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posted by flipflopkitteh
-Cats: Will treat Ты like slaves.
-Dogs: Will always see the best in you.

-Cats: Do not bark.
-Dogs: Make it their life's mission to bark.

-Cats: Shred your furniture.
-Dogs: Shred your shoes.

-Cats: Insist on being fed.
-Dogs: Wait for Ты to feed them.

-Cats: Will sleep on your face without a thought.
-Dogs: When allowed, will sleep on your постель, кровати and take up all the space.

-Cats: Will barf on your clothes.
-Dogs: Will barf on the rug.

-Cats: Think they're royalty.
-Dogs: Think they own the house.

-Cats: Will sleep on the remote then have a hissy fit (pun intended) when Ты try to retrieve it.
-Dogs: Will...
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posted by BellaCullen96
All passengers should pretend to have their own brake pedal.
Always grab the dashboard или doorhandle and yell "Whoa!"
Always tell the driver to slow down или speed up.
As a passenger, feel free to take your shoes off and smell up the whole car.
Constantly remind the driver of road conditions.
Every time Ты see a car do something that ticks Ты off, ask everyone in the car with Ты if it is included it on the "How to drive like a Moron" webpage.
Every time Ты see a car pulling out, yell to the driver "Watch it!"
Grab the steering wheel if Ты feel the driver can not deal with a traffic situation....
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1. Answer by saying: "hi Buddy the elf what's your Избранное color.." trail off then count three секунды and hang up

2. Answer the phone by saying "taco" then hang up

3. When they ask if Ты want anything their selling say back "well actually I have some nice air fresheners in my bag, would Ты like the buy some" when they answer say "no! Just no!" then hang up

4. Say "your unavailable to reach me at the moment, please leave a message after the beep, also... stop calling my asshole!" then hang up

5. Pick up and say "I'm busy" then hang up

6. Pick up the phone turn on an app with gay/mean/Girly/dorky...
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