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 If Mr. фасоль, бин had a Baby...
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A series of 'If Mr. Bean...' pics
Мистер Бин
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1. Do Ты sleep in your bra?
2. Does your dad know Ты like guys yet?
3. Are Ты a girly girl?
4. Small или large purses?
5. Are Ты short?
6. Do Ты like somebody?
7. Do Ты care if your socks are dirty?
8. Do Ты like Halloween?
9. Are Ты double jointed?
10. Where is the weirdest place Ты have slept?
11. Has anyone touched/smacked your butt in the past 24 hours?
12. Is there any type of rumor going around about you?
13. Do Ты call anybody by their last name?
14. How many guys will read this just because it says "Girl Confessions"?

15. What color is the bra that you're wearing?...
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It's quite simple. Ты spell out your name, only using song titles. It gives Ты an interesting playlist! Ты don't have to use different artists. It can be the same artist или similar artists.

A creative way to do this is find some new artists and spell out your name with some of their songs. It's a good way to listen to different people and one awesome CD and/or playlist.

Example: My name is Kaitlyn

K - Kidnap The Sandy Claws by Danny Elfman

A - Энджел of Музыка by Andrew Lloyd Webber

I - Inside My World by Ramin Karimloo

T - Try To Believe by Oingo Boingo

L - Little Razorblade by The розовый Spiders

Y - Yes! I'm French by Frenchy and the Punk

N - Nerd Alert! by The Aquabats!
posted by nmdis

Did it seem
To disappoint you
Living alone?
By the banks
Of your dilemma
Out of control
No one seems
To give the answers
That Ты wanna hear
What you'd give
To find a welcome here

Miles and miles of lies
Behind you
Those were the days
So many lives
You'd hope would guide you
Help Ты find a way
Now it seems to your surprise
That they left Ты lying here
What you'd give to dry
These горький tears

Did it come naturally?
Ты a million miles from home
When Ты tried so carefully
To live a life
That's not your own
Always remember
That it wasn't that long ago
I stilled the oceans
I moved...
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I'm bored so this Статья is Болталка anyways...

1. Like- it makes Ты seem younger

2. Like hell- fun to say and it's useful

3. Unfuckingbelieveable- Ты have to have еще words like: in-sonofabitch-inginsane или out-goddamn-rageous

4. Bro- No. Just don't use this one.

5. Balls- Don't use it as an exclamation and be like "balls"

6. Sweet- Only when talking about food

7. Shit- never "shoot"

8. -eroo- add this to the end of every possible word. Switcheroo, sexeroo, arresteroo

9. Buddy- buddy is what Ты call college students and men named Buddy. Okay, Ты have friends.

10. Calm Your Tits- encouraged

11. Piss-...
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posted by neonstars
I Was Чтение Статьи in The Middle If The Night, & Someone Опубликовано Lists Of Things They Hate. So, I decided to do the same ((:
Thanks For Whoever Gave me the idea by the way, I'm Not sure who It was But Theirs was Great :D

- When your Ex's Tell Ты They Miss Ты But They Did Nothing To Be With You.

-Homophobic people. Sorry Boos, I am who I am (:

-When Ты Text Someone a Whole Paragraph and they Reply with two words. What The Hell?

- Flip-Flops. Uh, I Have really ugly feet...So Yeah.

- Dr.Pepper, Sorry I'm Sticking to Кока-кола Products xD

- Конфеты Crush & Temple Run. Mainly because I Suck at...
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Alright basically the Название says it all so I'm just ganna jump into it.

1. Princess- it's a cute name for a girl who likes feeling really important and special

2. Beautiful/Gorgeous- basically it's one that every girl will Любовь and Ты don't have to worry about them not liking it

3. Sweetie Pie- okay this one is a good one if your girl is еще on the country side

4. Sweet Heart- another one that a lot of girls like

5. Babe/Baby- good most of the time

6. Kitten- this is a good one for girls who are either animal Влюбленные или sweet, cute and playful

Look use these if Ты want but in my opinion make up...
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