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Fan fiction by Pinkyfan333 posted Больше года
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Black Night

This is a story about a group of Друзья Remy and Emille(Ratatouille),Pinky and Brain(Pinky and the Brain), Colleen(Pinky and the Brain), Buck, Crash and Eddie and Scratte (Sara) (Ice Age 3) who go on a trip to a
Remote кабина in the woods. Not knowing that something else is
Watching them. Something that feeds on their fear. This is my first horror book. Enjoy!!!

Chapter 1: Road trip:

A Jeep is driving down the road with a Cadillac following it. In the jeep are 4 Друзья (Pinky, Brain, Sara, and Buck). In the Cadillac are 5 Друзья (Remy, Emille, Colleen, Crash and Eddie). The Друзья in the jeep start talking. “This is going to be a great weekend, I can’t wait to get there” сказал(-а) Sara. “I know it’s going to be a great weekend,” Pinky said. “I am just glad to be with Ты all.” сказал(-а) Buck. “Oh, How nice of Ты to say that Buck, I hate Ты too.” сказал(-а) Brain. Everyone laughed as they drove on.

The Друзья in the Cadillac started to talk now. “Hey man how cool is it to hang around here for the weekend?” сказал(-а) Colleen. “Its pretty cool.” сказал(-а) Emille. Remy started to say weird stories...