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JERRY:" today ladies and gentalmen on the jerri springer show, we have 20 год old prodigy with ex-girl friend la Keisha
She claims that prodigy IS the father we will find out if that is true right now! Come on out prodigy"
PRODIGY: "bitch I betta be the mutha fukien fatha или I'm a-
LA KEISHA:(scared) okay, Ты are I swear!!!!!!!
JERRY :la Keisha earlier during the lie detected test we asked Ты did Ты sleep with anyone during your relationship with prodigy...you сказал(-а) no and.........that was a...LIE!!!!
PRODIGY:you lyin сука yo pussy wasn't all that either !!!
????:that's cause I'm the father!!!!!!!...
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Hey. What up ya'll. The reason I asked that is because two weeks назад when mindless behavior came down here to fayettville north carolina every single boy got speechless and I thought girls was just suppose to do that (HELLO). Well how bout this when they started passing out posters of mindless behavior boys started running and pushing poeple over and lying and saying oh i'm just up here because my sister and mom is a big Фан of mindless behavior. That just don't make any since to me. Well peace out ya'll and remeber to tell me if Ты think that as well!!!
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prince:what are Ты doing
me:what do Ты mean
prince:i can't do this
me:why not
prince:roc likes Ты so much
me:so the hell what
prince:i can't hurt him
me:but i can*seductivly*
prince:*kisses me*
OK so we Kiss for about 2 minutes
prince:why are Ты cheating on roc
me:because...look at Ты your fine as hell
prince:that's it. Ты like me cause im FINE
prince:get away from me
me:this is my room
prince:fine i'll leave
prince:your such a mindless hoe
me:i can't believe Ты just сказал(-а) that
prince:well believe it
me:get out
prince:and im gonna tell roc
me:and bweak his little heawt*baby voice*
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Oh wow this made me laugh. By the way his going to turn 16 so his old now not a baby anymore
Mindless Behavior
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I hope Ты Любовь this video & please put Комментарии & please no bad Комментарии & thank Ты & have a nice day!!!!!!
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