in your room?" Her mom said. 
Alice walked up to her room.
That night Alice could hear a tapping at her window. 
'Its just a moth' she told herself. But she knew it wasn't. She saw faces on the ceiling one looked like her only older. They were wispering, "Magica, Magica."

Alice woke with a start. Something   seemed to...
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posted by FanFun1010
One day. I was sound a asleep in my bed, snuggled up to the covers dreaming. Then all of a sudden water got poured of my face and I jumped out the постель, кровати half asleep like a maniac. All I could see was my brother standing with a red plastic cup in his hand. So I began to throw my fist at his face, yelling," WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!". Everyone could hear my voice 7 miles away, but no one gave a damn. Later in the afternoon My mom yelled at me and сказал(-а) "You need to get yo "A" and two double snakes to the store and buy some milk,eggs,flour and яблоко juice.I thought" what in mother's name can Ты make...
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Once upon a time
Not so long ago
Tommy used to work on the docks
Union's been on strike, he's down on his luck
It's tough, so tough

Gina works the обедающий, закусочной all day
Working for her man, she brings Главная her pay
For love, mmm, for love

She says we got to hold on to what we've got
It doesn't make a difference if we make it или not
We got each other and that's a lot
For Любовь we'll give it a shot

Oh we're half way there
Whoa-oh livin' on a prayer
Take my hand, we'll make it I swear
Whoa-oh, livin' on a prayer

Tommy's got his six string in hock
Now he's holding in when he used to make it talk
So tough, mmm, it's tough

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Hip shaker
Dream maker
Heart breaker
Earth quaker
I can be anything that Ты want me to

Coin spender
Mind bender
Jet setter
Go getter
Changing my get up for anything Ты choose

I don’t mind trying on someone else
I won’t mind seeing just how it felt
I might like changing my disguise
To make Ты happy

Here’s my formal invitation
You and me go masquerading
Lose ourselves in this charading
Is this Любовь we’re imitating
Do we want what we got
If not I say so what
Here’s my formal invitation
La la la la

You can be my
School teacher
Mind reader
Dream weaver
Just be the one I can count on to play it out with me

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Zoom zoom in under my skin
Gotta slow down now to begin
Baby don’t rush Ты can look but don’t touch
You think u know
When u see me in my videos
How the story goes
But that’s just the side that I expose
Look through the lens
You see my body, not who I am
So don’t pretend
And try to act like you’re my boyfriend
U wanna get somewhere
Then boy don’t touch me there
Just get up close and personal, personal
Zoom zoom in under my skin
Gotta slow down now to begin
Baby don’t rush Ты can look but don’t touch
Zoom zoom
In to my head
Gotta know me to be my man
Boy prove you’re in love
You can look but don’t...
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Shot through the сердце and you're to blame
Darlin' Ты give Любовь a bad name

An angel's smile is what Ты sell
You promise me heaven then put me through hell
Chains of Любовь got a hold on me
When passion's a prison Ты can't break free

Whoa, you're a loaded gun, yeah
Whoa, there's nowhere to run
No one can save me
The damage is done

Shot through the сердце and you're to blame
You give Любовь a bad name
(Bad name)
I play my part and Ты play your game
You give Любовь a bad name
(Bad name)
Hey, Ты give Любовь a bad name

Paint your smile on your lips
Blood red nails on your fingertips
A school boy's dream, Ты act so shy...
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Up above the surface I was just a perfect child
But underneath it all I was crazing to be wild
Don’t Ты judge by the cover it’s so far from what Ты see
I’m losing all my patience waiting on Ты to believe
I’m suffocating, I can’t breathe

Let me out this cage, I’m not gonna hold back
I’m a break these chains, I’m taking control now
Gonna give Ты something to talk about
It’s another side of me
I’m Актёрское искусство out

Set me free, I’m ready to Показать you
This is what I need, it’s time to get dirty
I’m a Показать what I’m talking about
It’s another side of me
I’m Актёрское искусство out

Welcome to a new...
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posted by Jekyde
The following is a police tape of an interview with the only witness to a murder in the Aloceras Ravine.

Officer Howard:Alright, Bobby. Glad to see you're here.

Bobby:Am I gonna get arrested?

Officer Howard:No, Bobby. Just tell us what Ты saw.

Bobby:Oh...where do I start?

Officer Howard:Just tell us how he died.

Bobby:Okay, so....I was standing about 15 feet behind Mervin...and...I saw these two weird lights to the left of him. I tried to warn him, but...he couldn't hear me.

Officer Howard:What did these lights look like?

Bobby:Well...they were both exactly the same...lavender and circle-shaped,...
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posted by canal
Kody and I stayed right where we were and no one came out. No Mason, no Jonathan. "Are they alive?" I asked. "I don't know" Kody сказал(-а) standing up. I krept through the front door. The house was a mess and no sign of the boys. "Are they dead" I asked in a low whisper. "Nope" Jonathan сказал(-а) standing in the doorway.
"Where's Mason" Kody asked with a raised eyebrow. "He's ..not here right now" Jonathan said. "I'm right here" Mason said. The минута he stepped through the door everything froze except Mason and I. "Mason your okay" I сказал(-а) happily. "Not really" he said. He dropped to his knees and he...
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posted by K5-HOWL
It's been only 15 years since gray wolves, after years of near-extinction, were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park. The initial group of 66 Волки were transplanted into the park from Canada beginning in 1995. Now, еще than 1,545 Волки roam Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.Biologists say that a minimum of 2,000 to 3,000 Волки are needed within the area in order to keep them from disappearing again.The Волки have had tremendous Популярное support from the beginning. Their reintroduction has been by far the most publicized and celebrated of any wildlife reintroduction in the U.S. The wolves...
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posted by ShiningsTar542
Today is the perfect день to make a Список of your resolutions for 2011!

There are some resolutions that are impossible to fulfill, but that we all make anyhow,For example:

1. Study every day.
2. Behave better at home.
3. Don't wait to do homework at the last minute.
4. Exercise once a week.
5. Don't talk in class.
6. Don't make fun of others.
7. Save money and don't make impulse buys.
8. Tell the boy Ты like "hello".
9. Don't get upset when someone confronts Ты или tells Ты you're wrong.
10. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it!

Which of these are on your list? Which do Ты think Ты can actually do for a whole year?
posted by carsfan
A Mayan calendar has been found that projects dates 7,000 years into the future!

Fear not, people irrationally afraid of what tomorrow might bring. Archaeologists have found a 9th century Mayan calendar in the Guatemalan complex of Xultun. The calendar is 600 years older than the other ones found elsewhere and it projects about 7000 years into the future. December 21st, 2012 is not mentioned as a special дата in any way shape или form.

So now Ты know… if Ты fear what might happen tomorrow, don't. The Mayan Apocalypse is nothing еще than an Internet meme that we'll laugh about like we do about Y2K now.