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 I wasn't that drunk
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posted by randomgirl3000
• Accidentally close a tab? Ctrl+Shift+T reopens it.

• Bananas release dopamine, eat them when you’re sad.

• CTRL+SHIFT+ESC is the one handed version of CTRL+ALT+DEL

• Don’t brush your teeth hard, it makes them sensitive and removes enamel.

• Don’t like spiders? Put citronella oil on your walls and they will not go there.

• Drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink Ты have, you’ll get drunk without getting a hangover.

• Get clear ice cubes by boiling water before freezing it

• Heal paper cuts and immediately stop the pain with chapstick.

• If Ты accidentally write...
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posted by hetaliaitaly
What i feel on the inside is not what i Показать on the outside i dont Показать Любовь i dont know vein my life will never be the same i cant tell Ты how i feel because the hurt deep within my сердце is all so real the anger and hurt i cannot stand makes me feel like im the mist floating never going to rest in peace i dont no how i found this its maybe when people laugh and shout no matter what they say или how they feel i always think my life is not real.

(over 100 teens each год kill themselves или think suicide because of being bullied или teased it doesent matter if standing up for someone helps Ты but atleast it helps someone else and it may save a life)
posted by ultimatefredde
I just wanted to share my story.

My parents were both killed when I was 3, I had no Друзья and people on the улица, уличный kept laughing at me, One день an old man decided to adopt me, he was like a father to me, when I turned 10, he revelaed to me he was the C.E.O of the police here on Mexico. He decided to let me in for a while, however 2 years later my new "father" died due to medical problems, I also was told tha tI had 2 brothers, which also died, an dbesides the time I went to school, I was bullied and had no Любовь life. right now I´m 16, Im still at the station and no longer go to school, I just want to find a true friend and true love, and I hope Ты Fanpop users can listen to this, and support me as much as I willl support all of you.
posted by merlinfanatic
Welcome to The Weakest Link.

Here is a very simple little test comprised of four Вопросы to determine the level of your intellect.
Your Ответы must be spontaneous and immediate, with no deliberating или wasting time.
And NO CHEATING. On your mark, set....GO!!!

1: Ты are competing in a race, and overtake the runner in секунда place.
In which position are Ты now?

If Ты answered that you're now coming first then you're completely wrong. Ты overtook the секунда runner and took their place, therefore you're coming second.

For the Далее Вопрос try not to be so dumb.
2 : If Ты overtake the last...
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posted by reb1009
1. bugmenot[/url] website that forces Ты to register.

2. DailyLit – read your Избранное Книги by email (on your PC, mobile, etc.).

3. FranceRadio – neat MP3 Поиск Engine that lets Ты Find, Play and Download Избранное MP3s for FREE.

4. Google SMS – provides mobile users with a quick access (via SMS) to a wide range of practical information and tools (i.e. business listings (pizzerias, shops, etc.), weather, movie listings, driving directions, currency converter and lots more.

5. Podlinez – listen to your Избранное podcasts from any phone. Just enter the RSS feed Ссылка for the desired podcast...
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dear diary, today was the worst - first a car ran over my lunch so i had to rob somebody's lunch money, секунда i got a F on my history paper, third mrs perrywinkle slaped me with her ремень, пояс, пояса serosly this is the 21 centery your not aloud to slap teenagers with belts, and forth when i got Главная my history paper fell out of my bag and my mother picked it up and started Чтение it so what did i do, i rushed upstairs into my room 1 секунда later i hear my mother scream off the вверх of her lungs LILLY GET Ты BUT DOWN HERE...NOW!!!!!!!! god i said, so i go down. what is this she сказал(-а) uuummm my homework...
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