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The highly anticipated sequel! XD!

It didn't take long for Becca to recognize the teenager. And he was the last person she wanted to have to deal with while trying to have a peaceful дата with Robin.

She knew they had been spotted when the guy slid on his hat and glasses.

"How about we go in here?" she asked, tugging Robin inside a store, the boy followed.

"What are we running from?" Robin asked, fishing out his sunglasses.

"Specifically, who." Becca replied, trying to lose the guy hot on their heels.

"Who then?" Robin asked, slipping on his glasses.

"Someone I don't exactly find nice."

"What is Revenge...
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Wally was the last person Revenge wanted to help him. But he was the only one who would go along with Revenge's plan.

So that's why Revenge headed into the кухня early one Saturday morning while most of the Team was still at home.


The boy jumped, spraying mustard all over the table.

"Jeez man! Ты need to warn people before Ты sneak up on them!" Wally exclaimed, wiping the mustard up at super-speed.

Revenge rolled his eyes. "I need your help with something."

Wally looked up, clearly surprised.

"What do Ты need my help with!" he asked.

Revenge whispered something in Wally's ear. Wally...
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 Samuel Grant
Samuel Grant
Samuel Grant was an average fourteen год old boy. Average minus the fact that his father owned one of the largest companies in the world: Grant Industries.

While the company was worth billions, Sam's father did not want to be in the public spotlight too much, so he, his wife, and his son moved into an apartment.

One afternoon, Sam came Главная to find police waiting with his mother. He was told his father had jumped off the вверх of Grant Industries the night before and his body had been found in an alley earlier that morning.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne had been set to sign a contract with Grant Industries...
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