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posted by twilighteb99
Robert Pattisons Birthday is coming up!!! His b-day is on May 13th. Robert Pattison has been in a ton of movies! On his b-day, if he ever looks at this site, we should wish him a happy birthday. Ты don't have to, just a suggestion. Just letting everyone know. Robert Pattisons full name is Robert Thomas-Pattison. Rob has two older sisters, Lizzy and Victoria. Rob beat 3,000 other people to play the part Edward in Twilight. Robert says that he could fall in Любовь with Kristin because she's a great girl. Wouldn't it be awesome if they were a couple outside of the movie? To the people who don't, that's fine. Robert has a great personality, and I think he's on of the best actors. Hope Ты enjoyed my article, if Ты didn't that's fine also!!!
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