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 Ranma 1/2 (Ranma and Akane)
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What a Kiss means.....

+ Kiss on the stomach = I’m ready
+ Kiss on the Forehead = I hope we’re together forever
+ Kiss on the Ear = You're my everything
+ Kiss on the Cheek = We’re friends
+ Kiss on the Hand = I adore you
+ Kiss on the Neck = We belong together
+ Kiss on the Shoulder = I want you
+ Kiss on the Lips = I Любовь you
+Laughing while Поцелуи = I am completely comfortable with you

What the gesture means…

+ Holding Hands = We definitely Любовь each other
+ Slap on the Butt = That’s mine
+ Holding on tight = I don’t want to let go
+ Looking into each other’s Eyes = I just plain Любовь you
+ Playing with Hair = Tell me Ты Любовь me
+ Arms around the Waist = I Любовь Ты too much to let go


+ Dont ask for a kiss, take one.
+If Ты were thinking about someone while Чтение this, you’re definitely in Love
posted by Nein-Nein
 Reszo Seress, who wrote Gloomy Sunday
Reszo Seress, who wrote Gloomy Sunday
In December, 1932, a down and out Hungarian named Reszo Seress was trying to make a living as a songwriter in Paris, but kept failing miserably. All of his compositions failed to impress the Музыка publishers of France, but Seress carried on chasing his dream nevertheless. He was determined to become an internationally famous songwriter. His girlfriend had constant rows with him over the insecurity of his ambitious life. She urged him to get a full-time 9 to 5 job, but Seress was uncompromising. He told her he was to be a songwriter или a hobo, and that was that.

One afternoon, things finally...
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posted by fanizzle
My fuckin Little пони be a funky-ass brand of plastic ponies produced since 1983 by tha toy manufacturer Hasbro. Marketed primarily ta hoes, tha ponies feature colorful bodies n' manes n' a unique symbol on one and both sidez of they flanks, referred ta up in tha two most Последнее generations as "cutie marks". My fuckin lil пони was again revamped up in tha mid-2000z wit freshly smoked up n' mo' modern looks ta appeal ta a whole freshly smoked up market.
Followin tha original gangsta My fuckin Pretty пони toy, introduced up in 1981, My fuckin Little пони was launched up in 1983 n' tha line became ghettofab durin tha 1980s. Da original gangsta toy line ran from 1983 ta 1995 (1992 up in tha US), n' inspired animated specials, a animated feature length film n' three animated televizzle series.
Da toy line had a lata release up in Japan, by Takara up in tha '80s durin Generation 1, n' by Takara Tomy up in 2006 fo' a period of time.
1. Ichigo and orihime
(bleach)- I Любовь this couple!
Its like the princess and
the hero! He fights and she
heals him. Orihime loves ichigo and I
love this couple!
2. Renji and rukia(bleach)- He trained
so hard to be vice captain of her
brother. He got his bankai to save
her. They known each other and care
for each for years.
3. Ed and winry(FMA)- I Любовь the way
ed told her " i will give Ты half of my
life if Ты give me half yours". Than
winry сказал(-а) "how about i give Ты all
of it"!
4. Roy and riza(FMA)- it was sad yet
cute moment when she cried for him.
It was very cute when roy hugged
her and how they got each...
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A comedic spin on pop culture Вампиры and scary Фильмы in general, tells the story of three teens who believe their new babysitter is a real bloodsucking creature of the night -- and it's now up to them to rid their sleepy little town of the menace.

I Любовь this show, and for the parent freaking out over it being "inappropriate" they have a time on Дисней channel for kids it goes to noon. Shouldn't be that hard to avoid a Показать that airs late, and its not obscene, and she wasn't "making out" with anyone It was a peck like everything else on Disney. Do yourself a favor and switch to Disney.

Anyway I Любовь this show! So no I guess its not only children that watch the Дисней channel. I Любовь the characters. It's interesting and funny, I Любовь that its not a typical Дисней comedy and I Любовь that there's no annoying laughter in the background! Anyway I recommend it :)