Author's notes: My Completely Edited Chapter,Enjoy!you are probably saying:Some grammar ,finally~

Rarity's Daughters name is..Diamond Belle
"So, Rarity What did Ты do at the party last night, anyway?"
Sweetie Belle wanted to ow why rarity wasn't at Главная watching her,but Cookie Crumbs Was

"Sweetie, dear, that's none of your concern."
Rarity,However didn't need this told to a filly

Rarity's mother wasn't mad или upset, Since she was the right age,
she was even happy to have a future grand daughter.
And, she сказал(-а) not to have sex, some years ago.

"What's her name?" a curious Cookie Crumbs asked eagerly.

" Diamond Belle, she will be as elegant as her mother!"

"And a drama Queen Rarity?"
"Oh, umm,I have to go dear."

Rarity sewed all types of elegant clothes, dresses, and breast-feeding pillows. "What the hell did I just make? Wait, I made a pregnant dress, yay!"
The dress she made had bra cups with straps, and a belly area for the stomach, hers was blue with diamonds on it, she promised she would make more, when the other's got pregnant; there was no doubt in that
"Rarity; what the actual fuck, are Ты wearing"? вишня Blossom one of my OC's, had no idea whatsoever, that her wife would wear, that . . . . . shit

"Oh, Cherry, dear, this is a pregnant dress."

"A pregnant what?"

"Dear, I will explain later."

Rarity flaunted her pregnant dress like it was nothing, though she always сказал(-а) her teenager days were the past, her birthday was two fucking days ago.
“Uhh, Rarity." вишня сказал(-а) popping up.

"Yes вишня dear?" вишня stammered a bit.

"W-Well, Y-You see, with this fucking baby and all, you, I mean, will she steal your heart, from me" Rarity looked dazed for a bit

"Dear, Ты will still be part of my heart, and I will still Любовь you, I always will.

"You know Rarity you're, you're,"

“Yes, dear, well you’re so fucking cute."

"You know, dear, I always thought Ты were a bad жопа, попка and hot, Wait, did I just say "Bad Ass, I'm so un-lady like." вишня did NOT care about lady stuff anyway

"Well, fuck that." just about to Kiss each other, Rarity got a text.OMIGOSH!!!!! Ты 2 R About 2 kiss, XOXOXOXO: From Eva a few минуты later, Eva came in and took about 20 pictures of them kissing, или what she says, making "Love".

Bye See Ты In Chapter 2!