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My favourite Ромиона (Рон и Гермиона) Цитаты from the HP films and books.
ron weasley
Гермиона Грейнджер
Ромиона (Рон и Гермиона)
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 Ron and Hermione's Wedding Picture
Ron and Hermione's Wedding Picture
--The idea for this fanfic was from the mind of missceleb86--

''Ron, slow down!'' Ron was carrying Hermione out to the car. Everyone was cheering behind them, for Ron and Hermione had just made their vows. ''Hermione Weasley, If I do anything it will not, be to slow down.'' Ron finally got to their new car that the whole entire Weasley family had pitched in to buy. Ron slid Hermione into the passenger seat, and Ron got into the drivers. With a rumble of their engine, the Weasley's were off to start their new life together.
''Ron, where are we going exactly?'' Hermione had been asking this question...
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