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 Ranma 1/2 (Ranma and Akane)
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1.When someone remembers the things Ты say
2.Cute sneezes
3.Laughing until my stomach hurts
4.Waking up with perfect hair
5.The sound of little kid’s uncontrollable laughter
6.People who except my extreme weirdness
7.People who remember me after meeting me once
8.Getting an A on a test I didn’t study for
9.When the first text Ты see is from the person Ты Любовь <3
10.When your plans don’t work out but your день turned perfect anyway
11.Seeing a baby laugh
12.That one person who knows Ты better than Ты know yourself
13.When a friendly stranger smiles at you
14.The cold side of the pillow
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u should say to his family & friends:

-sorry for your lost.

-i hope it was helpful :P

The End
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Well, as the Название says, this is a Список of stupid Вопросы people has asked to themeselves sometime on their lifetimes.

There are others that are not questions, but still are like some sort of extra information.

Hope Ты enjoy!

- Which is another word for synonym?

- Why isn't there cat Еда with мышь flavor?

- How can Donald have nephews if he doesn't even have siblings?

- Adam and Eve had navels.

- Why when someone is being called by the phone, he/she starts to walk around as an idiot?

- Why if swimming is so good for losing weight, whales are so fat?

- If wool shrinks with the water, why do sheeps...
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